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Come forth Members of the Silver Crusade!

Silver Crusade

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Silver Crusade ****

Yoshimi looks up from her stack of books and casts an incredulous look at the newly arrived half-orcs and shakes her head. Then she turns to Bo. "Hey, sounds like you could use a language refresher, fella."

Silver Crusade ***

Silver Crusader Rhon Delver wrote:
Rhon glances up at the commotion that has just come in the door and gives a shake of his head as if in wonder. Rhon turns in his chair and addresses the new comer. "What are you shouting for good sir? Most of us can hear you just fine without need of shouting."

Shuuuuuuuushes Rhon, flattening his ears

Very. very. much so.

Silver Crusade **

..laughs a thunderously loud bellow "I don't even speak that language and I know that is not right" he lifts the small hand keg of ale to drink from it and looks down at the Rooster.." No, it is not of our business why Bat speaks like that, If you would just read all them books we take from the Villains maybe you will speak like that too"

Silver Crusade **

Rhon looks up at Doyle and gives him a sheepish grin and a slight nod of the head in apology.

Silver Crusade ****

The man from Minkai walks in. His gait seems off, and he walks straight to the bar.

"Barkeep, please send a plate of raw meat to the griffion at the door. Also, I could use a cup of hot sake."

A handful of gold coins are placed on the bar. He staggers to a chair and slumps into it.

"I thought we would never make it back here through that fog bank. It took me and poor Masakaze out there almost a momth to make it back brom the Taldan empire."

He looks around the room, noting the familiar faces. He gives a slight smile, and nods to people he knows.

"All this, and I get to turn around and flight out tomorrow. There's some fighting tournament in Goka I have to go to. I made the mistake of sayings this where Drendle Draange could hear it, so he gave me a list of places to check into stuff for him' on the way.' I should have known better. So my friends, what is new to you?"

Silver Crusade ****

"I learned that Iroran monks are full of...anyway, my body is strong and my mind is as keen as they get. Their tests were rigged. You can't trust those shifty monks."

Yoshimi looks at her untouched drink, picks it up, and walks it over to Yuan Shi.

in Minkaian:
"Do you offer rides on your magnificent friend out there?"

Silver Crusade ****

I recently took the test of Kar Tuata, my donkey speaking monkeys had led me astray! Now I cant even speak Tea N. I have been living a Lie!

On a lighter note, I was not able to use the powers of horizontal blindness to achieve peace in the combat. (No dirty tricks allowed)

Yet I can now take levels in Knowledge Religion, and my open language slot is now dwarven. I'll take 2 more monk levels R5 M2 -》 R5 M4, and then keep rogue advancing.

Silver Crusade **

"HUH?"says the confused Half-Orc.

Silver Crusade ****

[spoiler=backstory]The backstory has been in a number of threads, this guy started as a barbarian hurler. However at level 1.2 I realized the build wasnt going to be workable at 7-11.

So, I switched to monk rogue dirty trickster / tripper. Made a story of his illiterate self admiring Amara Lee, traveling to Tien (w/o knowing the language) to seek wisdom, joining up with a group of Irorian monks who grew tired of the stinking barbarian following them around. They eventually knocked him unconscious and ran away.

However from his point of view, he spoke Tien by naturally learning it (not really). The monks kept saying IrorI (ee or ee - sounds like the sound a donkey makes) and made up the plural of monk - monkeys. Hence donkey speaking monkeys. Doesn't really speak Tien. And while he was unconscious he seemed at peace so peace through horizontal blindness. [\spoiler]

Silver Crusade

Catraoine Becket wrote:

:A tall, slender, auburn-haired half-elven female stands, and bows to the group. She speaks with a slight Varisian accent as she addresses you.:

Greetings to my fellow members of the Crusade. My name is Catraoine {pronounced "Katrina"} Becket. While there were several factions which clamored for my attention when I joined the Society, it was clear to me, as a holy warrior of Iomedae, in which faction I truly belonged.

I echo Lady Ophelia's sentiment -- my mission is to protect the greater good, and defend those who can't defend themselves, but, if I need to crack a few evildoers' skulls to accomplish this, I have no problem doing so.

By the way, if, during your missions, you find yourself teamed with a half-elven woman who resembles me, but who engages in, well, less than moral behavior -- it's not me. She's my misguided sister, Xan, who fell in with pirates at a young age, and who is in serious need of an attitude adjustment. I look forward to the day when I catch up to her, and can beat some sense into her.

M'Lady, I am Leafer Smotherland, a 24 year old man from Darkmoon Vale. Although I know not my natural parents, my father taught me to be strong and support others. He died saving my adopted mother who has watched me become a man and as I venture to guide the members of the Diamond Regiment to hunt down the villans in the Andoran region...I feel pulled toward Sarenrae and her teachings. No doubt my life is destined towards protecting mankind as I bear linneage with the ancient Azlanti with my dark red hair and purple uncommon sight in the world today.

