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Come forth Members of the Silver Crusade!

Silver Crusade

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Silver Crusade

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23

Kharrum salutes in standard Dwarven fashion.

"Nice to meetcha as well Tem∏ænaut. A Minor Image? Pretty good." Kharrum, as polite as he's trying to be, is still clearly not very good at social interaction, "Anyways, naw, as far as I've had an opportunity to research in the Silver Mount, which was a bit, given, there was nothing like that, either creature-wise or in the case of the symbols upon his flesh."

Kharrum scratches his chin in thought, and then speaks again, "I suppose you must be extraterrestrial in origin yourself? Intriguing, as you quite clearly resemble a human of Golarion. Opens some questions about the evolution of humanoid creatures elsewhere. Nevertheless, I am certain that the, you call them Vercites, Vercites have nothing to do with the Silver Mount, though, if you also arrived, or traveled in an Æthership, I wouldn't mind comparing it to what I know of the Silver Mount."

Despite it not yet being on his "Person" page, Kharrum's biography will include a period in which he helped research the Silver Mount with the Technic League, which would be before his Occult powers awoke. At some point afterwards he fled the organization, their ideals clashing with his own.

Silver Crusade ****

"Research IN the Silver Mount? How long were you around Starfall? Did you ever stay at the Starbird Inn? My folks owned it, that's where I grew up. Name's Yoshimi, by the way."

Silver Crusade

Kharrum turns to properly address Yoshimi,

"Yeah, but that was, what, 70 years ago? Yeah, t'was the summer of '45 I managed to earn my keep with them. Before they had the ear of the Black Sovereign, that's for certain. Mainly because he hadn't been born yet. I can say Numeria was different back then, and the Technic League weren't quite as secretive as they are now. As for Inns in Starfall, I truly don't recall, but I'd have to say that I probably didn't stay at a Starbird Inn, though I may be mistaken. Hundred and twenty years of memories can often get lost or jumbled, even for one as well organized as myself." Kharrum replies, resting his chin in his hand, "As for how long I was there, I'd say it was...roughly 20 years. By the end of my time there, they had gotten more defensive and secretive about the place, hiring assassins to locate and kill possessors of the Thread of Silver, hunt down others who ran off with relics, regardless of how small. Lucky for me, I had had a chance of reading that damned survey, and because I took nothing but the knowledge in my mind, they had little reason for hunting me down. Though I dare say trying to get into the Five Kings Mountains to hunt me down and kill me would certainly be a bad idea on their part. I doubt anyone there even remembers me, if anyone I met is still alive, which is unlikely given that almost all of them were humans."

He looks up (slightly?) to meet Yoshimi's gaze, and asks, "But yer folks are from Starfall? Odd to see someone of Tien descent having originated from there. Were they immigrants?"

Silver Crusade ****

"My father never talked much about his past, and I think I'm beginning to figure out why. He was originally from Minkai, and he made the dangerous trek across the crown of the world following Shizuru, who I have a sneaking suspicion was NOT an old lover, to Mendev and the Worldwound. He taught me everything I know about my sword, and everything but the blade was originally his. I had the blade made from the adamantine I scavenged from the robot that killed him. My mom was a pathfinder and originally from Numeria, but she kept her affiliation pretty hush-hush. She spent a lot of time researching at the lodges in Nerosyan, and met my father there. They settled down in Starfall and opened the Starbird Inn, which was a nice layover for a lot of "foreign travelers" until the League got suspicious."

Silver Crusade

I am human by bloodline, but Vercites by upbringing.
temπ grabs a chair from the table, pushes it up to the figment of the Vercites and then sits in it backwards resting his arms over the backrest.
The æthership wreckage ceased to exist the moment I stepped out if its hatch. But here's what I can tell you.

The Vercites man then shrinks down to the size of one's thumbnail. Then appearing next to him is a proportionately scaled model of an æthership.

The Zeitgeist was a prototype vessel similiar in complement and atmospheric performance to Golarian airships. Lifting gas cells and ballonets are slung above the habitable compartments. They allow for buoyancy and trim control. Instead of wood, its hull will be made of composite materials and metal alloys.

The distinguishing design feature of the Zeitgeist is a light flexible cage and pods equally dispersed about the periphery of the entire vessel. I was not informed as to whether they will be tech or divine in origin. The whole operation seems very hush hush.

The æthership then appears to dissipate from the top down, but stops once the compartments can be seen down into from the top.

And here is the layout. This is the bridge, crew compartments, propulsion, biocycling, and astrogation.

Because I am substantially smaller than the typical Vercites male, I needed a booster seat in the captains chair.
Temπ lifts his brow, but smiles.

Silver Crusade

Kharrum nods as he replies to Yoshimi,

"Yep, that'd be after I left, at least by a decade or two, but that at least confirms my assumption. Still, rather risky of them to operate an inn under the noses of the Black Sovereign and the Technic League. And, you have my sincerest condolences about your father's passing. Thank you Miss Yoshimi."

Kharrum then returns his attention to Temπ, watching the Minor Image displaying the ship's design and layout.

"No, even if this was a prototype that was smaller than the average vessel of your place of origin, the Silver Mount was significantly different. The layout, the design, even the physical accommodations are all different. I suppose that should be rather relieving in a way for you, as that means the technology and relics being horded and used by the Technic League are not of your place of origin." Kharrum pulls out a wooden frame with a canvas stretched across it, and unfolds it to become a chair, seating himself on it carefully, a strained creak quite clear as the heavy dwarf settles himself in the chair. "Still, its impressive your recollection of the vessel's layout and scale. As well as your handling of the minor image spell. I must say, the technology involved in this vessel must least a few centuries ahead of that of Alkenstar, and even further off of the rest of Golarion. Shame, it must be amazing to travel beyond the confines of ones celestial body and get a closer look at the stars."

