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Beginner's Box, Kingmaker and mixing them

Beginner Box

So I have 3 new players to TTRPG, and one player that has lots of 3.5 experience.

Anyone have a suggestion on how to narratively meld the adventure in the BB to Kingmaker? I really like Sandpoint, but I want to maintain the fidelity of Golarian. So I'd like to get the players from Sandpoint to Restov and have it make sense.

Also, the 3.5 player already has a character in mind, which is a sorcerer, and does anyone have any experience combining non-BB classes with the BB versions. We can leave out all the non-BB rules (AoO, Combat Maneuvers, etc). I just was wondering if there were going to be any problems with doing this. Maybe only let him take spells that are in the BB and let him respec latter.

Can't really help you out with the melding of the BB scenario and the Kingmaker AP, but I can put you on the right path for the non-BB Classes!

EdOWar has converted all the Core Classes on his blog. If you look around on his blog you will also find the Races converted as well.

Good luck, and please let us know how it goes. I just started a solo BB Kingmaker style PbP game here myself in a home-brew setting and would love to hear how it goes. I am assuming you intend to transition to Core after level 5? FWIW, my solo game will be an E5 kind of affair.

Again, good luck!
The Bane

Thanks for the link. That's really nice work. I'll be sure to let you know, how it goes.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

A distant friend or relative usually works. Have them send a letter to one of the PCs that there is a fantastic opportunity for wealth and adventure on the other side of the continent. "Go East young man!"

Of course, Kingmaker assumes a new group of level 1 adventurers, but they could start anywhere up to 3rd without too much trouble. The advancement would just be slow until they finish book 1.

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