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Doofenschmurtz Kingdom Building Thread

Play-by-Post Discussion

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Liberty's Edge

Okay guys; I'm fine with keeping Ben's roll. So that gives you a 134 on your economy check, which equals (rounded) 27 BP for the economy check. I already rolled above for the event and didn't come up with one, so we're done with the ruling for this month.

Shadow Lodge


Liberty's Edge

Don't we need to improve cities? We never built anything (except the farms, but that's a different step isn't it?)

At the time when we should have done this we had 83BP:

I think in a single city:

Academy - 52BP - Econ +2 | Loyalty +2
Caster's Tower - 15BP - Econ +1 | Loyalty +1
Library 3BP - Econ + 1 | loyalty +1

Which brings our Loyalty check under 50% and increases our economy.

Would leave - 13 before we sold / econ checked and did all that.



Liberty's Edge

Yeah, I'm fine with you guys retroactively adding those in. Todd suggested putting them in Elfheim. Sound good?

Shadow Lodge

works for me Todd subtract the points Tim put the new additions in Elfheim if you would.

Liberty's Edge

Added into the spreadsheet.

Shadow Lodge

Hey we didnt roll for ruling. Do we need to do now or are we waiting and rolling out and ruling nxt week?

Shadow Lodge

1d20 ⇒ 19


Shadow Lodge

seriously? nothing?

Liberty's Edge

So for Build Points we're at:

13 + 85 (magic items) + 27 (Econ) = 124 BP.

New Stats Tim?

Liberty's Edge

Okay, Josh's Roll was enough to succeed at the stability check, so your unrest is reduced by 1.

Also, I missed it, so I'm not overly concerned, but you needed a second district available in Elfheim to add the buildings from last month.Forest takes 2 months and costs 4 BP. So, we'll leave the buildings in for now, but Todd, make sure to deduct another 4 BP from your total (and 6 more for Josh's crown). Also, you won't be able to build anything else in Elfheim this month ( as the district finishes up).

New Kingdom Stats are as follows:

Control DC = 121
Economy +113 (including a -5 unrest)
Loyalty +108 (including a -5 unrest)
Stability +113 (including a -5 unrest)
Consumption = 22
Size = 101 hexes

Okay, so next is:

Pay Consumption - Todd
Fill Vacant Magic Item Slots - Auto or Ben
Unrest - <11 and Sootscale reduces by 1

Unrest now = 4

Improvement Phase:
Leadership Changes - We need to do this. Krunk is gone, so you have an open position (Marshal - Loyalty, STR or CON Mod). If you'd like a list of all positions, let me know and I'll post.

Shadow Lodge

please post positions and relevant stats

Liberty's Edge

BP - 124 - 4(District) - 6(crown) = 114

114 - 22(consumption) = 92BP Remaining.

I'm voting for more farms, and then will find some things that increase loyalty.

Tim - can you e-mail out the Kingdom spreadsheet so I can see what is where?


Liberty's Edge

Finished at Thursday's Session.


Liberty's Edge


What was the final usage of BP?


Shadow Lodge

Here is the role for my relationship Tim
1d20 + 16 ⇒ (5) + 16 = 21
Todd I will post the build points stuff tomorrow.

Shadow Lodge

sorry i fat fingered the 6 on that it should be + 14 so that should be 19(sorry it's dark)

Liberty's Edge

Did you fat finger it, or are you psychic? I was going to give you a +2 on your check, due to the elegant and celebrated way you presented it to her (and the awesome write-up you gave me IRL).

Congrats! That just hits your check. I'll get a response out to you today (hopefully).

Also, did I detect a bit of innuendo in your letter (...sincerest hope...anxiously await)?

If so, go ahead and give me a bluff check (don't forget your +1 for your relationship bonus).

Shadow Lodge

I'm not sure what you mean by innuendo. I sincerely hoped she would take the position and I was anxiously awaiting her response.
but that said if you still think i need a bluff check.
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (18) + 3 = 21

Liberty's Edge

I was just wondering if there was more to it then just the position as headmistress. I wasn't sure if you were trying to also say (through innuendo) that you really wanted her to live in your kingdom to further your relationship with her.

If not, don't worry about it. I was just curious.

Shadow Lodge

oh well yes in that case please use the above role.

Shadow Lodge

1d20 ⇒ 7

Shadow Lodge

relationship roll. Doh!

Shadow Lodge

Josh I'm pretty sure you add in your diplomacy bonus to that...

Shadow Lodge

Yeah, I forgot. Total roll should be 25.

Liberty's Edge

Very nice, Josh! That's enough to increase your relationship with Lily. I've already adjusted the relationship score on the website.

Shadow Lodge

so were we going to be doing the kingdom building here soon or not??

Liberty's Edge

We don't have anything to do yet do we? It hasn't been a full month in game since the last time you ruled.

Or, are we getting close according to the calendar?

Shadow Lodge

I thought we had one to do because the second month is coming up when I get my gecko moount

Liberty's Edge

No, I think we've done the last one. The second month thing was for the Bard Academy Headmistress. The gecko thing was only going to take a month to get there (I think anyway).

Shadow Lodge

Okay :)

Liberty's Edge

-8 Consumption
-3 Claim
-10 Repair
-26 Academy
-6 Houses
-28 Garrison
-8 Road
-6 Farms
+93 Magic Items
+26 Econ
117 BP - Ending Balance

New Numbers
Econ: 120
Loyalty: 117
Stability: 125

Control DC: 124
Size: 104
Consumption: 5

Liberty's Edge

117 BP
-5 Consumption
-3 Claim (including Drelev)
-15 Caster's Tower
-3 Library
-34 Magic Shop
-16 Temple (Leventon - build Graveyard, Monument and Shrine next time)
-5 Roads
-6 Farms
+100 (4 Major / 6 Medium - one Medium did not sell. Ben sucks.)
+29 Econ

159 BP - Ending Balance

New Numbers
Econ: 129
Loyalty: 126
Stability: 131

Control DC: 127
Size: 107
Consumption: 3

Liberty's Edge

+1BP - Stability
-3 - Consumption
-90 - Waterfront
- Build Guildhall and Market in Drelev
-9 - Graveyard, Monument and Shrine
-8 - Exotic Craftsman and a House
-40 - Magic Shop - Elfheim
-6 - Farms
+78 (4 Major / 6 Medium - Ben did not sell 2 majors - he REALLY sucks)
+29 - Econ

111 BP - Ending Balance

New Numbers:
Econ: 136
Loyalty: 134
Stability: 134

Control DC: 127
Size: 107
Consumption: 0

"+78 (4 Major / 6 Medium - Ben did not sell 2 majors - he REALLY sucks)"


I got Inner Sea Magic the other day which has some additional info on magic tattooing so Tim & I will have to ad-lib some Tattoo Parlor-as-a Magic Shop rules, etc. I would think that that would generate additional magic item revenue.

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