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Where to Watch Fireworks?

PaizoCon General Discussion

I'll be arriving around noon tomorrow. Where is the best place to go watch some fireworks?

I'm curious about this also. :D

Paizo Employee System Administrator

Kyle Baird wrote:
I'll be arriving around noon tomorrow. Where is the best place to go watch some fireworks?

Somewhere surrounding lake union will probably be your best bet. Gas works, etc. It will bring new meaning to the word crowded though. =P Here's a list

Seattle Times - Fourth of July fireworks and festivities

Bellevue, Kirkland, and Woodenville all surround Redmond. Gasworks is in Seattle proper but a lot of you will probably want to see that anyway.

Paizo Employee Managing Editor

Just be aware that there are significant traffic bottlenecks surrounding Lake Union, and the freeways and arterials become parking lots afterwards (seriously, last time friends who lived on the north side of Lake Union watched from South Lake Union, they ended up walking home, because it was so much faster; I can't imagine how crowded the bridges to Bellevue/Redmond would be).

As an alternative for people staying on in Bellevue/Redmond, it's not listed on the Seattle Times link, but there will be another fireworks display over Lake Washington at the Kirkland waterfront (likely smaller, but easier to escape from after the show): Kirkland fireworks.

Edit: If you're determined to watch the Seattle fireworks and Gas Works is packed, they close all the streets below 40th in that neighborhood for the show. You can get quiet a good view from much of Wallingford Ave., just sitting in the middle of the street on a blanket or lawn chair, and locals usually bring out radios so you can hear the accompanying music. (And sometimes there are firespinners/impromptu circus performers—I think around Wallingford and 37th?)

Liberty's Edge

I live fairly close to Gasworks (no, I can't save a parking spot for you), so if anyone is interested in a pre-con meetup drop me a PM.

Grand Lodge

As Judy mentioned above, the family and I are down in Kirkland at Lake Washington. We are actually a mile south of downtown Kirkland in Marsh Park with a fantastic view of the lake and where the fireworks will be shot.

Anyone visiting in town is welcome to join us. My grey F-150 with Falcons magnets on the tailgate is parked on the street next to Marsh Park and we are set up on a Falcons blanket so you cant miss us.

Come on down! Will be a great time. Just bring your own drinks to put into a cooler and keep on mind alcohol is prohibited in city parks.

Scarab Sages

I think that I just found the coolest place in the world to watch the fireworks. In. An. Airplane.

I just landed a few minutes ago, flying into Seattle International Airport at about 10:20 ... there were scores, if not over a hundred, fireworks displays going on. We were chasing the sunset the whole way in from Dallas, and just as we descended into Seattle, nightfall suddenly came, and there were brilliant explosions in the air below us. Reds, blues, greens and golds filled the night sky making the city come alive with a gorgeous display.

It was, quite possibly the most marvelous Independence Day spectacular that I have ever seen. I even took a little video footage. Yes, indeed, the Most Marvelous Ever!

Grand Lodge

That was just the goblins warming up. They tried to hit your plane but couldn't compensate for the minuses to the range increments.

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