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Age of Worms

Age of Worms Adventure Path

Where in Golarion would you place the Age of Worms adventure path?

I'd suggest putting this in the Age of Worms subforum.

Silver Crusade

Someone asked this recently in the Ask James Jacobs forum. His response, which I agree with, was: why not play it in Greyhawk? The Greyhawk campaign setting is as rich as Golarian (or maybe moreso due to age), and the Age of Worms has a lot of wonderful Greyhawk-specific material.

I apologize for not answering your question. Just wanted to offer something to think about.

Our Age of Worms game doesn't take place in Greyhawk and I don't think it's missing much. Half of the Greyhawk-specific references were stripped from it anyways and you'd have to add them back yourself.

I think Age of Worms is fairly easy to fit into any setting (at least the first parts). You just need a small town for Diamond Lake, a large-ish city for the Free City, and a marsh somewhere in between.

Paizo Employee Community & Digital Content Director

Moved thread.

Lil B wrote:
Where in Golarion would you place the Age of Worms adventure path?

I would probably make up a marsh in Osirion and site the first three adventures there. Varisia is also an obvious option. (The Free City can be Korvosa or Magnimar.)

The hinterlands of Katapesh could work too. Or Taldor. Really the AP is pretty portable. I'm running it in Unther and Mulhorand in FR right now.

Sovereign Court

I put it in Taldor, with the Free City being Oparra. It is mentioned in the faction book that there are a lot of ancient ruins and tombs in Taldor, so I thought, why not? Printed out the applicable Taldor refion map and added in Diamond Lake, Blackwall Keep and Magepoint.
I am gonna have Alhaster as a city on the border of Chelliax and Andoran, with the Rift up in the Storval mountains.

Liberty's Edge

I'm prepping it now and I'm placing it in Ustalav with Caliphas sitting in for the Free City. This makes the city smaller obviously but I don't feel that it changes much at all. I placed Diamond Lake about 50 miles northwest of Caliphas and Rift Valley in the Hungry Mountains. I am removing Magepoint and Alhaster altogether, moving the action to Diamond Lake and Caliphas, primarily the latter.

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