Kharrum seems somewhat lost in idealistic thoughts, and has his chin planted firmly in his hands.

Silver Crusade

That's very kind of you. Just don't ask me to fool anybody with the things I draw. It all looks like sketches on a long scroll from other angles. What I get in detail I lose in believable, if that is at all possible.

As for the topic of time, I really couldn't say how far apart now and then...
Temπ points at the illusion ...are since I can't get a good reference marker. The error in my stellar calculations could mean that I won't even be born for another 30 years. And who knows what events will transpire. Now, I may never be.

Silver Crusade **

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6
Carol winces and looks away, covering her face with her hands as Tempi causes another one of the creatures to appear. But after a few seconds, she moves a couple fingers and peeks through her hands. The creature looks to have many rune tattoos on it. Seeing it shrink and not becoming a horror, she calms down again and uncovers her face, paying attention to the next image or a vessel appear next to the now shrunken creature. Carol notes the great control Tempi has over the spell. Wow, it is like watching a book come to life, I guess.

Finally noticing the dwarf in the room, she greets him. "Phew. I am glad he didn't show the other one... Um, greetings Mr Dwarf, my name is Carol Silverstar. By the way you put it Mr Dwarf, you sound like you have been through a lot."

Silver Crusade

Kharrum looks over to Carol, looks her up and down and shrugs slightly,

"Name's Kharrum Steelblood, pleased to meetcha. That would be a bit of an understatement, having been to Numeria and studied the Silver Mount for twenty years, having gone to Varisia and attempted to delve into one of those Runelords' fortresses, though that largely ended up being fruitless, save for me discoverin' my psychic connection to this here armor," He pats his belly a couple of times, indicating what he means, " I suppose that wasn't a complete waste of a rough decade. And now I'm here, hundred twenty years old and finally joining up with you youngsters in Pathfinderin', should be rather fruitful, in some form, though I expect myself to return home to resume full-time armorsmithing in about twenty years. Bit of a pattern in my life at this point." Kharrum pointedly shrugs, clearly holding no issue with his life habits.

"So, Miss Silverstar, what d'you do? And how do your extra-planar attributes help you with what it is you do?" He asks, his chin once again resting in his palms.

Silver Crusade **

Carol tilts her head slighty, having a quizzical look on her face. "Psychic...? Hm, is that another form of Fortune Telling?"

When Kharrum asks her about what she does, she fidgets a bit before speaking. "Er.. I heal people. I feel it is my duty to do so... And honestly, I don't think what far off heritage can really affect what I do. I can channel like a good cleric, and I can cast curing spells in battle without being attacked. Though if my heritage caused me to speak in different tongues in battle, I don't care for it." Carol lets out a sigh

Silver Crusade

She and I are both God-Vessels...different gods, though.

And you, Kharrun, am I to understand that you dabble in the occult?

Silver Crusade

"As far as I understand it, I believe your heritage makes you more charismatic, as well as wiser than the average human. I don't believe it has anything to do with your...tongues issue." Kharrum asserts, "That may be more along the lines of being an Oracle. I'm aware of those who are deaf, short-sighted, and even physically malformed or impeded. If you happen to speak a language other than common when in stressful situations, I believe you got lucky in that regard."

"Dabble? Yeah, I suppose that'd be the right word. Even other Occultists are more competent in the realm of casting spells than I, but what few I can make use of I put towards enhancing my abilities as a warrior, and one must admit that the sight of a Dwarf in full-plate with a famed Dwarven longaxe or hammer must be rather intimidating. Especially when said dwarf can make himself move faster than a barbarian for short periods." Kharrum replies, a sly grin appearing as he mentions his ability to move fast. "And by the way Miss Silverstar, by psychic, I mean I have something of a spiritual and emotional link with my armor, and my spells are generated from emotion and thought. And before you say it, I agree that it seems like an odd system, but that just so happoens to be the way it works. Also, as an Occcultist, if you take away my focus implement, in my case, my armor, then I am powerless in terms of spellcasting and other abilities, save for my own martial prowess."

Silver Crusade

For the most part, Oracles are God-Vessels. Its just Vercites vernacular.

Carol, it might be good to let us know what tongue you're stuck using in battle, just in case we are assigned on the same mission. We could magically prepare and compensate for such issues.

Silver Crusade **

"Eh? Oh... Sorry." Carol coughs slightly before continuing. "I speak Celestial and Aklo when stressed. And that is the only two languages I can understand when stressed too. Though I have to admit, it isn't that bad, I guess. Other than during combat, I am alright." Carol smiles softly. "I guess the spell, Comprehend Language would help greatly in combat and other stressful situations."

Silver Crusade

Or maybe you could share your language via a spell, with the person who really needs to know what your saying. It might even be worth purchasing a wand.

You can speak those languages outside of battle too, yes?

Temπ turns to Kharrum
Hey, what does it take to change armor, as in say you find a better suit?

Silver Crusade **

"Share... Language?"
Spellcraft: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9
Carol listens to Tempi's description of the spell. Oh?.... Oh! That would help alot! Why didn't I think of that!? Carol smiles as she realizes how much it can help her. "Wow! That spell would help greatly. And yes, I am able to speak it normally outside of stressful situations." She is about to head out before she realizes how much such a wand would cost. "Wait... Wouldn't it cost quite an amount of gold to just buy it? I am not sure I have the funds right now." Carol starts to frown before she takes a deep breath and has a smile instead. "At least now I know what I would like to have in the future. In terms of wands that is."

Silver Crusade

Well, you could purchase a couple scrolls.

And in time, who knows, maybe you'll just intuitively know how to cast the spell.
Temπ winks.

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