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Come forth Members of the Silver Crusade!

Silver Crusade

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Silver Crusade ****

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Great Members of Good!

With so many sects of Pathfinders working around the world, it is hard to understand how so few use the resources at their disposal to uplift the downtrodden, heal the sick, and spread the teachings of all who preach goodness and light to the darkest and most depraved corners of Golarion.

We at the Silver Crusade work to do just that, however, and your help will be vital in seeing our mission through. For your vigilance, selflessness, and commitment, we promise to reward you as best we can before your ultimate reward in the next life. Until then, use your travels, contacts, and resources to do good always, and our silent war against evil will know true victory.

We are not goodie-two shoes however. We are defenders of good who can if needed, kick butt and take names for the betterment of the world. So challenging us to battle may not be a wise choice for those who are not of our mutual beliefs.

Come, and introduce yourselves here at The Temple of The Shining Star, and let the world know who we are!

Silver Crusade *

:A tall, slender, auburn-haired half-elven female stands, and bows to the group. She speaks with a slight Varisian accent as she addresses you.:

Greetings to my fellow members of the Crusade. My name is Catraoine {pronounced "Katrina"} Becket. While there were several factions which clamored for my attention when I joined the Society, it was clear to me, as a holy warrior of Iomedae, in which faction I truly belonged.

I echo Lady Ophelia's sentiment -- my mission is to protect the greater good, and defend those who can't defend themselves, but, if I need to crack a few evildoers' skulls to accomplish this, I have no problem doing so.

By the way, if, during your missions, you find yourself teamed with a half-elven woman who resembles me, but who engages in, well, less than moral behavior -- it's not me. She's my misguided sister, Xan, who fell in with pirates at a young age, and who is in serious need of an attitude adjustment. I look forward to the day when I catch up to her, and can beat some sense into her.

Silver Crusade ***

Well met Catraoine. I am Azrael, servant and hand of Iomedae. A tall and handsome man bows to you. His hair is black and he is dressed in a white surcoat trimmed with gold over full plate armor. When he greets you he is not wearing his helm and you note that his eyes are golden orbs with no visible whites and a dim halo encircles his head, revealing him to be something other than a pure human.

Paizo Employee **

Clearly those who fight for good need little guidance from me, for the motivation of the conscience empowers them without my intervention.

Silver Crusade ****

Ollysta Zadrian wrote:
Clearly those who fight for good need little guidance from me, for the motivation of the conscience empowers them without my intervention.

:Bows before Lady Ollysta: On the contrary madam. Your leadership and guidance is always in need to keep our mission true and enduring.

Silver Crusade *

:Catraoine returns Azrael's bow, then extends her hand to him, smiling warmly.:

"It's good to meet a fellow servant of the Inheritor. We should compare notes on our adventures."

:When Lady Ollystra enters, Catraoine bows deeply to the Venture-Captain.:

"Good lady, your wisdom and advice will always be appreciated."

Silver Crusade ****

:A tall slender woman enters the hall. She stops and bows to all:

Well met Crusaders, my name is Charlotte Amberdagger, I am a former Katapesh merchant and follower of Sarenrae. While working in the Pathfinder Society to learn more about the world, I wish to protect those who do honest business and do not follow the paths of the wicked. And those who do wicked business with others, I must show them the light, either in word or in sword. I look forward to working with all of you in some form to come.

Silver Crusade ****

A slender pale, silver blonde woman enters the hall, dressed in a black dragonhide breatplate and carrying a silver coloured helm adorned with a plume of silver horsehair. She smiles broadly and relaxes slightly:

Well met indeed sisters and brothers, I am Merisa, a cavalier of the order of the dragon and a cleric of Kurgess. It is wonderful to be in the presence of those who follow the same path, those looking to defend the weak, free the enslaved and bring light and joy to those who need it.

I do hope that I will get to journey with some of you in the future, my horse, Silver, and I would consider it an honour to bring our skills to your assistance.

If you come across a young Ulfen cleric of Serenrae named Freya, I ask you to help as you can. She is young in inexperienced but working to follow our path. She sometimes feels a little lost among the other pathfinders who follow different paths and would appreciate any encouragement she can get.

May the light shine on all your endeavors.

