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Jade Ravens after Savage Tide

Savage Tide Adventure Path

So with Savage Tide over I've been wondering what to do with some of the surviving NPC's from the campaign, particularly the Jade Ravens since the party used a staff of life to resurrect Kaskus and managed to save Zan and Liamae before reuniting them all with Tolin.

It seemed like they were on the verge of breaking up as a group when they got to Farshore, I don't really imagine the incident in Scuttlecove improving things. Since I like to recycle notable NPC's into future adventures and campaigns (they also make good PC's)I thought it would be cool to establish what became of the Jade Ravens after Savage Tide so they could pop up from time to time in different adventures.

Kaskus I see remaining in Farshore for a few years to repay his debt to Lavinia (possibly any remaining PC's as well) before eventually returning to his clan.

Given his intense hatred of life outside the city I figure that Zan would probably return to Sasserine and become mercenary

Tolin's rather hard because his character is a bit harder to read and he has a couple of options available to him. We figure he could either disband Jade Ravens and relocate to another city, remain in Farshore and join the local militia (possibly putting him at odds with the PC that ended up marrying Lavinia), try to found his own House in Farshore and become nobility (likely making him a potential rival for the Vanderborens), return to Scuttlecove and join the Protectorate, or potential member of the house guard for the Vanderborens.

Liamae wound up getting knocked up in our campaign after a fling with one of the PC's which has opened a couple of options for her. Presently she can either relocate back to city of origin [Greyhawk?] to raise the child, return to Scuttlecove with Tolin and join Protectorate to help liberate the city and get revenge for everything that happened to her at the Birdcage (though the harpies were already whiped out), or remain in Farshore and assist Cessin in religious matters. Plans have been made for her kid to become an adventurer so we've also been discussing what kind of a parent she would be since the player is considering having the kid be either Chaotic Good or Neutral Evil.

I think I remember reading another thread here about that, but that was like 3 or 4 years ago. Maybe it was another message board even.

Do you plan to have your next campaign with the same players and in the same world, cause that would seem to be important in determining what to do with them. Unless you just want to plunk them all down in the Forgotten Realms or Golarion.

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In my STAP epilogue, Iggwilv took Demogorgon's soul and used it to raise Thanaclan. The Jade Ravens were the first adventuring party to go into the interior of the Isle of Dread after her and were never seen again.

Kaskus and Zan: I think your ideas are the most likely.
Tolin: I think he will give up on romance with Lavinia and relocate to another city. I do not see him staying in Farshore or Scuttlecove. Sasserine maybe (but not as an ally of Zan.
Liamae: Caring for a child would make Scuttlecove unlikely. So I would decide betweem Farshore (rural and safe?) or Grayhawk (interesting and fun)

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Charlie Bell wrote:
In my STAP epilogue, Iggwilv took Demogorgon's soul and used it to raise Thanaclan. The Jade Ravens were the first adventuring party to go into the interior of the Isle of Dread after her and were never seen again.

I like this idea. It almost sounds as a prelude to a new campaign. Who knows what secrets lie in the ruins of Thanaclan?

In my campaign the Jade Ravens became the primary crew of the Wyvern after the PCs took over Gaping Maw (one became the new prince). The Jade Ravens returned to the Isle of Dread and became pirate hunters.

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