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Burnt Offerings: Chapel to Lamashtu Weekly Sermon Spoilers

Rise of the Runelords

During the raid on Thistletop, there's a chance that Nualia might be giving a service...

During rituals, all of the goblins in the complex, as well as
Tsuto, Lyrie, and Bruthazmus, gather here to watch and pray. Orik
attended the fi rst service, but has since bowed out, claiming that
someone needs to guard the complex during ceremony. To his
relief, Nualia agreed. In any event, taking on a room of goblins and
cultists is not a good plan for low-level PCs.

By my count, that's three yeth hounds, Nualia, Bruthazmus, Lyrie, Ripnugget, One Warchanter, 5 commados and 13 warriors and nearly fills the chamber.

I have a question to the GMs out there. Has anyone been cruel enough to run this? In retrospect, I really wish I had. My party inquisitor was a massive glory hog, always taking the most dramatic entrance possible. Having him swoop in to rescue a sacrifice would've been right up his alley. However I would've had to take serious measures to make sure my PCs survived, and I'd definately be "wasting" Thistletop somewhat.

Let's talk about this encounter. How could the PCs possibly survive it?

Bump! I really am quite curious.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

The only way I could see this being a survivable encounter is if the PCs were able to fight their opponents at some kind of choke point that would minimize the numbers of bad guys. Heck, they'll probably be screwed anyways.

Now, maybe a sneaky-type character might be able to loose a few arrows and take out some key baddies and then draw the rest of them into an ambush. But then again, the bad guys know the layout of the terrain much MUCH better than the PCs, and their tactics should reflect that knowledge.

I could see Nualia not hesitating to take out a few of her own brood with friendly fire on her channel energy ability, provided she can hit one of the PCs. If the PCs still have their Scroll of Flaming Sphere it may be of some help (but the spell isn't that powerful to begin with...

Clustered in like that I doubt anyone would be able to use a ranged weapon, (due to the soft cover rules) so clustering up the enemies shouldn't be too difficult. The main issue is surviving the spells thrown at you. Realistically, Nualia and co could stand and wait for the Goblins to tear the PCs apart, only emerging after a few rounds, but the PCs likely won't be in good shape at that point.

One last curious bump!

I don't know really. I think any GM should just wait and see what happens, as things never seem to work out how you've planned them to.

I play to kill.

If something has almost zero intelligence, I make them attack someone else if they knock someone down as they shouldn't be aware the creature is still alive. A stupid creature would probably think that as soon as something has gone down, it's no longer a threat and is in fact dead.

However, with high intelligence, evil creatures, I would have them coup de grace creatures on the ground, to make sure they don't come back.

At the same time, if the characters have done really well, I'll try to keep them alive to a degree, but I still control the NPC's like they're meant to be controlled, so if they go out of their way to kill downed or vulnerable PC's, then sorry....

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