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Recommendations for large sea serpent-ish mini?


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps Subscriber

I'm playing a summoner in a Skull & Shackles campaign who has an aquatic eidolon. I'm going for a sea serpent type theme, but haven't been able to find large minis that fit the bill. Any thoughts or suggestions? Prepainted or not, doesn't matter, just looking for a cool mini (again, large size).

Thanks for any suggestions!


Something like this? Or this?

Or go a little exotic and try something like this? (for things like this I'd websearch "glass dragon", which got me a link to this site).

Sovereign Court

There's lots of aquatic themed stuff out there but I don't know of any sea serpents.

Not a Sea Serpent but underwatery: 2#detail/02902_derek_front

Stuff you could hack into being a sea serpent:

Sovereign Court

Oh, glass dragons are a good idea, they are bound to be cheaper than any metal mini.

Pet stores might also have some aquarium decorations like : a-serpent-cave.html

How about something like this. The minis are sized for large (on the lower end of the category). But you get several useful minis out of it.

Of if you are just looking for something really serpent like, why not just go to a dollar store (or toy department of a department store) and get a package of cheap little snake toys. There be some that can fit the bill in there.

The Exchange

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Honestly, I would go with Skarath. He's the Giant Serpent. You could also get into Warmachine/Hordes really easily with that character.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps Subscriber

Awesome. Thanks for the suggestions all! I'm sure I'll be able to pick something from this.

The Exchange

Be sure to tell which one you pick. Whoever loses gets nothing, but neither do the winners. Just bragging rights.

Mega Bloks has a cool looking Sea serpent. Its part of the pyrates line that came out dueing the same time as pirates of the Carribean but was separate. Try amazon or ebay. Its called mega bloks privateers lighthouse. It doesnt have that lego look to it. theres also a set that has a giant scorpion that is perfect for miniature gaming.

Tirq wrote:
Honestly, I would go with Skarath. He's the Giant Serpent. You could also get into Warmachine/Hordes really easily with that character.

I am sure the painting has a lot to do with it, but that is a cool serpent :)

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps Subscriber

Here is something already painted, and not too expensive either from the DDM Dangerous Delves set:

Ableth Slime Mage

or you could go with more human features like this from DDM Bloodwar:


And finally the more traditional Nessie type figure from Horror Clix:


Very cool mini!

They are all Large in size.



You can get Nessie for $1 at miniature market, but they have the wrong image up for it. I know this is Nessie because I got mine from there.

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