Silver Crusade **

"When do we hit Villains in Face?"says the young half orc.

Silver Crusade ****

I have given some, but usually require some need for it. It puts great stress on him, and sometimes cracks pinions. They are important for flight and cause him pain. Why do you ask?

Young Kjar, calm yourself. Don't use your blades out of boredom, but hone their readiness and strike when needed. Calm yourself, and fill your time learning how you want to strike.

Barkeep, I have an early day for training tomorrow, switch me to tea! Surely some of you have tales of your recent exploits to help demonstrate patience.

A word of advice friends... Don't make the things in the old world unhappy, I recently had to enter a fey realm to deal with a renegade fairy queen. It was difficult, and deadly dangerous.

Silver Crusade

Quickly paced footsteps could be heard in the hallway, with a slight jingle of metal tapping metal. Pushing a large door into the the commons and making his way into the room is a somewhat well armored gnome. A shield emblazoned with the dawnflower strapped to his back, and a dull grey scimitar at his side, it seemed obvious that the gnome was in Sarenrae's light. Quickly moving through the room, at least as quickly as his legs would let him, it seemed that he was holding something of great value.

"I did it! I passed my confirmation! Joyous times, as I can help out the other adventurers route evil as a Pathfinder!"

Silver Crusade ****

Congratulations! Welcome to the watering hole of the Silver Crusade!
A chair is gently kicked back, providing space at the table.
Pull up a chair and we can toast your success. I am unfortunately restricted to tea as I have an early call for Goka, but please order something on my tab and introduce yourself.

Silver Crusade ****

A dwarf, very heavily armored and covered in the iconography of Torag enters. He has 3 warhammers, one made of adamantine, one of cold iron, and one of alchemical silver. His boots appear to have marble soles, and his steps are quite heavy. The dwarf has mid-length red hair and a large red beard; his face is heavily scared.

Knowledge Local DC 15:
The scars are tribal scars of the Raptorscale following.

"Welcome to the Pathfinder Society little fellow. There is much good that can be achieved during your work for the society. While my methods may differ at times from those that follow the Dawnflower, all are welcome here that seek to do good in the world.

I joined the society to seek the halls of my ancestors, my original allegiance was to the Grand Lodge. After achieving my goal of exploring Jormurdun, I left their service and entered into the service of the Silver Crusade. I do still seek pieces of the Sky Key that my ancestors once held, and I am about to journey to Chesed in Numeria to track down one of the pieces.

I wish you good strategy on your journeys, many of our missions can be quite dangerous. Take good care of yourself and your allies and you should do well."

Silver Crusade **

See character profile for PC description.

Rhon stands and moves to greet the new arrival, followed closely by a large earth elemental.

"Congratulations on becoming a member of the Pathfinder Society and welcome to the Silver Crusade. I am Rhon and this large fellow is Earl. Please remember that routing evil is only one part of the Silver Crusades mission." Rhon hands the young gnome a piece of parchment highlighting the basic tenants and mission of the Silver Crusade.

"Please come sit and tell us of how your confirmation went. Rhon steps back over to his chair, sits, and waits to hear the young gnomes story.

Silver Crusade ****

Kjar Vættirjarl wrote:
"When do we hit Villains in Face?"says the young half orc.

After they are tripped and blinded. For you see pain is the natural feeling in the growth of your soul. Without intense pain, conversion is not permanent. So yes hit them in the face, kick them squarely in the (redacted) and then announce, "Truely your path is of a gardener! Give up the path of death and war, the flowers will thank you!"

Silver Crusade ****

"Tenets, Rhon, the word is tenets. We're the tenants, so to speak, in that we occuppy this property. We uphold the Crusade's tenets through our deeds. Well, we're supposed to anyway. I guess you aren't the only one to confuse those, Yuan Shi."

"I don't want to hurt your companion, either, but going for a ride sure sounds fun." *wink*

Silver Crusade ***

"i th.. think Bo's going to need one of those too..."

Silver Crusade ****

"...I think some may be beyond the help of education."

Silver Crusade

After a couple of tries, the small gnome manages to pull himself in and into a chair. Heaving a sigh of relief, Triblin looks at Rhon.

"Oh, my confirmation was quite exciting! So many animals to looks at, and the fauna was quite divine. That was until something in the woods found us. Miss Janira, quite the looker I might say for a halfling, distracted it before running off! I recall a nice woman who liked to bake was with us, as well as an apprentice wizard.... Well, after going through the caverns, we eventually met back up with Miss Janira, who was still fighting the beast. I was too slow to get I to battle, but I helped keep everyone alive!"

