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Organizations in the Pathfinder Tales Novels?

Pathfinder Tales

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Hello - just wanted to get some advice from all you readers. I have all the Pathfinder Tales that have been published thus far, but I have a lot of other books that are waiting to be read as well. I read Prince of Wolves.

One subject I really enjoy reading about is organizations. If books have characters in them that belong to various organizations, or even focus on one particular organization (e.g. The Harpers), I tend to enjoy those books more than others. There something about meeting a character that you know belongs to an organization - it says something about them even before you get to know them. At the same time, I enjoy getting to know a character and later on you find out what organization they belong to.

Do any of you know if any of the Pathfinder Tales involve organizations to a great extent (other than the Pathfinders)? I'm almost done with the second Wheel of Time novel (catching up on required reading) and am itching to get back to the Pathfinder Tales.


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Isiem in Liane Merciel's Nightglass is a Nidalese Shadowcaller.


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Master of Devils has agood amount of training done by religous groups (think shao lin monks).

Winter witch has side stories about life in the acadamae in korvosa, and a villan from a nother arcane group

The one that came out last month has some people from a few groups or organizations, both in the main group, and in their recurring opposition

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

Thanks folks. In general, I think organizations and high level NPCs help tie together books by different authors in the same campaign setting.

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