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How is this for a Mobile Fighter Tank build?


Hello; we are currently a 5th level Lawful Evil party, and our set up is a Mobile Fighter Tank (me), Invulnerable Rager Barbarian Tank, Bow Ranger, Frost Witch, Battle Cleric (with a level of fighter for Heavy Armor proficiency and Fighter Bonus feat), and an Evoker (Wizard with Evocation school specialization). I am asking about the quality of my Fighter Tank build, and if there are any specific things I should work on getting (instead)?

*NOTE: Keep in mind this contains house-ruling, optional, or content from non-Pathfinder (but still D&D/3.5) sources added to the rules. The contents that contain house-ruled subjects will be marked with an asterisk.

Zelgius, 5th level Human (Branded) Mobile Fighter

Strength: 18 (16 base + 2 with Extra Stat Racial bonus)
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 12 (11 base + 1 with Extra Stat from leveling)
Wisdom: 10
Intelligence: 10
Charisma: 10

Saves: 7 Fort, (4 base, 1 stat, 1 Cloak, 1 Racial Trait*) 5 Ref (1 base, 2 stat, 1 cloak, 1 Racial Trait*), 3 Will (1 base, 1 cloak, 1 Racial Trait*)

HP: 60 (1d10 base hit-dice [always max for amount*]; 10 x 5 + 2 x 5 = 50 + 10 = 60)

CMB: 9 (5 base, 4 strength)
CMD: 23 (10 standard, 5 base, 4 strength, 2 dex, 2 Shield Specialization)

AC: 26 (10 standard, 10 FP +1, 2 Buckler +1*, 1 Dodge, 1 Shield Focus)

ACP: -3 (Full Plate +1 = 5, Buckler +1 = 0, Armor Training = -1 total, Armor Expert = -1 total)

Skills: Acrobatics @ 4 (-3 ACP, 5 Ranks, 2 stat)
Climb @ 19 (-3 ACP, 3 Class Skill, 4 stat, 5 Ranks, 8 Racial Trait*, 2 Bracers of Might)
Swim @ 11 (-3 ACP, 3 Class Skill, 4 stat, 5 Ranks, 2 Bracer of Might)
Sense Motive @ 9 (5 Ranks, 3 Mod. Class Skill, 1 Character Trait*)
Stealth @ -3 (2 stat, -3 ACP, -2 Anti Feat*)

Initiative: 0 (2 Dex, -2 Anti Feat*)

Weapons: MW Great Sword @ +10 to hit (5 base, 4 strength, 1 Weapon Focus, 1 Masterwork, -1 Buckler*)

Javelin X8 @ +7/9 (ranged/melee) to hit (5 base, 2/4 stat)

MW Heavy Mace @ +10 to hit (5 base, 4 strength, 1 Masterwork)

MW Dagger X2 @ +8/10 to hit (5 base, 2/4 stat, 1 Masterwork)

MW Lucerne Hammer @ +9 to hit (5 base, 4 strength, 1 Masterwork, -1 Buckler*)

MW Tri-Point Double-edged Sword @ +9 to hit (5 base, 4 strength, 1 Masterwork, -1 Buckler*)

Equipment: Full Plate Mail +1, Buckler +1, Amulet of the Shadow Scorpion* (Cure Poison 3/day, Shadow Form [+4 Dodge AC, +10 Stealth Checks, duration = character level in rounds, standard action to activate] 2/day), Cloak of Resistance +1, Bracers of Might (+2 to Strength-based Skill Checks, Power Attack treated as one category level higher), Gloves of Weapon Focus.

Consumables: Potion of Cure Light +1 x4, Potion of Resist Level Drain* (+2 saves versus Level Drain effects; can be constituted as a Potion of Cure Light +5) [I did have another Cure Light and a Cure Mod +3, but I used those on the previous fight.]

Feats: [The numerals next to the feat type relate to the rank at which I obtained that feat. For example, an Iron Will for my second Level-based feat means that is the feat I chose for being Third Level.] Dodge (Human), Improved Buckler Defense* (Fighter Bonus I), Power Attack (Level I), Shield Focus (Fighter Bonus II), Combat Reflexes (Level II) Furious Focus (Anti I), Shield Specialization (Fighter Bonus III), Bodyguard (Level III), Step Up (Anti II)

Class Features: Armor Training I (+1 to MDB, ACP reduced by 1), Agility I (+1 to saves V.S. Paralysis, Slow, or Entaglement effects), Leaping Attack I (+1 to Hit and Damage after moving 5 or more feet)

Character Traits*: Armor Expert (-1 to total ACP), Suspicious (+1 to Sense Motive checks, Sense Motive becomes a Class Skill), Infernal Heritage* (+1 to Fortitude Saves V.S. Poison, Resist Fire 1), Desert Child (+2 to Saves V.S. Fire*)

Anti-Feats*: Bulky (-2 to Initiative), Starved for Combat (-1 to hit until average weapon damage rolled), Boisterous (-2 to Stealth), Natural Deficiency (-2 to Saves V.S. Cold)

Racial Traits/Points*: [18 points total allotted: Race base = 9, adjusted base points allotted = 14, gaining 1 point per level after 1st) Linguist (1 point), Bonus Feat (4 points), Skilled (4 points), Lesser Luck (2 points), Sky Sentinel (3 points), Climber (2 points), Multi-Talented* [allows character to gain both an extra hit point and an extra skill point per level] (2 points)



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