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Miniatures for Curse of the Crimson Throne (Spoilers)

Curse of the Crimson Throne

I am preparing to run CotCT and I'd like to paint some minis for it. I know there's no way I'm going to paint a mini for every npc in the story but I'd like to compile a list of all mini's made by paizo for the adventure path anyways. I mostly interested in official minis, but suggestions for substitutions are welcome as well.

I've just started reading Escape from Old Korvosa so you may notice a lack of suggestions for the later modules.

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You'll need several Red Mantis and Grey Maidens. A few shoanti type, some gargoyles, a black dragon, maybe a few soldier types, several skeletons/zombies, etc.

If you want some good campaign related npc/non-npc types, a great resource would be the CotCT Paper Minis. You just need a printer, cardstock, scissors, and stick glue. I haven't gotten my pictures up but I used the minis for EfOK and having the plethora of needed thugs was SO helpful. I just printed off Ch4&5 to start cutting/assembling. Theres some pretty big monsters represented so I'm glad not to have to get a unique pewter or plastic mini for it.

My players have plastic or pewter minis for themselves, and then most of the bad guys/npcs are all in paper format so its easy to tell who is who etc. And they don't look too bad mixed together, either!

I really need to post my pictures.....

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