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Welcome my Andoran brothers and sisters!


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Darkness envelopes the portion of the room around J'han and Ridgar. The sounds of a scuffle break out within.

J'han enters a low stance, arms outstretched. Charging across the room, he connects solidly with Ridgar's jaw. The dwarf's head doesn't even reel. A heavy dwarven hand clasps down on J'han's shoulder. The grappled tiefling let's loose a barrage of punches into the dwarf's stomache, which only seems to make him angrier. Moments later, Ridgar has J'han by the throat, pinning him to the ground while smacking him in the sides with fist and knee. J'han fights valiantly to escape, nearly succeeding at one point, but to no avail. When the body goes limp, the dwarf releases his hold and regains some of his composure.

As the darkness disipates, a slightly more disheveled Ridgar is force-feeding a potion to an unconcious J'han.

Liberty's Edge **

"Poor bastard. Ain't his fault he's all jacked up like he is. Bloody outcast in society and #*($&, just sorta takes it out on te world. Still, it ain't wise tah badmouth black-ops level Pathfinders when yer a green. Give him a couple years, the boy might actually be able to take me. Course he hasta live that long."

*tilts the potion down J'hans throat*

Liberty's Edge ****

hums a bit as he watches Jhan go flying at the first punch. The crow whistles a bit and relieves the hot head unconscious on the floor of a single coin and tosses it to the bar.[/ooc

Halfling rules. next rounds on him.

[ooc]balances a cold one on whats sure to be an interesting shiner in the morning

Liberty's Edge

*Clapping, Salrana says in a native Dwarven*

"Very good Ridgar, maybe he will learn to be more polite in future. So tell me, have you ever been to Daggermark?"

Liberty's Edge **

"Nah, can't say aye have, though I've been all over. River Kingdoms is a bit newer than most places the Society sends ya."

Liberty's Edge

"So tell me, where is the most interesting place you have been?"

*Salrana, sits back obviously expecting to be impressed, she seems interested in this veteran.*

Liberty's Edge **

"Let's see... Mwangi Expanse a couple times, Galt (both city and countryside), the deserts of Osirion and Rhadadom more than I careh fer. Had a few trips around Kortos ilse, a couple in the heartland of Taldor. Been deep in the woods of Andoran and Ustalav, a spattering of missions in Varisia, and a few on the open sea. One particularly dangerous mission took us into the Worldwound, tha we didn't cross too far inta its boarders. Done a ton of stuff here in Absalom; plenty a crazy stuff happens close ta home. Been extra planar a time or two, and even been extra-terrestrial. Ain't no place on this world or the next the Ten ain't willin to throw some chumps to, particularly on exit exams.

Fun things those are. Preform well enough and they make yah a Venture Captain. Prefore poor enough an ya wind up dead. Myself; evidently I'm good enough ta send on extra special suicide missions now, but they ain't lettin me take any students under mah wing as personal apprentices. That's the perks of being good but not too good I suppose."

*Ridgar hangs his head for a moment, staring into his beer.*

"That J'han kid; he's got spunk, just needs a bit o' direction. Bloody hell, if I had just done a bit more for the Ten, eh'd let me train him right..."

*The dwarf throws back his mug, drinking rather carelessly and sloppily*

"Ah well. Ta hell with it! I ain't dead yet, and while I wait fer bloody orders from the higherups, I may as well have a good time!"

Liberty's Edge *

Walks back into the tavern...
"Drat! I seem to have missed all the fun. What happened?"

Liberty's Edge

"Jhan was looking for a fight, he found one.... and lost"

*Says Salrana in a casual tone of voice. Taking two flasks from her pouch Salrana downs one entirely, takes a gulp from the other then hands it to Ridgar.*

"This is the strongest drink you will ever try. Gelran taught me how to make it. I couldn't handle it without a dose of the other stuff, but I bet you could handle it."