:She bows to Lady Ollysta and then all others who are present

Silver Crusade

Greetings fellow members of the Silver Crusade. My name is Strat Spineshank. I may not be the brightest, or even the most civilized amongst you. But I can assure you, I will do good in this world.

Silver Crusade *

"Welcome, Strat. Don't's the strong heart, and the desire to do good, that'll take you far here."

Liberty's Edge *****

*A young-looking (despite many scars) Half-Orc emerges from the shadows, dressed with rudimentary arms and armor reminiscent of the harsh lands of the Storval Plateau, his face and arms marked with tattoos, his speech slow and halting, as if striving hard to select each and every word*

"I am Z'seredo, one who Sarenrae has chosen to...redeem... so I may go and...bring others from darkness to light."

Silver Crusade

A joyful young Half-Elf strides forward with his Breastplate and Light Shield adorned with the symbol of Sarenrae, Scimitar at his side.

"Hail and well met my brothers and sisters. Let us all work on bringing the light. Let us gather together in great numbers, for there is a prophecy that the gods shall strike down the least numerous of the ten factions of Golarion!"

"For the Light!"

-- Zanzibar of Sarenrae, proud member of the Silver Crusade

Silver Crusade ****

A small, mousey man walks into the lounge and flops down in a large cushioned chair, almost dissapearing as he's engulfed by the cushions. A striped velociraptor follow him in, hopping up onto an adjacent couch and letting out a growl to stave off an admonishment that never comes.

"Oh. H.. hi" he asks the room, picking up a holy symbol of Sarenrae and letting the light play off of it. "How do you guy.. lad..peop.. fine folks deal with all this? So far, this society has been field with thieves, cuththroats, fiends, and even" shudders "necromancers hell bent on looting and robbing anything between Absolom and whatever useless piece of junk we've set out to find. On a good day they MIGHT let me heal up the people they're robbing. The wizards bring fireball spells to fist fights, and half the society seems to think my wands of healing simply give them more room for error for "enhanced questioning".

"I can see why Mengakare went and banned churches. Seems every one we've come across has been either taken over by some charismatic priest of an evil god or some fiend or some fiend wearing the former priest like a sussage. I never should have left the island..."

Hopping off the couch, the raptor gives him a bite on the calf that comes just short of drawing blood. "yeah, you're right. We've done a lot of good too. The murders would have kept going if it wasn't for..." another bite,this time breaking the skin "ow ow ow... alright." he rumages around in his backpack and takes out a large haunch of greasy mutton. He ahehehems and starts to growl in draconic "just don't eat it on the couch ok?"

The raptors response is muted by the chunk of goat as it returns to the couch and starts to gnaw.

Silver Crusade **

Before anyone can respond to Doyle, a small lad enters the door with a trumpet and begins to blow a mighty tune. He stops as his cheeks are red and begins to recite an introduction,

"To the honor of all, Presenting Martel Carolingian, first of his name, Honor Graduate of Vigil's War College and Son of Reverend Markus Carolingian of Lastwall."

He beams with delight as Martel enters the room, he is a Large athletic human of mocha complexion standing 6'1 and wearing a large. His short neck sports a round face and large noose with a bald head. His eyes are mismatch shards of green and brown. On his left shoulder is a buckler with the symbol of Sarenrae. His Chest and thighs are covered in plate. A luceren hammer is strapped to his back and a scimitar is on his side.

He pats the young boy on the head and says, "Thank you Zaryn, but you don't need to blow the horn, I believe everyone could hear you just fine."

He Gazes the crowd, "Brothers and sisters it is good to meet you. I am glad so many of you worship she who has redeemed us. And to the other faiths you are not my spiritual siblings but we are co-belligerent in our cause, I pray for your Journeys"

Silver Crusade *

"Well met, Martel. I know your father -- I met him while I trained with the Knights of Ozem in Lastwall."

:Catraoine then turns to the mousey man with the velociraptor. She eyes the 'raptor cautiously, then addresses the man.:

"Lead by example when you can." :She then shows a hint of a smile.: "To the more egregious ones, you might want to just point out to them that your friend there is often hungry, and prefers fresh meat."

Silver Crusade ****

Doyle starts nearly drops the holy symbol as the trumpet sounds. He uses the distraction to take out a large tome on fungi and peers over it at the unfolding parade of heroes in bright and shining armor with eyes the size of saucers.

