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Andoran **

Hopefully, some of the people who play PFS in South Bend can make it to Arcticon this Sunday.

Irish202 wrote:
The Low Table for March 8th will be a completion of a previously started module (Murder's Mark, Tier 1-2), run by William. Pre-gen's will be available for individuals who can't play in Tier for Midnight Mauler.

I call dibs on the second half of Midnight Mauler (since my Rogue was in the middle of it anyway). ^.^


Myself and Jim will be there for the low table. I'll have my inquisitor and he'll have his Paladin.

Sczarni ****

Here are the scenarios on deck for this weekend's PFS at the Griffon!

Saturday March 22nd @ 10AM @ the Griffon:

Low Table:
#5-11: Library of the Lion (Tier 1-5)
GM: Irish202

High(er) Table:
#05-02: The Wardstone Patrol (Tier 3-7)
GM: Rastaf

Hope to see you there!

Sczarni ****

Curious about which scenarios are coming up this weekend for PFS at the Griffon? Good question!

Saturday April 5th @ 10AM @ the Griffon:

Low Table:
#03-19: Icebound Outpost (Tier 1-5)
GM: Rastaf

High(er) Table:
#03-02: Sewer Dragons of Absalom (Tier 3-7)
GM: Irish202

The 5th also happens to be International Table Top Day, so come and get your gaming on this weekend!

Sczarni ****

Hey all, I was only able to reserve the 3rd floor of the Griffon this coming weekend, so we may be limited on space for tables up there. Here is the tentative schedule coming up. Please note that a volunteer GM is needed for the low table, thanks!

Saturday April 19th @ 10AM at the Griffon:

Low Table:
#45: The Delirium's Tangle (Tier 1-5)
GM: Need a volunteer!!

High Table:
#04-05: The Sanos Abduction (Tier 3-7)
GM: Irish202

Silver Crusade

I'll volunteer. Leave it at the office or whatever, and I'll grab it tomorrow. I have a little time for it, this week.

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