Chozyn's Skulls and Shackles Game {Spoilers}

Skull & Shackles

First we start with the cast:

Emric - Undine Martial Artist Monk
Lem - Halfling Bard (Brand new pathfinder player)
Brother Dumpling - Half-Orc Tetori Monk
Grumash - Orc Shark Shaman Druid

We've made it through two sessions, the raid on the Man's promise went off beautifully and now they've cleared out the stockade and next session (day 2 on the island) They'll head into the cove and try to make it back to the ship before they're stranded.

So far they've survived if not barely.

Hot Box has nearly claimed one life due to rum refusal
The Rum has nearly claimed one life due to failing on saves many times.

Rum Changes:
I changed the rum a bit only applying the damage on failed saves making it more like a poison rather then a drug, though still allowing the addiction. After nearly losing the Tetori due to his punishments, the halfling started dumping has as well as switching cups with the monk and dumping his doubling the DC to be caught due to the extra attention the monk was receiving.

Boarding Pike of Repelling nearly claimed a life
Ghoul fever may still claim 3 at this point
And the Botfly swarm nearly claimed 2

They managed to gain the majority of the crew to helpful through various favors/diplomacy/etc.

They also managed to get a member that hated them keelhauled by framing him for a theft from Grok.

Monks do make a lot of the earlier encounters a breeze due to they being their own weapons, and the bilge ambush was a cakewalk because of this.

All in all 2/3rd through Wormwood Mutiny I'm giving this a 5/5. A lot of ROLEplaying opportunities giving the players a lot of time to interact and allowing me to develop NPC personalities easily due to the bare bones descriptions given. My PCs jumped at the opportunity and weren't bogged down or bored... they kept comparing notes on who was helpful and what tidbits of info they learned.

The events felt organic rather then railroady and trends showed in job assignments adding some more flavor.

After every keelhaul the captain ordered a pig butchered to celebrate, giving the crew the idea he enjoyed killing them the crew members

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