"Worship she who has.. Oh. " he pockets the holy symbol. "I'm not. Well, I'm not NOT, I'd never really heard of her till I got here." he gulps. "Do. dont' worry we got permission from the cul..followers. Oneofthemgavemethisforhelpingthemout."

He turns to Ms. Becket and sighs "Well I would, but he usually votes on THEIR side."

Silver Crusade *

"I see."

:Catraoine regards the velociraptor again.:

"He seems to be pretty perceptive...maybe he can be nudged in the right direction?"

Silver Crusade *

:A small halfling woman in bright robes of varicolored reds, oranges, and yellows enters the room. As she moves, they seem to emulate fires. A large golden sun symbol hangs on a golden chain from her neck. She beams as she sees the assembled Pathfinders already in the room.:

"Hello everyone! I'm Gianna. It's good to meet .." Gianna's head snaps around and her eyes grow wide. "Is that a dinosaur?!" she squeals, running over to sit next to it. She pulls a piece of travel jerky out of her pack and hands it to the animal, trying to make friends.

Silver Crusade ****

Doyle recognizes that sequel and growls *Child* in draconic , keeping a stern eye on the raptor. "Yes, he's a young Deinonychus to be specific, from Varisia. There's quite a few hidden vales that are far warmer than they have any right to be" the raptor seems quite eager to make friends with the halfling, or at least relieve her of the jerky in a few quick bites. Hopefully the lick afterwards are for the jerky, and not to get a taste of halfling.

"I TRY to keep him aimed at the right people, or better yet things, and call him off before its too late. Its been mostly good so far, but there was a half orc pirate that just... one second he was fighting, swinging an axe like he could do it all day, the next thing he was just gone. Dropped down dead as a doornail."

Silver Crusade *

"I'm from Varisia, myself. I've heard the tales of such creatures, but never saw one until today."

:Her eyes narrow: "A pirate, you say? Not a great loss."

:She shakes her head.: "Sorry...that was less than charitable. Personal prejudice, I'm afraid."

Silver Crusade ***

A young, pretty blonde human woman enters, wearing a mithral breastplate and silver holy symbol of Sarenrae around her neck. On her belt are a scimitar, crossbow, and shining wayfinder of the type given only to members of the Silver Crusade as a reward for outstanding service to the cause.

"Salutations, fellow Crusaders! I'm Sister Isabella Maria Victoria Brightsword, cleric of the Dawnflower Sarenrae. Some of you may have heard of my father, Sir Reginald Bartholomew Brightsword VI, a paladin who doesn't adventure any more, but still aids the Pathfinder Society and Silver Crusade in an administrative capacity."

"Although members of the current generation of adventurers are more likely to have adventured with my younger brother, Reginald the seventh... though he calls himself 'Mash' these days." She shakes her head sadly. "He rejected the calling to be the seventh generation of male paladin in our family and instead took to fighting wildly as a... a... barbarian", she cringes slightly as she utters this last word.

Liberty's Edge *****

The young but scarred Half-Orc hears Sister Isabella Brightsword's words, especially how she utters the word 'barbarian', and he replies in his slow, measured, halting way.

"A barbarian feeling, not thinking. Seeking Sarenrae's fire takes...passion, and thought. Before I was redeemed, I was no better than a barbarian...perhaps your brother can still be redeemed as well."

Silver Crusade *

Gianna looks up at Isabella Brightsword. Her words tumble out quickly and almost run over themselves. "Hey! I have a super awesome wonderful barbarian friend, I'll have you know. He stands in front of me and makes sure I don't get hurt, and in return I heal him and help him with his "secret missions". He's waaaay strong and big and sometimes he makes me laugh."

Seemingly satisfied with her defense of barbarians, she turns back to the deinonychus and tentatively starts scratching under its chin.

Liberty's Edge *

The doors turn yet again, this time to admit a tall man garbed fully in armor who seems to wear darkness as a cloak pulled tight around him. His solid black armor clinks as he walks with sure strides towards the cross of the silver crusade that dominates this room. Drawing his sword he holds it with both hands grasping the hilt and kneels with the point touching the floor before the cross, muttering words too soft to hear. After a few moments he rises, sheathing his sword.

"I am Vicktor, Hello I say to you would be my brothers and sisters in arms."

