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Dear Pino--Kingmaker

Campaign Journals

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Our group started playing Kingmaker about a year ago. (Slow, I know, but kids, wives, and pets need attention too.) I'm doing things a little bit different in that I've been posting on Blogger as Dear Pino.

The Players:
Cane Alexson—Ranger, bumpkin, dogged, determined, and dependable. Travels with his companion, a female direwolf called Sizzles.
Lev Davidowich—A fetchling Sorcerer, natural offspring of the powerful Lebeda family, rabble rouser, and born leader.
Marquand—Inquisitor serving Erastil, and former judge attempting to make up for the years he spent defending a corrupt aristocracy in Brevoy. He is the author of these letters, which are written to his niece, Pino Jacquizz.
Kelm Taslor—An Oracle by divine acclimation.
Piea—Powerful female Barbarian from the border region of Brevoy and the River Kingdoms. Left home with a price on her head that she intends paying back in full.

Our Gamemaster is Juan Franela, proprietor of The Common Room in Bloomington, Indiana.

No spoilers in the synopsis but plenty in the blog.

Letter One—Oleg’s Trading Post


The Swordlords of Aldori write up a charter allowing our heroes to settle the Green Belt, a piece of the Stolen Lands south of Brevoy. They arrive at Oleg's Trading Post ready for adventure and find it soon enough as bandits in the service of the Stag Lord, kobolds, and a crazy alchemist named Bokken give them what for.

Letter Two—The Old Man
A savage barbarian princess is impregnated with giant tick eggs deep in the heart of The Stolen Lands!

Letter Three—Little Billee Weaver
A fey sandwich on Stag Lord toast slathered with mustard of Erastil and a Little Billee Weaver pickle on the side.

Letter Four--The Stag Lord

Our heroes confront the infamous outlaw the Stag Lord and debate the difference between expedience and mercy before founding a new nation--The Peoples Union of River Kingdoms, AKA P.U.R.K.

Letter Five—Fangberries

Lowly bushes almost get the best of our heroes, who then tangle with the mighty Tuskgutter before making peace between human and fey, progress and conservation.

Letter Six—Tree of Woe

Our heroes meet that rarest of creatures, a lone boggard, and save his life. They then do battle with a powerful bit of lumber before befriending the beautiful Tiressia and her satyr pal Falcoas. Returning to Tuskland they take care of business, fight a werewolf, Piea gets drunk, and Cane misplaces his hand.

Letter Seven—Order of the Eel

A chapter much about love and consequence, beer, truth, law, and the harsh way they deal with political dissent in Tuskland. “Face is red, raise the head,” the Oracle Kelm solemnly intoned. “Face is pale, raise the tail.”

Letter Eight—Lily of the Valley

A long night of love, laughter, and song is followed by a tentative visit to Candlemere Island and the unearthing of the legendary "Lonely Warrior."

Letter Nine—Justice Received

Shambling Mounds are not to be trifled with, runaway boys are to be severely chastised, and lizard tastes like chicken.

Letter Ten—Death Eats a Cracker

Cane takes his love of animals too far, a leucrotta criticizes Piea's love life and a berserk owlbear devistates fair Tuskland. All this and Marquand being ripped in half in this week's episode of Dear Pino.

Letter Eleven—Danse Macabre

Marquand meets a queen, the group meets a madman and tussle with a quickling and grimstalker only to learn that back in Tuskland a cult of Gyronna—the hag-goddess—has made inroads into the peace of the realm.

Letter Twelve—Marquand Loses His Smile

The arrow of love bears a bitter fruit as Marquand and Lily discover.

And in other news the meet the Rock and Roll trolls.

Letter 13—Communiqué from Restov

Taking a well-earned rest after cleaning out a nest of trolls, our friends meet a mysterious talking crow named Stack-o-Lee and learn of a trouble in nearby Varnhold.

Letter 14—Limned with Verdant Shroud

Past the mountains to the east our heroes find Varnhold empty of inhabitants and shrouded with mystery.