*She says with slightly slurred speech*

Flask contents:
Any alchemist or VERY experience bar crawler will recognize this as 100% pure alcohol. Few bars sells it because only the hardiest people can handle it. Even most dwarves find it strong. Salrana seems slighly drunk having it even after having an antitoxin, which helps prevent drunkenness. Keen observers will realize she is drunk from the three ales she has just before she drank the anti toxin.

Liberty's Edge

*walks into the tavern*

New recruit Aurelos Mercol, reporting in.

*orders a tankard of stout*

Liberty's Edge **

In my travels, I have NEVER met ant fellow Pathfinders that condoned slavery. It's not just we Andorans that would see this scourge banned from all the lands.

Liberty's Edge ****

Jaleel Livianna wrote:
In my travels, I have NEVER met ant fellow Pathfinders that condoned slavery. It's not just we Andorans that would see this scourge banned from all the lands.

Most of the ones still adventuring don't benefit from the slave trade, as a nomatic life of adventure makes it difficult to keep your slaves not only with you but also productive and making you more money. You can bet those chelaxians decrying the practice are merely decrying that they haven't had the opportunity to benefit from it yet.

Liberty's Edge **

A rather large, unshaven man with untidy chestnut hair speaks up at the tengu.

"Well, so long as even Chellies're speakin' out against it, it just goes to show what this kind of work can do for you. I mean, you show a bloke what it's like to have his life ruined, and he won't want to wish that on anyone.

"Now, I'm from Tymon, and back there we say 'Slavery Is An Abomination'. People just aren't things, at the base of it. It's sorta why, when I met the Major, I figured we saw eye to eye."

Gulping back a mouthful of stout, he struggles not to belch. "I thought bein' a Pathfinder'd turn my life around, but it was bein' a Steel Falcon that did it. Thanks to those lessons, I've been able to talk my way outta fights, and even end 'em without even drawing steel. Heh, I've still been called, 'Big Dumb Gladiator' by those blokes who forget to stop wavin' their swords and bows durin' discussions! I'd never been the subtle-est one in the group before, and I never would've been if I hadn't met the Major. Here's to the Eagle Nights, their trainin' and Andoren - nah, any freedom!"

1 person marked this as a favorite.

OOC Request:

My wife and I are new to Pathfinder. We have only played four 3.5e games with a human female sorceress for me, and a female elf druid for my wife. Reading over Pathfinder Factions, my character "Dar Kangel" would be Andoran in her soul. She'd wear Andoran knickers.

I would like to plan ahead for both my wife and I to have characters with backgrounds that fit into the world of Golarion. The names of these characters are not important, but I would like to be well versed in the world and where our characters fit into it.

My "Dar Kangel" character seems to fit "Half-Elf" better than full human, and I would 'like' for her to have a ferret companion or familiar. I would also 'like' for her to have "Draconic Heritage", though I have yet to sort the details of how that works in Pathfinder. I would also 'like' for her to be from a merchant family. This character is a combination of Mattie Ross from True Grit (2010), particularly where Ross out-horse-traded the horse trader Col. Stonehill. I also have a mix of Honor Harrington, Victor Cachet from the Honor Harrington novel series and Gretchen Richter from the Ring of Fire series. "Imperious bloodline (sorcerer)" fits the character, though I have to work out the practical details.

My wife's character Talytha is more in Dar's shadow, and that is where she wants to be as a faithful companion. "Wild shadow (ranger)" seems to fit, though again, I will have to hammer out the specifics of character creation, race, and so on. My wife is not familiar with elves, and has no particular affinity for them.

The two characters need not be related, though having them related would also help for the purpose of background. Sister? Niece? Step-sister? And that is where this group comes in.

If someone has 'unused background NPCs' in their story line they would not mind sharing, and would be interested in helping mentor a couple of newbs, I would like help in preparing the background for our two characters. We can change the names, and our characters would be 'on their own' at this point, having their own adventures. Dar would be the one to write home and keep in contact with 'family'. From a practical perspective, I would like to have our two characters fit into the world of Golarion, know who they are, how they relate to the world and their place in it. I would be very happy to share how our group furthers the Cause of Freedom in the world, and provide fodder to the person mentoring for them to use as, "Oh, just got a letter, here is what is happening blah-blah" as it fits with what they are doing.

