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Cake Quest: need help.

Beginner Box

In my previous thread i mentioned that the BSA campout where ill bring the BB is right before my Birthday. So ithought i might send my adventurers on a quest to make a cake and get cool custom items.

1. I need to have a list of ingredients obtainable from monsters

2. I need a dungeon plan(not a map just ideas for rooms.)

3. I need ideas for a boss which will be the cake(this is an immediate followup for the Blackfang dungeon)

4. I need ideas for weapons as a reward(for every class), for the wizard a spell might be a better idea.

5. I need a reason for them to go on the quest

Items that might be a good idea as ingredients for the cake

Dragon egg

Gray ooze (instead of milk)

any other ideas would be appreciated.

Liberty's Edge

the cake is a lie.

I did something...kind of like this. Barely. A little. We called it the "You kill it, you eat it!" Game. Bacially, an evil wizard name Twizzlor plane shifted a few specific individuals to his own demi plane of Candeelande. Basically everything was designed to kill them yet it was all so delicious. Rock Candy golems and gummi bears were only a few of the enemies they fought along the way. Enemies were represented by individually wrapped candies and if you killed it, you ate it.

Now, onto the real help. Weapons are up to you. I'd give them thematically appropriate weapons, like a +1 Jurist _________ for an inquisitor, a +1 Conductive to an oracle, etc. I haven't any experience with the BB, so you might not take this advice, but it's what I'd do.

They've been geased to go on a quest for a king to get his chef the ingredients he needs for the cake, the weapons are their reward.

For cake ingredients...hmmm....sugar made from giant cane, cane plants that are only grown by giants. You could do like dinosaur milk for the milk. and a dragon's egg for the eggs.

Hope this helps in some way.

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