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Important NPCs and voice relation

Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

Silver Crusade

I can't not imagine Old-Mage Jatembe as sounding like Robert Guillaume. He just has a voice that makes you immediately think, "kind grandfather". And it's frustrating because I know I should probably be applying a different accent to him in my head, but I can't imagine Robert Guillaume's voice sounding differently and I'm stuck with it.

Anyway, if you attribute or would like to be able to emulate a well-known voice for any NPCs, which ones would you roll with?

(thread started primarily because now I can't stop hearing Guillaume's voice and if sounds had tactile sensation it'd feel like your grandfather's well worn rocking chair)

Grand Lodge

Hm...I always imagined Old-Mage Jatembe as having a more Morgan Freeman kind of voice, since he's the wise old man who was bringing hope back to a people in darkness (both literal and figurative), and "hope" and "Morgan Freeman" occupy the same brain-space for me apparently.

When considering what Iomedae must have sounded like back when she was still mortal, I imagine Mindy Lee Sterling, specifically her voice for Cheif Lin Bei Fong for Legend of Korra, since the idea of a very up-tight, no-nonsense kind of action woman was always my interpretation of the Inheritor.

The only other one that comes to mind is for Lord Gyr of House Gixx, who I imagine as Sean Bean, specifically from his role as Eddard Stark on Game of Thrones, which i always thought had a very good "leader" kind of voice. i dunno.

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