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Help with a Sorcerer


Hello once again lovely people of Paizo!

I come to you all with a conundrum. I have been thinking of playing as a Sorcerer as a back up character if ever the first character died (If you remember a while ago, it was a Monk Druid build many of you helped out with) or if there becomes to many BFS up in the front. So I rolled up another character for just this occasion.

However, this would be the first time I ever used a Sorcerer (or any pure Magic build, to be honest) and would absolutely love to have some help on her feat build. The biggest thing I'm concerned about is the Metamagic feats, as I don't know which would be better as a feat, or as a rod instead. That, along with which spells would be the most effective for her are my biggest concerns.

Here is what I have so far:


CG Human

Sorcerer - Arcane Bloodline

Stat Build: (Based on a 15-point buy)

STR: 7
DEX: 14
CON: 12
INT: 12
WIS: 10
CHA: 18 (16 + 2)

Feats (Normal):

Extra Improved Init.
1 Toughness
3 Spell Penetration
7 Improved Familiar
15 Spell Perfection

Feats (Bonus):

7 Combat Casting
13 Iron Will
19 Still Spell

* I really don't know if I should also get an Item Creation feat or two, since the DM hasn't said if there is any "Ye Olde Magic Shop" or not. If there isn't then Craft Wondrous Item and Craft Rods will be in the feats.

Traits: World Traveler - Gains a =1 in Diplomacy and made it a class skill.

Second Trait is unknown, would like assistance

Favored Class Bonus: 1:1 Sorcerer spell increase/ 1 HP

Level 0 spells known:

Read Magic
Detect Magic
Dancing Lights
Ghost Sound

(Learned an extra one due to Favored Class Bonus)

Level 1 spells known:

Color Spray


1 Fox or Cat
Improved Familiar: One of three options; Faerie Dragon, Lyrakien (Azata) Silvanshee (Agathion)

Play Style: I want to play her as an all-around Sorcerer. One that can easily manipulate the battlefield with buffs, debuffs and altering the field with tricks. She can do blasting, but only a few of them (I'm planning only 2-3 blasts) but they pack a punch when she does use them.

Theme: Pretty much one of those flashy stage performers. one moment she'll launch a fireball from under her sleeve with the next she summons a dragon from a pull of the hat. She likes doing things flashily and with flare.

If anyone would help me out, I would love any ideas.

Sovereign Court

Here's Professor Q's guide to picking feats - many of his words apply to sorcerers as well. Metamagic, IMO, is actually better for spontaneous casters, as it lets you adapt any spell to fit the circumstances. Persistent, Reach, and Quicken are my favorites. cPLs/edit

I'm Sorry Reynard, but that link you gave me says that the doc doesn't exist. It does sound like a neat guide though.

Oh yes, one last thing to note. