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Adding Spells via Mystic Past Life

Rules Questions

So the ARG has a alternate racial trait for Samsarans, which lets them (at creation) add spells to their spell list if they're the same type (divine or arcane).

My issue with this is what spell slots do certain spells occupy. So if, as a witch, I take haste, is it a level 3 spell (as everyone has), or a level 2 spell (since summoners get it as a level 2 spell).

If it's the player's choice (as in he gets to cherry pick which spell level the spell is at), then what's stopping me from adding spells to my spell list that I already have albeit at a higher level? i.e. Adding Maze, Dominate Monster, Overwhelming Presence, etc. as level 6 spells, since the bard or summoner has them at level 6. I shudder at the thought of Witches/Wizards being able to cast those kinds of spells at CL 11.

Generally speaking I'd do whatever benefits the players most without being ridiculously overpowered.

Haste as a level 2 spell isn't that big of a deal. Summon Monster IV as a 6th level spell, that's a bit more of a problem.

However, Teleportatin circle as a 6th level spell, not going to change much since the players can teleport anyhow.

In summary: It depends.

Grand Lodge

do you mean summon monster IX(9)? IV(4) as a level 6 apell is worthless.

Witches are modeled after wizards so take it at the wizard level to be 'safe.' If it's not a wizard spell I'd start going down the line of succession looking something like sorcerer then summoner etc.

When you take the trait you are choosing a single class spell list to pick from. So the spells would be whatever level it is on that spell list.

You are a cleric and want flame blade (for whatever reason) from the druid spell list, you choose the rest of the spells from the druid spell list and use those "levels."

Grand Lodge

E I wrote:
My issue with this is what spell slots do certain spells occupy. So if, as a witch, I take haste, is it a level 3 spell (as everyone has), or a level 2 spell (since summoners get it as a level 2 spell).

You choose a class spell list from which to add spells. They are spells of the same level they would be for that class.

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