In addition to the game mechanics, which I will sort out as quickly as I can, I need to know what stories in the Pathfinder world I should read as background to Andoran faction so I can get up to speed. Would anyone be willing to talk me through and help weave me in? We would both be low level, likely level 1 when we finally get to actually play in a group. We are just starting out, so if we just have new names for the characters, and we happen to be nieces of someone's character that is willing to mentor us, that would be just fine.

Thank you everyone for your time and consideration in helping my wife and I enjoy this game.

Liberty's Edge **

A tall thin redhaired human in a long black trenchcoat and a Varisian scarf enters and orders a mug of ale, a glass of wine, and a snifter of brandy. As they are being prepared he turns to the the gathered crowd. "Greetings my Andoran brethren, I'm Cormac O'Bron, The World's Worst Rogue [TM], most recently of that road out there that leads to this tavern. I have a few Andoran missions under my belt and I had a question for those of you who've served this cause longer than I. Do we ALWAYS have to liberate EVERYONE? It's just that I've met some tavern wenches, the occasional farmer's wife, a Shoanti Spear-Sister, and one VERY memorable Sylph who seemed to enjoy the feel of a good set of masterwork shackles."

Shadow Lodge ****

Romaq wrote:
She'd wear Andoran knickers.

Andoran knickers= Going comando. FReeeeedom!

My "Dar Kangel" character seems to fit "Half-Elf" better than full human......

Hmmm.. out horse trading the horse trader could be bluff or diplomacy. Either way as a sorcerer you'll have charisma to spare.

Imperious is amazing for PFS. It does require you to be human. You can take a feat to be elf blooded, or just have a tall thin human whose grandmother had to put up with a few rumors about a wandering elven bard. Getting the weasel requires either some really bizzar and i'm not 100% sure its legal cross blooded sorcerer OR two feats.

Being a noble is mostly background info, you don't need anything mechanical for it (but there's a few traits that fit)

I think i could fit everything you want in a character but i don't think it would be that good if i did. SOmething should probably give. Try asking on the advice forum, and make sure they know its for pfs.

Grand Lodge *

(hey everyone)
Blunderbuss bursts from the door with a smile on this face
he looks human but off, maybe that slimmer of a halo around his head says something else
now he doesn't look the greatest guy around but something in his eyes say
i know what is going on
Blunderbuss is wearing a cowboy hat and tan shirt and short blue pants

Blunderbuss walks over where Cormac is puts down his gear infront of him

"Hello worlds worst roge was it?, the name is Blunderbuss Shane, i just got back to the mother land and all that, so i have a fun story to tell you if you want to hear it, and i can get booze for the both of us if you want to listen?"

Liberty's Edge **

Cormac smiles at Blunderbuss, "Good Sirah, as long as the drinks are flowing and you're not trying to slight of hand my codpiece you have my undivided..."

Cormac trails off as a bar maid walks past and he takes a moment to admire the view and then turns back, "I'm sorry, what were we talking about?"

Grand Lodge *

" My Dear Cormac, i have found out that i am a sorcerer of sorts,!" as blunderbuss holds his fist high and slams it down on the table "i wanted to be left alone from the gods but they wouldn't let me they said and then i was pushed into there realm and when i come back here i find out i am a sorcerer and i was like Frack!" blunderbuss shakes his head " i wanted to be a great gun fighter, not to live in those ivroy towers you know!"
as blunderbuss buys a drink for himself and Cormac

Liberty's Edge *

*The door explodes into the room as a 7'3" half-orc with several axes of varying sizes and a lucerne hammer with the word "Crushy" engraved on it strapped to his back walks through it, leaving a couple inches of damage on the wall above the door and leaving a tall, humanoid-shaped hole in the door. He smells like vomit, Kelpie blood, and ghoul ichor, mixed with alcohol and sweat. His armor looks like it hasn't been cleaned in months, and his hammer drips with the blood of many ghouls. He turns around, looks at the remains of the door, and shrugs.*

Me pay for that.