Triblin's sapphire blue eyes seem to be radiating a sense of wonder and amazement as the story was told, hand gestures everywhere, animating the events as he spoke!

Silver Crusade ****

"Well, I shall have to see about then Yoshimi, on my return from my trip to Mistress Li's duties. Masakaze and I shall be busy the next week or so I'd imagine, as Amara Li never calls without need, unlike some of the current Venture-Captians."

"Well my friends, it seems like it is time for me to be off, as I have been invited to participate in the wondrous Ruby Phoenix Tournament. May Shizuru guide you on the path of honor, and may she guide your swordwork. I guess I should get rea....."

Grand Lodge ****

A man in strangely shining Full Plate, not Mithiril, not steel strolls in. His face is completely obscured by a metal face mask. His armor is emblazoned with the unholy symbol of Asmodeus. A Strange man follows him in full robes.

Knowledge Planes DC 25:
A planar ally bound Devil in a robe.

"Yuan She and Mazakuz? I am here to fulfill a contrated teleportation. Ready yourself, you are off to Goka."

The robed man waves his hand, and with a smell of brimstone and puff of hellfire Samurai and Griffon are gone, presumably to Goka in the distant Tien Lands. The robed man bows to the Asmodean, and then disappears, leaving an arcane energy pentagram in the floor for a moment. The man in full plate reaches into a scrollbag and pulls forth a massive scroll.

Scratching something off the list he pronounces in a normal, bored tone "One contract fulfilled. Maybe I can still make it to Mendev tonight in time to beat up some pesky Demons."

Knowledge Planes DC 21:
The man in full plate is Quintin Verassi, a Warpriest of Asmodeus, Contract Lawyer, and Demon Hunter. He is currently a Seeker for the Society.

Silver Crusade ***

coughs at the brimstone wafting up and brings the aqueous orb back over the pentegram

A relatively young, wide eyed halfling with bright blue eyes and wild chestnut hair wanders toward the group of Silver Crusaders. A red furred rat sits on her shoulder, and she leads a scruffy Tibetan Mastiff by a small rope beside her.

"Ahh, greetings, friends. This is a gathering place of the Silver Crusade, correct? I got a bit lost on my way here, but the surroundings look official, and you all seem to know what you're doing..."

She trails off at the end of her statement, looking a bit unsure of herself, before nervously reaching up to her shoulder to ruffle the fur behind the ears of her small red companion. The rat's eyes close in response to her touch, clearly enjoying the attention that it is receiving. The halfling looks back toward the group before speaking again.

"Forgive me; I probably should have introduced myself when I entered these grounds. I'm Myra. The lovely gentleman on my shoulder is Ruddy, and my ever faithful mastiff is known as Boris."

Silver Crusade ****

Hey there Doyle, I follow the crusade's lawful and good actions far better than most of my colleague's in the pathfinder society (yes its a low bar).

I only do lethal damage to undead, summoned outsiders, and constructs. Everything else gets a chance to live in peace, a single chance.

Silver Crusade **

"Kjar thinks evil do'ers need a good beating. That way Kjar can fulfill life long quest for Gullinkambi and Kjar." the half orc all but yells again as if he was one of them obnoxious easily over excitable gladiator fans.

Grand Lodge ****

Having finished Yuan Shi's tea, the teafling contract lawyer gets up, sets down a gold, and strolls out. He can be heard muttering to himself about having to do other people's dirty business, and casually saunters down the street.

Silver Crusade ****

The samurai from Minkai strolls in again. Seating himself heavily he lets out a gusty sigh.

To the bartender turn turns an state "My good man, you wouldn't by chance happen to have aquired some decent sake during my absense?" Seeing the bartender shake his head he replies "Fine, let's try your stongest wine!" He turns to the rest of the room and grunts. "That tournament was a handful. We did manage to aquire some junk from Hao Jin's hoard of... collectables. So, how did you fare this week?"

Yuan Shi received credit for the Ruby Phoenix Tournament, and is now a seeker awaiting the Ten's pleasure.

Silver Crusade

A man in Sarenite monk's robes that cover his face and head walks in and sits down.

"Sometimes I feel bureaucracy must have been invented by Asmodeus. First the Society sends me to deal with a possible lycanthropy outbreak, then when I get back, I find out they lost the paperwork and I won't get paid. It's just as well my living expenses are negligible. That money would have come in handy improving my combat effectiveness, though."

After getting back from Tide of Twilight, I realized the GM forgot to fill out the "GP gained" section. It's not completely his fault, though. The game store we were at closed and kicked us out, so he had to hurriedly fill out the chronicle sheets on a table outside. Still wish I'd noticed before leaving.

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