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Beauties of the sea, what be Her name?

Skull & Shackles

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And the official name of the PC's ship is....

Holy Diver

probably not nearly as shocking as the three pronged ram for

Warning: Rated PG13:
"putting two in the aft and one in the bilge."

Yes, I kinda hate my PCs....

Ours is the Bloodtide, honoring the two bloody struggles it took for us to own it.

Our PC human female (disguised as male)Bard was voted in as Captain of The Mans Promise and had Pegsworthy rechristen her as Evening Rose. So very

My group named their first ship "The Iron Song", by the Gunslinger's suggestion.

I will be GMing so I have to try and quell sharing with my crew, but if I was playing I would totally be pushing "The Cheeky Fellow."

Jinete de la Tormenta (Storm Rider) here.

What is funny thinking I was a serious Phoenix player during the War of Fire and Thunder between Phoenix and Mantis (Legend of 5 Rings).

Trok the Mighty wrote:

we have named our ship "The Mad Whore"

would love to read everyone Else's ship names

I allowed the surviving NPCs and PCs to each present one suggestion, then vote:

PC human fighter: The Rapier
PC sahuagin druid: The Bloodstorm
PC tiefling ranger: The Merciless
PC human oracle: The Marie
PC catfolk rogue: The Damnable Red Dot

Sandara: Besmara's Bastard
Cogward: The Frenzy
Kroop: The Sea Cleaver
Maheem: The Godsbane
Toppin: The Booty Snatcher
Shortstone: The Jolly Clever Sprite
Cusswell: The Unholy S%*!storm

2 people marked this as a favorite.

My group named their ship The Disproportionate Response...and you'd be amazed on how on the nose that name is...

Pathfinder Maps Subscriber

Our captain-to-be cut himself and swore, by blood and Besmara, that he would be captain of the ship or lie dead on her decks. After winning the fight and getting her to port, we renamed the ship The Blood Covenant.

After over an hour of debate and name pitching(we are mostly the same group of people who were distracted for over an hour by plans on what to do when a magical accident left us with a Large angora rabbit, and who sought to weaponize green slime, brown mold, poison oak, and walls of stone) we finally agreed to vote, elimination style, on a name. Names ranged from the serious(The Payback) to the comical(the previously seen in this thread She's One of Ours Sir & Don't Sink Me Bro) to the purely ridiculous(Money Shot) to the pure pop culture reference(Revenge, S.S. Date Rape, & The Orca) we eventually decided to christen the ship with one of our groups old in-jokes...

The Wandering Damage

we decided on the Stormbane but funnily enough we cant agree on a flag.

The Exchange

2 people marked this as a favorite.

name it "She's one of ours, Sir."

Don't Sink Me Bro. LOL.

Besmara's Promise

Close one were:

The Blackspot
The Flying Orc
(our half-orc witch doctor had a tendancy to fall from the main-mast of the wormwood, we still don't know why he wanted to climb it...)
The Shirtless Alchemist (I lost my shirt in a game of Liar's dice and never thought to buy another one)
The Smoking Lovers (Because Sandara and I always smoked and flirted on the foredeck)

As for my Captain name : Captain ''Redback'' Rolfsnurre ... an Ulfen with no shirt, you're sure to get sunburn.

And for our flag? The traditionnal jollyroger flag, but with a peg leg

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Makes me smile to see my post still being replied to and added upon :)

here is the flag o' The Mad Whore


Sovereign Court

YawarFiesta wrote:

The Sodomite

They also decide to name teir next ships:

-The Sadomaso

-The Lurking Hemorroide


PSD: my players are sick.

THE LURKING HEMORROIDE is halarious caught me off guard and i spit on my computer. Well done.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Going to be running it soon.

Thinking of suggesting 'The diminished responsibility' or 'The random encounter'.

Can't believe no ones used 'The bearded clam' though.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

since the players exchanged ships frequently

"Man's Promise" ===> "No Promise"

"Tabula Rasa" ===> "Peaceful"

"Chelian Cutter" ===> "Volksfang / Reality Intrudes"

"Chelian Corvette ===> "Heart of Thrune / Sound of Thunder"

"Filthy Lucre" ===> "End of all Hope"

Both Chelian ships kept their "official" registry, according to the players' to cause confusion

Well we just captured the Dominator and Renamed it the Dragons Jewel.

Silver Crusade

3 people marked this as a favorite.

All of my players knew what they wanted. Who was I to stop them?

Fist of the North Star.

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32

The Rolling Doxy and The Plump Nereid

The Master's Folly.

LeleyX wrote:
My group named their ship The Disproportionate Response...and you'd be amazed on how on the nose that name is...

Now, that's funny!!

Would be sadly fitting for my group, too.....

Devo wrote:
Our captain-to-be cut himself and swore, by blood and Besmara, that he would be captain of the ship or lie dead on her decks. After winning the fight and getting her to port, we renamed the ship The Blood Covenant.

Nice... like it!

Sovereign Court

After much deliberation, and more than one threat from opposing sides of the table...

Besmara's Judgement

I am going to run a campaign, so I haven't had any names yet, but I've looked over some Obsidian Portal versions of the AP, and found someone named their ship the "Magnificent Bastard"

I really liked that one.

After many, many terribly inappropriate names that were suggested, we settled on "The Broken Promise".

Dark Archive

After alot of disagreements the players decided to name the ship the Long Night.

They plan on building her for night raids and attacks with black sails and a dark red hull. Her starting figurehead is now a dragon at the group's request.

