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Idea: Babysitting Mission turns deadly

Society Scenario Submissions

I don't have the ability to write my own scenario so if someone finds this idea useful please feel free to use it.

Possible name for the Scenario:

1. Babysitter's Ruse
2. The Stone that Wasn't
3. 3 days on Island Keepsake

Act 0: Getting Started

1. Party Meets in Pathfinder Grade Lodge

2. Venture Captain Lt. greets them

3. Tells party that another member will be joining the party that is {insert important family's eager son/daugher}, that wants to "join" the Pathfinders. The party's job is to take said 18-year-old "green" character on a fake mission. The {precious item} is actually a fake. You will be met by "resistance" in the form of summoned creatures from your contact on the island. Do your best to egg on the "green" recuit, his family has alot of influence with the Pathfinders [Knowledge (Nobility)]. They will deliver a {precious item}, that is a fake to an island laboratory, wait for the professor there to compleate their dangerous experiments after 3 days, and return with the {precious item} safely.

Act 1: The Faux Mission

4. An hour later the party meets the Venture Captain Lt. again as if this was the first time, but with an additional member.

5. The party is asked to take a {precious item} to an island (so small it doesn't show on any maps), to a Professor who will study the {precious item} in their lab. (Too dangerous to do in the city...).

Faction Missions could include:
A. Return the "Green" recuit safely back to Absolam
B. Find out the real reason the {precious item} is being moved to the island laboratory
C. Learn more about the researchers and what he plans to do with the with it.
D. Learn more about the laboratory, leave an item somewhere that a mage can use as a focus to scry on (perhaps the mage scrys on the party)
E. Find the real cost of the item
F. See who wants to know more about the item
G. Verify the item is fake.

Some of the factions have reason to believe that the {precious item} might be real.

Act 2: Island Laborary

6. The party travels to the island lab where the ship will return in 3 days. They arrive on shore and are attacked by several summoned creatures {introduce odd summoned creatures that would be native to the island, perhaps illusions}. "Green" recruit fights for the first time and is REALLY excited, make blunders.

7. Party travels towards the laboratory and is attacked again (OPTIONAL encounter)

Act 3: Babysitter's Ruse

8. Party comes upon the laboratory...they notice scorch marks and no guards at their posts. No bodies. All blood leads to the central building.

9. The "fake" professor (enemy caster in a magical disguise), greets the party. Asks for the item and when he touches a discharge of energy hits him (-2 negative levels). If the PCs haven't given the {precious item} he tries to take by force. Party is ambushed by minions and enemy runs away.

Background: The Aspis Consortium learned of the "fake" mission and swapped the "fake" item for the "real" one before the party left. No one knows that the real item is missing yet until the PCs return.

10. If the PCs still have the item they must survive on the island for 3 days until their ship arrives. (Go to Act 4a)

11. If the PCs lost the item they will need to retrieve it. Act 4b

Act 4a: Surviving the island

12. PCs are on the run and need to survive.

Act 4b: Return the Stone

13. PCs track down the lost item and retrieve it before they get away.

Act 5: Escape from the Island

14. Day 3 and the ship can be seen in the horizon. The ship drops anchor and they send a skiff to shore...just then you are attacked.

15. PCs attempt to get back to the ship while under fire.


16. PCs return the real item and the "Green" recuit they were babysitting.

17. Earn +1 XP and 1 PP if they return the item safely.

18. +1 PP for Faction mission

Liberty's Edge

I would have fun with that adventure as either a GM or a player!

The Exchange

well.... after three days, is the REAL ship there to pick them up? or is it a dummy, sent to get the Cookie?

wait - is "the Green recuit" really who he says he is?

Is the Aspis Consortium just confused (agian) and going after a fake artifact?


nosig wrote:
well.... after three days, is the REAL ship there to pick them up? or is it a dummy, sent to get the Cookie?

The ship could be flying Aspis flag, but that would be too much as how would the PCs get off the island. The Aspis attack party has a ship on the far side of the island. In Act 4b when the PCs lost the "Cookie", they try to prevent them from leaving the island. It'll play like Act 5 but reversed.

nosig wrote:
wait - is "the Green recuit" really who he says he is?

I was thinking of him being a double-agent, and tricking the PCs in Act 3 when they meet BBG, but I wanted this a babysitting mission and not a "we've been double crossed" mission.

The "Green recuit" could also be double-crossed by his family. They wanted him to die, being the male heir in-line to the family fortune. He would not be the oldest male heir though, but perhaps the older brother arranged this to possibly get him killed and sever the ties with the Pathfinders to PROVE his loyalty to the Aspis. This was an idea I had for a follow-up adventure to this Scenario.

nosig wrote:

Is the Aspis Consortium just confused (agian) and going after a fake artifact?


I was thinking of that having the "Cookie" be fake but I like thinking that the Aspis wouldn't make that kind of mistake and why they hoodwinked the Pathfinders by swapping the fake and real "Cookie".

The Exchange

Sorry, I was not really making suggestion for the adventure - just pointing out what some players will be going thru during the game.

And thinking about how much fun you can have with Paranoia & Paranoids ...

that's what the "Bahahaha" was about.


Ahhh...yeah keeping players guessing makes it fun for all!!!

So good luck with whomever takes this nugget...we'll see if anything comes of it.

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