Puny green lady in lake try to make Dumb breathe entire lake. Me show her! ME DRINK FIVE LAKES! Lakes meant to be drunk anyhow.

*he proceeds towards the bar, pulls out a sack of coins bigger than most gnomes, and gestures towards the beer.*

Bar-human! Take Dumb money. Give Dumb rage juice! Then Dumb go out and smash more puny green lake-ladies. Or puny little slaver-humans. Those make fun noise when Crushy get to meet them. Bone-men smash good too.

*he then proceeds to drink the cask the barkeep handed him and then smash it against his forehead, shattering it into hundreds of pieces*

Liberty's Edge **

Unable to resist an easy mark, Cormac sidles up quietly (Stealth 19, and attempts to relieve the blaggart of a handful of coins from the large pouch (Slight of Hand 28,

Liberty's Edge *

Make a Fortitude save to avoid being nauseated by the smell, Cormac.

Liberty's Edge *

As the antics of the room continue, A 6ft tall Half-elf walks into the room, At his side is a very dark grey colored leopard. He carries himself with an aura of confidence, a seasoned adventurer would he be described as by some. His holy symbol of Desna prominently displayed, he purposefully strides to the bar and in a very clear and accent less voice, requests an Andorran Ale from the bartender. He then strides over to an open chair at a table. He sits down, forgetting that his Greatsword is across his back, the handle hits him in the back of the head. The leopard almost seems to let out laugh. This gets him a stern look from the Half-elf, The leopard lays down at his feet. The Half-elf removes his greatsword and places it on the table. He lays his haversack, next to the chair and then sits and watches what is going on in the room. He starts to scratch the leopard behind the ear as he drinks his ale. The Leopard begins to purr, it can be heard across the room.

Liberty's Edge *

About 15 mins after the tall Half-Elf enters the room, the Squeal of Boar is heard and then the rushing noise of hard cloven hooves across the wooden floor boards as the relatively large boar comings charging into the room. It makes a bee line for the leopard and crashes into him. They both start to tumble around. Neither of them getting the uphand on each other. The Half-Elf stands up quickly and gets out of the way. He smiles as he watches the to animals rumble. Just then a short Human male of Garundian heritage walks in. His obvious demeanor and comportment show to those that see him, he is one with nature. He carries his longbow in his left hand and approaches the table. He offers his hand to the Half-elf and grasps it firmly. They both seem to stand for a few minutes, apparently in a hand shake squeezing contest. When they both speak it is in a foreign tongue (Linguistics check DC 20, they are speaking undercommon) -Human "Hello Bourne, how is my brother from another mother?." The Half-Elf responds "Hello Leon, Very well traveled and I see you are still trying to prove that you are not as strong as I am." They both get a laugh out of it and sit down. This is when they decide to gesture to the animal companions, "Break it up you two" They say in unison. The two animals have stop tumbling around and then sit on the floor at the table and give up trying to get the best of each other.

Leon gets the attention of the serving wench and orders 3 more mugs of Andorran Ale. Then sits back and they both start talking about family and there adventures(In Undercommon). Their animal companions curl up next to each other sleeping. A Leopard and a Boar, it's almost unbelievable.

Liberty's Edge *

Are we gonna have another fight?
Cormac, did you hear what Dumb Smash just said about you? I didn't know he knew words like that.

Grand Lodge *

* blunderbuss yawns* " i feel like a tumble would liven up the place you figure my lady?"

Liberty's Edge **

A man in light armor and a large cloak sits in the back of the hall. He takes a swig of his whiskey flask. You hear him mumble under his low hanging hood, "this ought to be interesting. Heh."

