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Monsters from Multiple Sources (Looking for suggestions on improving the conversions)


Hello everyone. I posted here a few times before asking about conversions for various modules and monsters. Well I decided to put matters into my own hands and do some work on my own. I hope to make this an on-going project, but since I'm still new to Pathfinder (GM'd two sessions, played in one), I'm sure I'm not doing the best I can. Anyway here's a link to my work:


Basically what I'm doing is just taking the stats and making them line up to Pathfinder rules, of course I'm running into a little CR snag. For instance, let's take the Bullrog: if I look at the table to determine CR by HP, it should be CR 11, but if I look at number of HD, his CR matches up. It's the same with the cat girl. I'm assuming Munchkin Monsters are a bit harder to convert, since they were made to mess with the system, but what do you think of the monsters I converted?

Casual glance at the deathlock, Inflict Minor wounds no longer exists its replaced with bleed.

Bullrog should have the demon subtype.

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