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PFS Slot Trading



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I've already signed up for some really fun sounding slots, but I was just curious.

If I wanted to trade out a couple, how would I go about doing so now that sign-ups are closed.

For example, my friend and I have spots in Portal of the Sacred Rune, but it looks like he's trying to get a 7-11 game run at our FLGS this Friday, which would level us up out of the tier range. If this happens, I don't want those slots at that table to go unfilled, so how would I go about offering those up to someone that could use them?

Would I be able to try to get us in on other slots so we're not just sitting around for 5 hours?

My Friday schedule stands:

8-1 Portal of the Sacred Rune (7-11)
1-6 Storming the Diamond Gate (3-7)

Would anyone be interested in trading up slots at each for something else? Preferably:

8-1 Quest for Perfection 1 (1-5)
1-6 Quest for Perfection 2 (1-5)

Is this request doable? Is it reasonable? Am I going to suddenly get to nap for 5 hours in the morning on Friday if we level this week?

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