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Spear wielding warrior builds!


Scarab Sages

So I just got done half-watching (I have a baby) the movie Hellboy 2 with the golden army and the evil prince in that film makes spear fighting look awesome. It got me to wondering why I havnt seen any builds focused around this weapon.

I havent had much time to sit down and examine this troubling observation, but I will tomorrow. Until then I thought I'd get a discussion started.

Do you all have any sweet spear builds just waiting to see the light of day? Or are the lovely and elegant spears so overshadowed by their more flashy polearm kin that nobody pays attention to them?

If you havent built a spear wielder yet, why not give it a try? Maybe a short-spear magus would be interesting? How about a finesse-dual wield shortspear fighter/rogue? Is a ranger build with the two-handed weapon path a cool idea or just ho-hum? I have no idea if these are plausible or even possible, just throwing out ideas to get the juices flowing. :)

Scarab Sages

My pfs cleric has a longspear. Reach is awesome for a cleric; my buddies and my animal companion do the dirty work and I threaten with my spear and cast spells.

Combat reflexes and enlarge is a nice combo (20' reach. kinda broken really). Combine that with doing combat manuvers from reach (no AoO), plus the benefits of power attack plus 2 handed weapon damage. Pretty cool.

The Exchange

hard to do in Pathfinder. (without house rules that is)

RuneQuest now... you learned to fear someone with a Longspear.

Pathfinder, and the game it grew out of, tends to cripple the spear weapons in favor of swords.

So I'll be watching this to see if I can find any little tricks to assist spear users.

If difficult terrain is common and you commonly fight stuff with 5 foot reach take the nimble moves feat. Also what can be useful if fighting a lot of spellcasters if you can be a half orc and have the bite attack is move agancent to them charging with the bite attack and then they can't 5 foot step away.

The Exchange

another nice gimick,
If you are fighting something that has more than one attack (and NOT pounce), is to wait for them to approach you, take the AOO, then on your turn withdraw to 15 feet. they then can approach you (you AOO), they take a sinble attack, and you repeat. Worked on a troll for a while, with our fighter avoiding the Rend....

The Phalanx Fighter archetype lets you use Medium size polearms and spears one handed with a shield. pretty bawss.

The Polearm master archetype also works with spears.

I was building one with with a shield bashing, spear poking premise. Imp Shield Bash and a large shield puts down a D8 damage base, same as the spear, and shields can be enchanted with weapon enhancements. Add a spike for added gruesome.

BG gets too close (within the reach of the long spear) punch him in the face with the shield for his trouble.

Improved trip is nice too. last iterative attack on a full attack, hit them with a trip. AoO when the stand up.

Rinse, repeat.

If you manage to get alongside another tankish, shield wielding fighter with the phalanx fighter, it can get icky fast. providing cover to allies and not being able to have your shield sundered or disarmed. also, gaining evasion with a shield is bawss.

If you go with a quick draw, hurling type, then you can chuck pilums or short spears on the charge, then lock it down with the large or tower shield and longspear.

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fighter archetype phalanx soldier lets you use a towershield and a reach weapon. it is so crazy when you roll out in mithril full plate with a darkwood shield for a 24 ac before magic or class features. all you give up is -2 to attack.

but then again it sounds more like you want to play a monkish spear fighter if i remember that movie right. i would play a sohei monk for that.

and remember the golden rule of rpg's. you can choose any weapon you want and reskin it to be a spear, so dont think you're forced to use the stats for a spear, just get your gms permission.

There is a feat called spear dancer.
Not over powerful but if you have any to spare it's nice fluff.

lovin my 10th lev gorum worshiping kellid phalanx fighter, I dipped a level into flowing monk, and speced for trip, now when somebody attacks me I get an AOO on their way in with the reach of the spear...

Then I trip them, then use viccious stomp, (with the added hth damage of the monk)

I also got the spiked destroyer feat to go with the shield slamming maddness, so if the guy gets up I get my AOO, then with my action I punch him in the face a couple times, then slam him, then slam him against the wall, and roll an additional attack for the armor spikes, where he promptly falls down and I stomp on him again. this build is not as gross as some of the max dammage or max attack builds I see around, but its damn hard for me to get hit or hurt often, and its crazy fun turning your opponents into floundering falling buffoons.

side note 1- also build a magic item that has "thorn body" at will, only costs around 4k gold, and adds 1d6+3 to every sheild slam, and unarmed attack, and anybody that does get through the tripping mess and still attacks you takes 2d6+3...

side note 2- get a wand of "enarge person" and hand it to a mage in the party, will give you even more dammage, reach, and shield slamming goodness...

But if you really wanna copy the moves of the hellboy 2 type combat, I'd go with a 100% monk build, with crane or snake style...

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