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Another kingmaker class based question


I will be embarking on the kingmaker campaign setting within a few days. At the moment we are looking at a 3 person party.

The other party members are, a fighter, and an oracle.

Im looking at an arcane spell caster as my class. Ive had a good look at both sorcerer and wizard. The more i look at wizard, and the more i look at specialised schools, the more i like sorcerer lol.

(im open to discussion on this matter)

(i will although miss the skills associated with wizard)

But my main question lies within bloodlines for sorcerer.
I realise some would be more beneficial than others for this type of campaign, and i have liked the look of some of them.

- arcane (for obvious reasons, good spells, versatility, etc)

- destined (just love the idea of being 'destined,' no leadership feat in the campaign however, which makes that bonus feat pointless. DM said the feat wouldnt be necessary during the game)

- fey (obviously there is fey during the campaign)

- stormborn (absolutely love the abilities, Storm Spirit from Dota for anyone who gets that reference)

any input on wizards/sorcerers or other classes would be appreciated. thanks.

we have an
infernal sorceror 12,
infernal / Eld Knight
and a celestial sorceror 12

If i where to play rather than GM (im in mod 5) NO SPOILERS

fey: woodland and entangle and fleeting glance and compulsion bonus will never,ever get old and neither will knowledge nature

pretty much any sorceror will be useful. maybe more so than wizard due to be more social and not needing to shop for scrolls a lot. may spend 2-4 weeks at a time in the wilderness

between you and the oracle you can hopefully provide good face men, a lot of monsters are in fact future residents of your kingdom!!

leadership is good as you can put your cohort on the council if you arent home for kingdom building

The mods have alot of paperwork. sorcerors are lightweight, whereas wizards just add to homework

party have coped well without a cleric, wizard and your group should too!!

most of all. enjoy. it is a great AP

verdant variation looks even better

For the skills, consider the Sage bloodline. a wildblooded variant of the Arcane, which replaces Charisma with Intelligence.

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