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Art Preview for upcoming Story Realms

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Hey! My wife and a friend are working on a new RPG/storytelling adventure game called Story Realms. We're running a Kickstarter campaign starting next month. Right now, we're getting final art trickling in from our awesome art team. Here's a post on our blog with a couple pics: g-kits.html

If you want to know more about the game, here's an interview with my wife by the Wired GeekDad blog:

Thanks for checking it out!

Scarab Sages

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Your first link does not work.
Also, linkifying for easier access (click on 'how to format your text, look at the 'go to' line. change the blue text within the first bracket to your link and the blue text not within the bracket to a description of your link) might increase the number of visitors you get.

Good luck for your project.

First link fixed (and linkified)
Second link linkified

Feytharn and Laurefindel: Thank you very much.

Also, here's part two of the art preview:
Story realms Art Preview Part Two

Part three of the art preview:

Story Realms Art Preview part 3

Here's a collected link of all things Story Realms so far, including a link to the Wired GeekDad interview w/ my wife on the game:

Story Realms Link Page

Please let us know what you think!

Very much looking forward to this--dotting to keep an eye out for the Kickstarter!

Awesome! We're hoping to launch the day GenCon starts. :)

So I dug around on the Growing Up Gamers blog, found the link for beta testing, and jumped right on in! Folks, I've played a lot of games over the last few decades, and Story Realms is an absolutely amazing addition to my gaming options! I'm excitedly printing out the hero bards and other components now...

Angie and Julian (the designers) are putting together an awesome blend of simple-yet-diversified mechanics and story elements that should make roleplaying with kids an amazing experience. Beyond that, for folks willing to tweak a bit here and there it could readily serve as an underlying system for other story-centric games (I've already got an adventure in mind, as well as an alternate campaign setting)!

If you game with kids, go check out this beta test. If you don't game with kids, go check out this beta test!

Thanks for the shout-out, Erian_7! I hope you have a great time with the playtest!

Absolutely! I haven't gotten to run a full story ("Chapter") yet, as my son went off to his grandparents. However, that's giving me time to read through the next chapter. I'm really eager to see the "Create Your Own Story" material, as this system seems perfect for a scenario I've had in mind for decades but never worked into a game.

Cool. We are super excited about it. Keep an eye on the site; we should be previewing the cover soon. It's amazing! You are signed up for the Story Realms forums, right? Please let us know any feedback you have!

Oh yes, I've been blowing up the forums for days. I'm sure Angie and Julian are thinking, "Okay, who let the crazy guy in!?!"


ok, right! I see you over there. Same username. Anywho, I'm around as Escapade Randy.

Story Realms now has a BoardGameGeek entry! Here's a link to the image gallery, which has allthe art previews released thus far:

The art is done by Dann May and Kelly McClellan, and it i utterly amazing. You should pop by and check it out!

Lot of new art, including a preview of some of the component art, and an explanation of the mechanics behind them!

Saw the demo at GenCon (by the way, include booth numbers when advertising stuff like this, much easier to find that way). Seems like the near perfect tool to help teach young kids how to roleplay, while also engaging older kids and adults at the same time.

Hey there! Thanks for the compliment! Did you get to play? And yes, sorry to not have included that. I know we're also going to be at PAX Prime, and while I don't know the booth number, the Game Salute people (our publishers) will be able to direct you to us if we're not at the booth.

I didn't play, my friend was the one interested as he has a 5 y/o. It looks interesting, but I'm not really your target demographic. I'll probably end up playing eventually as I do watch the kid sometimes.

Cool. I hope you get a chance to play!

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