Letter 15—Nomen's an Island

"Here she comes to save the day!" Meaning Piea arrives in the nicka to help our heroes whup bulletes and sweet talk centaurs. Returning to Tuskland by a different route, Marquand gives an orphaned kitty to Pino, but time is short.

Letter 16—It Meant Goodbye to Me When You Said Hello to Him

Our little group says goodbye to Piea, puts Kelm on a shelf, and welcomes new member—the zen-archer Trask—to join them as they return over the mountains to root out the evil that has eradicated Fort Drelev.

Letter 17—An Eye for an Eye

Approaching Vordakai's tomb our lads tangle with a Soul Eater and an Elasmosaurus. They also discover that a centaur has passed this way. Sizzles haz sadz.

Letter Eighteen—Xamanthe Silverfire

Wandering around Vordakai's tomb our heroes encounter trouble, danger, and a seriously abused centaur lady.

Letter Nineteen—Bird is the Word

Descent into Vordakai's Tomb gives new meaning to the words "rigor mortis."

Letter 20—Justice Sits Not Easy

The men from P.U.R.K. rumble with Vordakai in his very lair. Somebody's gonna get hurt.

"Heart fiercely pounding
Comrades’ breathing;
the trickle of bloodied water."

Letter Twenty-one—The Ones You Follow

Our heroes visit charming Tatzlford, learning of a dire threat looming to the west across a great swamp known as the Hooktongue Slough.

Letter 22—A Good Death

Our heroes visit a town of boggards and Marquand accidently kills most of them. That's when they meet a spirit naga and all hell breaks loose.

Letter 23—Deep Voikung Maffos

Chuurlish behavior leaves our heroes in a Pudding inside Fort Drelev where Terrion Numesti prays for relief.

Letter 24—The Lily Coincidence

We learn the legend of Armag and the history behind Choral Rogarvia. Marquand learns that even a saint's love life can be messy.

Letter 25—What’s Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen

Our heroes fight hill giants, powerful women, small dogs, and a megalomaniacal royal personage. As the battle winds down tragedy begets comedy.

Letter 26—Amongst Tiger Lords

Cane gets a new pet and the boys visit the site of Armag's Tomb only to discover that saving damsels in distress is harder than it looks.

Letter 27—Sweet Sugar Cane the Twice Dead

Lily returns to wreak vengeance and Cane and Marquand pay the ultimate price. Of course, Armag may have something to do with it, too.

Letter 28—The Rushlight Festival

Our group accepts an offer from nearby neighbor Pitax to join their Rushlight Festival where they compete for glory, fame, and honor, while discovering what that's worth.

Letter Twenty-nine—Yeorrrgheeeeouwourghfaeourghhheouhhgh!

With the threat of war looming our group visits Whiterose Abbey to stop a grave new threat. Marquand tries to find a way to wheedle his way back into little Pino's heart.

Letter 30—Where Oh Where is that Sweet Sugar Cane?

Marquand falls in love against a backdrop of war to extermination. Oh, the worship of Erastil and Desna are compared to a woman riding an elk and a man riding a centaur.

Letter 31—A Bird in the Hand

The P.U.R.K. takes the war to the gates of Pitax and beyond.

Letter 32—We Must Protect the Kingdom

We finish our battle with the Lord of Pitax and discover and even greater, and more mysterious, threat to the sovereignty of the P.U.R.K.

Letter 33—Entering Thousandbreaths

“How do you find the great iron gates leading into Thousandbreaths?”

“You don't—they find you.”

Letter 34—Take It From an Inquisitor

Pssst! ZzzzzAaaah knows the way.

Letter 35—Destiny's Not All It's Cracked Up to Be

An adventure as plausible as everything else that's happened in the last five years.

Letter 36—The Declaration of the Rights of the Citizen

With Kelm in danger of hijacking the revolution someone must pay the ultimate sacrifice!

Letter 37—Whistling Past the Graveyard

Our adventure draws to a close as Marquand faces his greatest test.


Yes, it's finally over, thanks to everyone who participated, thanks to Paizo and the designers, thanks to everyone who reads Dear Pino. Leave us your thoughts.

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