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NobodysHome's RotRL Campaign

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Hi NoboysHome, just dropping by to let you know that i just finished reading the whole campaign for the second time (what? i liked it, it's not like i have something more important to do...) and i really had to make my sincere compliments for the amount of work, commitment and consistency that you and your players put in the story. Your world and NPCs feel so real and consistent, and your players are one of the most committed roleplayer i've ever known/seen/read about.

I'm actually GMing RotRL for a group of new players and it couldn't be more different (if my players are ever going to reach Karzoug he is probably going to ask them lessons about greed); but your journal has helped me a lot, even if you set a standard that i can't see me or my players reach any time soon.

Btw, i can guarantee that there are many more people lurking and reading your posts that you think, and it's been a while... soooo, no worries, no hurry, but we kinda know where you live, so whenever you feel like getting back to writing would be cool for us...

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