They also came up with a wonderful idea that as their infamy spreads to send word ahead of the ship, either with messenger ravens or with magic, to the places they plan to attack with the message "the Long Night approaches. Pay fealty or you will never see the Dawn."

Really love that idea and how dark my campaign is becoming. Cheers mates.

Silver Crusade

My players decided to name their first ship after themselves because they realized Harrigan didn't actually know their names. (They forgot that people *on* the ship did)

The rest of their ships (they only sold one ship ever)
In Bed
Your Crotch
Your Mom

I get the feeling they don't take piracy seriously.

My own group named their ship "Ghoul's Grasp" on account of their fun with the Ghouls on Ghoul Island (The name they came up with for the island at the end of book 1)

The Undine Rogue spent most of his adventure on that island sick with ghoul fever, and after they mutinied and "Offered the dark gods a few sacrifices" by the names of Plugg, Scourge, and Conchobhar, the rogue was 'blessed' with a permanent state of ghoul fever, but is unaffected by it. So he took the name Ghoulbeard and named the ship the Ghoul's Grasp.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Wafflecopter. players are weird.

Some great names. Might be pinching some for NPC pirate ships!

My group settled for the Magnificant Bastard on the count of them all being (apparently) magnificent bastards themselves.

my group voted and went with my suggestion "the Laughing Dutchman" worked out quite well given our witch cackles constantly while fighting and sailing and then there's me who was cursed to always feel happy and joyful.

A very strong second and still loved was "Besmara's Bosom"

My group named it "Besmara's Glory". Lets see if they can hold up to the name. ;)

We went with a ship name from the Culture series, 'cause we like long names.

The Mistake Not..., more formally the Mistake Not My Current State Of Joshing Gentle Peevishness For The Awesome And Terrible Majesty Of The Towering Seas Of Ire That Are Themselves The Milquetoast Shallows Fringing My Vast Oceans Of Wrath

Yes, the Captain is a bard. Why do you ask?

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My first group, in honour of finding out the name of the island (and, due to the suggestion of the half-orc sin-eating Besmaran Inquisitor), renamed their ship the Bonewrecker, and decorated it with the bones of the sea creatures they had personally killed. Unfortunately, the group fell apart right after that.

(The group's Gunslinger had a dirty enough mind for her to suggest the Salty Cracker Box, which came in close second)

After the destruction of our first ship, the Wandering Damage, our second ship was named after random flavor text used previously in the adventure, the Dread Silence.

Subsequent ships have been dubbed Maelstrom's Edge and Stolen Kiss. A fourth ship our last session last night, but she has not yet been named.

They considered "pro bono" but considered that as "too chelian" and then pretty much went with a truly well-bred classic:

(thank you, "Master and Commander: the Far Side of the World" ).

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

"The Vixen's Tale" captained by Alis "Wardove" Kirmoon (aka the Vixen).

The funny part is that the 1st mate is a Kitsune, the 2nd mate's familiar is a fox, and Alis' PbP alter ego (from a separate timeline) has a Fennec for a pet.

Figurehead: A pin-up style carving of Alis' bodacious bod with the head of an anthropomorphic fox winking to the port side. ;)
Flag: A stylized fox head (viewed front-on) over a pair of crossed swords.

As befitting a mostly CE or CN party, my players spend a lot of time pondering and discussing what to name the ship, only for the captain to change his mind. He then went to the carpenter who was carving a nameplate, and ordered a new name without consulting anyone.

The ship ended up as "Scholar of Pain". His plan was to have a cleverly designed nameplate, so he could slip on a few extra letters, and have her read "Scholar of Paint". They've never done that, and it probarly woudn't work anyway. :)

When they start to aquire more ships, they'll call them things like "Professor of Pain" and "Student of Pain" for a themed fleet.

Well,... after a long and bloody fight our group finally took control of "Dominator" and squibbed it (to the shock and dismay of all that was present) "The Grinning Goblin" after her new captain, Splug, a goblin gunslinger.

Grand Lodge

And so it was that the Mans Promise became the Brides Revenge.

After much ado The Mystic Witch will be rechristened with Andromeda Celeste Tovar as her new captain.

Scarab Sages

I am trying to talk the group into naming our ship "Besmara's Spite"

First it was Harlequin's kiss. Then they took a warship and dubbed it The Vendetta

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Playing on the name Man's Promise and having a tiefling captain our ship is called 'The Devil's Due'

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps Subscriber

The Whore's Promise

After The Man's Promise was squibbed and refitted, my Bard (Sea Singer) Captain put forth his choice of name and Pegsworthy christened her The Burning Maiden.

She's got red sails and a hull the "color of charred flesh" and eventually we plan to have a figurehead of a woman that is constantly flaming, presumably by some magical effect.

After capturing the Man's Promise, we renamed her Besmara's Booty. I, as captain, refused to give her up to a superior ship as flagship. Now she waits in Port Peril harbour for our triumphant return from Fort Hazard, (only half a session to go!).

We christened ours The Endless Hunger due to the hedonistic nature of the captain and the crew. The orange and black silk sails depict a grotesque feasting hall plagued with carrion being eaten by insects. The figurehead was a woman in a black hooded cloak nicknamed "The Pale Mistress". Her hands have two spikes on which the captain puts the head and heart of those who scorned him.

The second ship was nicknamed The Acheron, as the one who claimed it was fond of Master and Commander.

As for the captain and his nicknames, he has two. One of the PCs calls him "Sandman" because he's from Osirion and the general public nicknamed him "Bad Gas" because he generally uses stink bombs and (eventually) plague and poison bombs.

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