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Light and Armour in the Black Fang adventure

Beginner Box

I am about to run the Black Fang adventure for 3 new players.

As the adventure takes place in cave with only magical light in certain rooms, should I expect the party to be lighting and carrying torches. If so do I just let them fight while holding them, or expect them to drop them?

Also when they get to the room with the water and want to swim across, should they be removing armour in order to swim, but then increasing the danger of the encounter on the island?

Thanks, these are just a couple of things I thought of that I could not see answered on here already.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Maps Subscriber

Hi! First, I hope you all enjoy it.

Torches or lanterns: As long as someone has a free hand I'd let them continue holding them while in combat. Out of combat it can be passed around as needed. If they need to drop it that should be fine too, I doubt torches go out when dropped on a cave floor.

Swim: I just re-read this encounter. There's no mention of taking armor off first, and the Beginner Box doesn't use armor skill check penalties. Rule what makes sense. Providing they aren't in full plate mail I'd just let them try it as is with the DC's provided.

Hope that helps!


I'd run it as Jeff said. :)

Thanks guys. I will take all this on-board and see how things turn out tonight.

Thanks for the advice.

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