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Evil Worshippers of LN, N, and CN Deities

Age of Worms Adventure Path

I'm curious what an example of an evil cleric of Pharasma would be like, as well as other worshippers of morally neutral deities.

For example, a LE cleric of Abadar could favor harsh taxation, oppose charities, and be cruel to her slaves.

But an evil Pharasmin? Can't seem to wrap my head around that one.

I think that a good example of an evil servant of Abadar would be a slaver, since the cheap labor would make things run more smoothly, and besides, if the slaves are foreign then you are teaching them the value of your brand of civilization and if they are local, they are being reminded of their place. Another example would be a corrupt lawman that frames the people he thinks are guilty if he couldn't prove it, "Better a thousand innocents die than one guilty go free" could be his motto.

Also, on the show Babylon 5 there was a species of aliens called soul hunters, they would travel the galaxy, finding the greatest among each race and preserving their souls in small glass orbs forever. This obviously caused trouble for the race of Hindu aliens, who as I understand it turned out to be the ones whose religion was true. . .Anyway, the show's second episode was about a soul hunter that had been driven mad by his failure to take the soul of one of the most respected leaders of said Hindu aliens, so he decided that he wouldn't wait for someone of importance to die, he'd kill them and then take their souls.

I think that is what an evil follower of Pharasma would be like: kill the folks that have already achieved their destiny, it's not like they are going to do anything of value anyway. Or you could go the CE route, and wind up with this guy.

Liberty's Edge

An evil pharasman might feel that life expectancy is unnecessarily prolonged due to over-use of healing spells, so he may feel that more people need to die in order to reestablish the correct balance. He also finds that large scale murder gives him a thrill, and he revels in it.

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