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Need help with MONK Class with to hit Rolls.

Rules Questions

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Hiya trying to work out what the plus to hit are for a monk doing Flurry of Blows
he has a STR of 14 and is 4th level.
If you can put down how you got to the answers that would be helpful.

Str 14 = +2 to hit
Flurry BAB is +4(during flurry you BAB=Level)
Using Flurry has a -2 to all attacks so......

2+4-2=+4 to hit on each attack. Baring any bonuses or penalties.

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To break it down a little more...

When calculating your bonus to hit, at any time including Flurry, you should follow a few steps.

First should always be to determine your Base Attack Bonus. This applies to all attack rolls. Normally, you'd check your class progression (a +3 for a level 4 monk I believe), but Flurry is a Special Case.

When using Flurry of Blows, you use your class level as your Base Attack Bonus (BAB), so thats a 4.

Next, calculate your other bonuses to this roll. Start with your stat (all attack rolls use some stat or other) which is strength for melee attacks unless something changes this (weapon finesse). So thats a +2. Now, if you've got feats (weapon focus), enhancement bonuses (from weapons or Amulets of Mighty Fists), or other bonuses (there are a lot of potential sources, like spells), add all these too. In this case, you've got your +2 strength. So add that to your Base Attack of +4.

Which brings us to +6 for your attack bonus.

However, Flurry also works similarly to Two Weapon Fighting. This gets you an extra attack, but applies a -2 penalty to attack rolls.

At this point, subtract any penalties you have to attacks from your rolls. This includes Two Weapon Fighting for flurry, but in theory can also include things like being Sickened, Cover, being prone, etc. In this case, just subtract the -2.

That leaves us with a final total of +4 for your attack bonus.

Note, most profiles would actually list your attack routine, that is, your attacks while flurrying, as '+4/+4', which would indicate you have two identical attacks at +4.

Hope that helps!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

These are correct. If your dexterity is 16 or more, you need Weapon Finesse to boost your chances to hit as much as you can. For monks, this is their biggest weakness.

Flurry of blows states very clear what attack bonus you have. (page 58 PG). Just Add any stat and/or items bonusses.

Thanks its not my char but were using Hero Lab and it seem to have give Monk less pluses to hit with FOB.

Why does he have a strength of 14?

While I lover hero lab, they do not do flurry of blows very well. In the specials it is listing you base flurry attack bonus with the -2 already factored in... but they do not add any magic, feats, STR, etc.

There are some user files you can pick up at D20PFSRD and a couple are flurry related to help with the calcs.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Got to agree, it's not brilliant. It should list the FoB attack for each weapon.

He has a str 14 cos that was one of his roll

dreamspeaker wrote:
He has a str 14 cos that was one of his roll

Why are you rolling characters so that players suffer when building their concepts?

Many groups still like to roll randomly for starting ability scores. I personally think it allows for more flavor in your RP. Point build allows you to build to a concept and to min/max a little more. But overall getting random numbers often times gives new ideas on how and what to build.

As long as the DM and group come up with a way to make it fair among the players it usually works OK.

(Our group has the rule that if anyone does not like their rolls, then they are allowed to use the same rolls as someone else at the table. This usually only happens when someone rolls really well or really poor as players like to keep "their" rolls most of the time. 4d6 arrange to taste for order.)

Think using point system would have been better as we used Herolab to roll points and to trueful is roll really rubbish rolls. Had a couple of good rolls but mainly bad ones.
Also the DM wanted us all to roll.

Liberty's Edge

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Black_Lantern wrote:
dreamspeaker wrote:
He has a str 14 cos that was one of his roll
Why are you rolling characters so that players suffer when building their concepts?

Please don't come into a thread to simply criticize someone's gaming.

Everyone else got the math right.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
dreamspeaker wrote:

Hiya trying to work out what the plus to hit are for a monk doing Flurry of Blows

he has a STR of 14 and is 4th level.
If you can put down how you got to the answers that would be helpful.

OK, back to the original question.

4th level flurry of blows means BAB 4, -2 because FoB works like Two Weapon Fighting. So you have a BAB of +2. If you have a4 strength, you get +2 from strength for +4. So he attacks for +4/+4 in a flurry of blows attack.

How can you improve this? Three ways:

Weapon Focus (unarmed strike) gives you another +1
If you have a dexterity of 16 or better, you can take the Weapon Finesse feat in order to use your dexterity bonus to hit instead of your strength bonus.
When you can afford one, an amulet of mighty fists will give you a bonus to attack and damage.
Anything that improves your strength (or with Weapon Finesse your dexterity) will improve your to hit chances.

Being Invisible should give you a +2 to attack and the defender loses any Dex to AC bonus. Also, stunning fist will give them a -2 to their AC. If you're CMB is good then you can always grapple then deal damage. Or trip and then damage.

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