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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Welcome to new Reno, NV Venture-Captain

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Grand Lodge *****

I wanted to take a minute to welcome aboard the new Venture-Captain assigned to Reno, NV. I will let Scott Yauger introduce himself, advise about the websites he will utilize for coordinating, and any other information he wishes to share.

As for areas that fall within his region, besides Reno, he will cover the areas of northern Nevada. Generally speaking, these would include Herlong, CA, to the north, Gardnerville, NV, to the south, Tahoe to the southwest, and Fallon to the northeast. Once he finds candidates for Venture-Lieutenants for other cities, he will assign them.

Welcome to the team!

Grand Lodge **** Regional Venture-Coordinator, South aka Thorkull

Flood of new VOs today! Welcome, Scott!

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Alaska—Anchorage aka Dragnmoon

I am in VC Heaven!!!

Another VC I am looking forward to meeting.

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Captain, New Mexico—Roswell aka Rob Duncan


Welcome aboard! I'm the brand-new Tulsa VC and am looking forward to working with you and meeting up with you -- let me know if there's anything I can do to help!

Grand Lodge *****


Silver Crusade ***** Venture-Captain, Ohio—Columbus

Welcome to the Team!!

Liberty's Edge ****

Excellent! Congrats Scott! Hope to meet you next time I am in Reno!

The Exchange ***

Congrats, Scott.



Dark Archive *****

Thank You! I looking forward to getting some fun gaming rolling here in Reno. I kinda feel like Wesley Crusher getting the big chair. I know this site has unlimited resources (you guys) for me to take advantage of and I will. I've already recieved a great deal of help in many areas. I confirmed the local gamestore for twich a month and am attempting to become the new web host for the Reno 'meet-up' site. 150+ 'Reno Dice Chuckers' on the site already (including myself). One thing at at stress. I want to give Painlord props for his posts and let everone know my goals of inclusive gaming, friendly environment, and dont forget proper itroductions at the table!

Grand Lodge *****

Welcome to the party. *Hands out hats*

Dark Archive ****

Welcome to the club!

Silver Crusade *****

Get sick for a couple days, and come back and there's a bunch of new VC's! Stuff happens fast in this world. :P

Welcome to the VC club!

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Alaska—Anchorage aka Dragnmoon

Daniel Luckett wrote:
Get sick for a couple days, and come back and there's a bunch of new VC's!

VCs don't get sick days! Mike I think someone from Western Michigan needs a stern lecture... ;)

Scarab Sages

Congrats Scott!

The Exchange


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