Silver Crusade

:A small Person Covered from head to toe in red ceremonial Samurai armor,his helmet has a black ceramic face plate that covers his face yet leaves a 6 holes in the pupil areas of his face plate. speaks talden. after his sentence is done a tall slender man walks next to him and translates his word with a formal etiquette:

" Greetings Brothers & sisters, I am Ravok Suryo warrior of Torag and the man that translate is Yuki. may we become well acquainted and may our blades never dull".

Silver Crusade **

The small boy named Zaryn takes a small piece of bacon out of his bag and flicks it over to the Dino. Martel gives him a stern eye before he smiles and turns to Z'seredo.

"Yes, passion and feeling run rampant can be a dangerous thing, however logic can be just as dangerous, cold, rigid and uncaring. Lawful Evil breeds on those grounds. We must balance our logic with emotions with we ever hope to do good in this world."


<<A short, stocky Dwarf with a large polished steel shield and an unusually colored ivory waraxe enters the room.>>

Greetings to all. My name is Rellix Blightshield. I am new to Absalom and am interested in learning more about the Order of the Silver Crusade. I assume I have come to the right place.

Silver Crusade ***

"Welcome, Sir Blightshield. You have indeed come to the right place."

"Everything you need to know about the Silver Crusade can be summed up in just one simple sentence. We want the Pathfinder Society to use its vast resources to do good in the world. Many of the other factions revolve around glory for their own nations, or personal profit. With so many agents, and accumulated wealth and knowledge, the Society could be a powerful force for good. It's a shame so many Pathfinders don't seem to care."

Silver Crusade *

"Well said, Martel. Strong emotions tend to run in my family...I guess it's the Varisian blood, as well as the elven blood. I hope I'm learning to temper those emotions with common sense, as well as the vows of my order." :She smiles a bit.:

:Catraoine mingles with the newcomers, welcoming them, and introducing herself.:

Silver Crusade ****

As everyone is greeting Rellix Brightshield a tell well built young woman with long gold hair, a red robe covered with a black cloak decorated with flames embroidered along the hem. She nervously fingers a holy symbol of Sarenrae as she looks around the room as though trying to find someone.

As she spots Merisa she smiles, which brings joy to her face, she then takes a deep breath and in an accented common, "greetings fellow pathfinders. I am Freya, a devotee of Sareanrae from Karlsgard. I have not been in Absalom long and am pleased to find so many people looking to further the cause of good within the society. I look forward to learning much from each of you." With the she moves over to Merisa.

Silver Crusade

:Ravok Bows before Catraoine as introductions are made:

"how does one prove themselves to the crusade?"

Silver Crusade ***

Proof of your loyalty and competence will come from the great deeds you do while adventuring for the Pathfinder Society. While on Society missions, you'll sometimes be asked to perform side tasks to aid the Silver Crusade.

Demonstrate skill, daring, and loyalty, and that will be all the proof we need.

Silver Crusade *****

My sword is at your disposal for the glory of Iomedae! Let us feed the poor and defeat the wicked together.

Silver Crusade

A male Halfling enters, wearing a shining shirt of chain, and dressed and equipped as that of a combat medic, ready to tend fellow fallen warriors.

He removes his helmet to reveal a head of red hair, tied back into a knot.
and gives a formal salute.

"Traylin Atelier, Healer and devotee of Sarenrae, at your service and call bretheren."

Silver Crusade

" I see, Well then let me demonstrate a deed of trust"

: The small armored Samurai unlatches his helmet and slowly takes it off showing green skin, Red eyes and pointy ears yet with a weird shaped head not oval like a goblin that stands before all of you:

"I Ravok am not born of a gentle race, Raised by luke Suryo the Scarred Aasimar of Andoran, raised to mend steel, i vow loyalty to mend all wrongs and replace it with good. till the very last breath"

Liberty's Edge *****

The young half-orc actually smiles as the goblin reveals himself to the gathered, still speaking in his halting-style.

"It is an honor to meet you, Ravok. It is good that you are here. If we can...use that which we have...found in ourselves to redeem others of our races, we...prove...that there is still hope."

Silver Crusade ***

"Indeed. It is easier to do the right thing when you were born to it, from a good family from a civilized race. For those of you who choose the path of peace and goodness despite a heritage descended from evil, I heartily salute you. As Sarenrae teaches redemption, you are fine examples for your races."


