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Race Point Pricing on proposed ideas

Advanced Race Guide Playtest

I sort of missed the window on the playtest and batting around all of the ideas but I think the community can still be of some use in getting ball park ideas on some things.

First off, I'd like to take the "Long-Step" ability that Fey creatures can have in the Fey creature template in to a racial ability with an RP cost. I initially wanted to compare it to other abilities in the Fey Creature list but it seems that each of the abilities is pretty different in capability and pricing. Any ideas on what Long-Step would cost?

Additionally I had an idea for a racial trait that would allow a race to take feats that they usually would not be able to take. Such as a race that would be able to take Item Creation feats despite not being a caster. An ability that allows the race to sort of "Emulate" the Item creation through the crafting skill, but balancing it a bit by still requiring the feat but waiving the caster pre-requisite. Any ideas on that sort of ability and its RP cost?

Finally is the RP cost of a racial ability that would allow a race to substitute one ability score for another for a specific skill check. Or what it would cost to allow a race to add the bonus of a second score to a skill check for a specific utility. IE a race that while using Craft for Repair would be able to "Threaten" the offending item in to co-operating with its own repair.(Adding a charisma bonus to the Int Bonus of the Craft for repair) Sort of a supernatural ability with a specific use. Where would this rate in the pricing?

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