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So I was looking at other people's campaigns, to get an idea on how their character was done. I figured, that they just filled out their profile on the website, but I am starting to think this is not the case.

I was just wondering how you set up a character sheet, for an online campaign session. Do you not set up the character until after the campaign has started, or do you just fill out your "profile" on this website? Thanks in advance.


I usually set up my alias/profile in the discussion thread for the campaign. While I try to keep it updated properly, the real sheet I use is at Iplay4e, but of course that's a 4E site, and probably not a help for what game you're going to play.

Good luck in the campaign.

I'm very slow at making new characters, because inspiration doesn't come easily to me. When it strikes, I write up the background (on paper or in WordPad), and then maybe stat out the character in Hero Lab. I typically don't bother making a messageboard alias until I see a campaign recruitment that I want to submit the character for, and even then I might only put in the background (and maybe related things like description and plot hooks).

The finalized stats can wait until I'm chosen, unless the recruitment requests fully-statted characters. Either way, Hero Lab really makes it much easier to create and export a valid character. Yes it's an extra expense, but it's totally worth it. Of course I tweak the output to my taste, but I'd never want to go back to doing it all manually. I even re-did my longest-running PbP character in Hero Lab after I bought it, and it made leveling up easier.

ETA: Oops, sorry for the necro.

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