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Last minute module before PaizoCon

PaizoCon General Discussion

Grand Lodge

Hello one an all, I've had a bit of a run in with my group here as life has once again kept the gathering of minds near my location. Plan was hopefully to run a module to get our characters up to fifth lvl by the time we left for Paizocon but that has unfortunately fell threw and currently looking for a alternative course of action to be taken. Me and my friends are coming in from quite a ways away an will not be arriving at the hotel till late in the evening, about 1030/11 if I remember correctly and we don't get lost.

Is there anyone running any last minute module's for fourth lvls characters? If so I'm trying to get my fourth lvl fighter (Lore Warden) up to fifth and would absolutely be interested in jumping into a late game after our arrival.

If not then it wasn't meant to be and there will always be next year :P I would offer to run something myself if there is a large enough group but I do not have any module's in my possession to run with.

Sorry for late notice once again.

Grand Lodge

Dude, check out this thread.

Grand Lodge

Thanks for the heads up man

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