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Published Absalom Adventures?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

I'm planning on running a game in Absalom soon, and I'd like to know all of the adventures Paizo published that are set in the city or the Island of Kortos. So far I've discovered the following

Hangman's Noose
Gallery of Evil
Master of the Fallen Fortress

For the Modules line, that's it, as far as I can recall - but there's plenty of stuff in the Pathfinder Society Scenarios (as in, so many I won't even bother naming them). The Gods Market Gamble seem to be getting good reviews, for instance.

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While I don't have any other modules I can think of right now, you may also want to delve into Pathfinder Society scenarios as supplements or side-quests. There are quite a few of them set in Absalom or the Isle of Kortos. Among the ones I can list are:

Season 0 -#0, 5, 6, 20
Season 1 -#31, 35, 45
Season 2-#8. Also a special one called the 'Year of the Shadowlodge.'
Season 3-#2, 4, 7, 18
Also - there's 3 free intro modules for starting a Pathfinder group.

Sorry - don't have the names listed, but hopefully this give you a start. Also, slight delay so I am repeating what has been said.

While it may be more geared for Pathfinder Society play, I think there's enough material there's to setup several adventures. Some of them are evening sequel episodes that can build on one another.

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Moved thread.

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