Liberty's Edge

An athletically built young human with short-cropped black hair and ice blue eyes saunters in. And saunter she does. Her long chocolate brown leather coat tightened to her form via a steel ring on her upper back back. Her hips are littered with holsters carrying double-barreled pistols, the gun belt they are attached to tightened so that the coat billows only below her waist. All of this in stark contrast to the obviously friendly, almost naive air she carries. She assesses the environment with curiosity and a crooked smirk. She takes a deep breath through her nose as if remembering the scents of home then walks to a barstool and deposits herself gratefully upon it.

"Cayden's empty keg! I've been looking for a place to have a drink all day! I never realized how few opportunities for an ale working with the Society might leave you with."

Liberty's Edge ****

The tengu, despite not having lips, somehow manages to tsk at Alessa

" " Rather than curse the empty Keg, carry a full one "" he says, and slides the girl a small cask of brandy.

Liberty's Edge

She turns to the tengu and shoots him a squint-eyed, toothy grin, kicking her feet just a little with the expression, "Thanks! Never hurt to have a drink while waiting for one. Heh." She tips up the cask for a reckless draught, pounds the cask back down on the counter and exhales breathily with the back of her hand to her lips.

"A fine example of the spirit, that!"

She slides the cask back to him and turns to the barkeep, "Your house ale, and something in a brandy for my friend while you're at it".

Liberty's Edge ****

I see you're... more than a little familiar with the blessings of the accidental god" he blinks a bit then peers into the keg and tips it up, putting his beak in as his tongue flicks around vainly for a sip.

"Make it two, one for me now and one for me latter. Adventuring is not something you want to do sober...

Liberty's Edge ***

*A well groomed and heavily armored and armed Andoran enters the bar. His 6'6" stature is covered in barbed armor and spiked gauntlets on his hands. Short neatly cropped hair and perfectly shaved face sit atop the sharpened metal mass. He carefully crosses the room and finds a spot at the bar.*

"You would think fighting on behalf of the Andoran we would be throwing off slavery and fighting the Chelish Trash. Instead I always seem to have one of those snakes at my side while I am sent to assassinate, bribe, or hide evidence of our misdeeds. Someone needs to clean our house. What efficiency are we having in our leaders that they lie and manipulate people to protect their interest. Atleast the devil worshipping scum you can expect that kind of behavior. The opaque transparency of Major Colson Maldris befuddles me as to how he retains his position."

Liberty's Edge *

Blunderbuss Beltin Shane wrote:
* blunderbuss yawns* " i feel like a tumble would liven up the place you figure my lady?"

What sort of tumble?

Liberty's Edge *

A young Halfling walks in, a bronze cloak flowing behind him. "No, no, it's pronounced the other way! You've been my familiar for how long now?" There was a series of angry snapping sounds as a small green scorpion sat on his shoulder, "I'm sorry, my little friend. Let's take it easy for now." His green eyes scanned the room for a empty table which he quickly moved over to occupy. Muttering a few words, a book would appear and soon he was pouring over the text.

Liberty's Edge *

The Aasimar lays a hand on the young sighthound's head. "Came in at an interesting time, didn't we Storm my girl?" She asks, a slightly amused grin on her face. "So, this place is welcoming brothers and sisters... I should go tell Mal." She pause then grins wider. "Later, it would be funny for him to show up late to the party."

Liberty's Edge

Less talking. More fighting for freedom.

Liberty's Edge

*an exotically garbed, but weathered-looking elf mutters to an uncommonly calm hawk, perched on a bar stool as if it were itself a patron*

Apex, my old friend, this is indeed a most... lively lot.

Still, if we can no longer count on the aid of Lantern Lodge, we must seek out kindred spirits elsewhere... And I do believe we are in good company.

...Obstreperous? Certainly. But good nonetheless.

Liberty's Edge ****

Slides the hawk a bring-home the bacon with a caw, then slides the elf a beer

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