Gianna, now comfortably ensconced next in a chair, perks up as Traylin enters the room.

"Hi Traylin!" she calls out, "I bet we trained in the same temple, even if at different times. There aren't too many Sarenrite temples that have lots of halflings."

"Oh. Hi everyone else too. Nice to meet you all!"

As the conversation turns back to redemption and racial examples, Gianna starts snapping her fingers, clearly uninterested. With each snap, a spark flares up and then dies down again.

Silver Crusade *

:Catraoine raises an eyebrow in surprise as Ravok removes his helm, but smiles at his words.:

"As Isabella says, you have faced a sterner challenge than many of us, Ravok, to follow that which is good and just. For that courage, I salute you, and hope that you find welcome here, and encouragement."

Silver Crusade

:Gives a happy grin as Ravok looks away at the overwhelming support and encouragement:

"It would'nt be possible without My master. Wasn't exactly easy raising a goblin baby for a 16 year old Adventurer. especially with that tiefling Desna worshipper giving me random mushrooms to eat. which is something i would not advise anyone to do.." :Ravok bows again and places himself at a table as his assistant set his special chair at the table:

Silver Crusade

A rather brooding figure who's face is obscured by a black mane of hair approaches the group, open palm resting on the pommel of his long sword, growling: "Greetings." The large Barbarian casts a suspecting eye on the assembled pathfinders, "My name is Thraen."

Silver Crusade

( sorry, forgot to change from Hardplay to Ravok)

Silver Crusade *

(I completely missed that I did too, last post. Oops!)

Silver Crusade ****

Merisa turns to greet the newcomers to the hall, "it is so inspiring and encouraging that such a variety of people are willing to devote their lives to spreading peace and goodness. Welcome to you all," with that she bows to each new arrival.

Silver Crusade

A young man enters the hall. He is dressed in a simple tunic that hides his armor. He has several blades, AND addresses the room. "My name is Zoraph and I am neither Paladin nor Cleric. I am just a man. I am here because I have strived my whole life to do good. And to be Good. I have been asked several times today why I choose to join the Silver Crusade. I have simply responded 'Can't a man have morals?' I hope to come to know everyone of you. At least well enough to not pass you by in the markest place." And breaks into a large grin.

Silver Crusade ***

"Glad to meet you Zoraph. The Crusade certainly isn't just for clerics and paladins. As you say, anyone who wants to do good and help make the world a better place is welcome."

Silver Crusade *

"Hi Zoraph. I'm not a cleric either. I'm an oracle. I like Sarenrae, and I think she probably likes me, but I pull from the power of flame not the power of the gods."

Silver Crusade

A young Kelishite human woman moves in to the room quietly to carefully observe the conversations around her. Her dark brown eyes taking in each gathered there, and a bit of a shy smile on her face. While crowds were never her thing, she took a moment before she was assured her words would come across in a language everyone would understand. "I too seek to spread healing light to those harmed by the dark. I am Fajra (pronounced fie-rha), an oracle as well. A pleasure to meet everyone."

Silver Crusade **

Well met, Fajra. We do not always know what plans the gods have for us, but a desire to do what is right and a willingness to do what is needed is the foundation for Goodness.

I myself am better with a bow than with magic, though I strive to spread the light as well. You could say I am a hunter of sorts - making sure wickedness does not go unpunished.

Silver Crusade

Greetings all.

My name is Hannya Jubei. As you can probably tell from my accent, clothing and weaponry, I am from Tian Xia... Jinin, specifically. I am the secondborn son of first family of the Hannya, an Elven clan of elite warriors in shadow- Shinobi or Ninja, we are called- that have loyally served the Emperor for centuries.

Though by birth I am effectively a Ninja by heritage, I serve the clan, our lord and the Pathfinder Society through the strength of my faith in Shizuru. And by my goddess, I will sweep every land clean of the perversion of life that is undeath.

I apologise, I must seem very strange to all of you.

But then again, you've probably have never met a Tien Elf Paladin borne from a clan of Imperial Assassins to fit in such a prestigious group of fine individuals such as the Silver Crusade.

Oh, and I'm to become a Hellknight in a few months as well.

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