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Green Blood on a Black Rock—4712!

PaizoCon General Discussion

Paizo Employee Developer

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Returning for its fourth year at PaizoCon is...
Green Blood on a Black Rock!!!

Some of you have played in it during its long run at the convention (heck, Gary McBride got in two years in a row—and made it to the finals each time), and many monsters have shed their blood on that black rock. In 2010, my cohort in this event Brandon Hodge built an awesome piece of terrain for the tournament. That first year he shipped it to Seattle and since then we left it in the caring hands of Sean. Now that I’m working here, I see it sitting up on the shelf of the conference room any time I’m in there. Can’t wait to dust it off and get some monster on monster battles raging again for PaizoCon 2012!

The mighty sozin documented last year’s tournament and put together an awesome report of the event, so for those of you who haven’t experienced Green Blood on a Black Rock yet, know what you’re in for.

So, I’m posting this to see who got this event in their lottery? Sound off, free captains! Who’s sailing south of the Eye to pit their beastie against all comers for the right to say you’re the victor in 4712!?

Since dinosaurs won the last two years in a row, I think I’m retiring them from the competition this year. I blame James.

Green Blood! Black Rock! Green Blood! Black Rock!
Not in, I just like being a cheerleader for this awesome event. ^_^

Paizo Employee Developer

Well, we welcome cheerleaders for the event, just so you know.

We also have a bookie on premises to take bets for any spectators who want to come by and witness the carnage. The contestants get a handful of coins to bet with, and any spectators wanting to get in on the action will get a handful of coins to bet with as well.

Grand Lodge

Whoo hoo!

Interactive story thread!

3 days before the the venture captains arrive, a stained Katapeshian blood bard hailing from Foreign Quarter in Absalom saunters into the camp. The place is already busy with men and beast. Great pens are being built onto Black Rock. Earth druids are transforming the black rock into the vast amphitheater, and long trains of vice ladened merchant caravans clog the eastern safe path.

The blood bard settles into one of the make-to betting and liquor stands. He watches the great black clouds boil on the horizon for a long while, his eyes glazed over with memory. Just before sunset, a shout is heard, and the camp turns to watch a dark ship appear on the horizon. It takes the ship over an hour to battle its way past the knives of black rock jutting out from the ocean, but the captain's skill is evident as the ship creeps an inevitable path into harbor.

From his bag he removes wooden pens, colored ink, and fine vellum. He hums a Dog Town gladiator dirge to himself, and sketches the ship's flag.

Captain #1, introduce yourself!

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I sincerely wish I could've been in this event again this year, because Stompy was a ton of fun.

I watched this game run in the same room as me my first year. The crowds and cheers and the energy it created were incredible.
It has been a '4' ever since.

Today I win.

I looked at the man with the chit in his hand. Blood suddenly swelled in my ears. "Captain," he said. "Your invitation has arrived." Blood swelling. Yes, I could feel the heat in my face. Blood. I hid a small snarl. Green Blood. Green Blood on Black Rock. Finally.

Come Erastus. I win. For real.

...or I will totally geek out and let my critters get flanked by sneak-attacking dragons in round 3 of the first match :)

Paizo Employee Developer

Anyone else?

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Hey, if there's a no-show, I'll happily sneak in. ;p STOMPY STOMP ALL THE STOMPABLE THINGS.

I'm in.

There WILL be blood!

Liberty's Edge RPG Superstar 2015 Top 16, RPG Superstar 2013 Top 16

Yeah I am super disappointed I didn't get this in the lotto. I came so close to victory in Green Blood 2010.

My first time in two years I won't be at Green Blood on a Black Rock.

So sad. There was no chance really. It conflicts with one of my events I'm running.

So, do you guys need to know how betting works again? :)

Gary McBride

We bet with rounds of scotch?

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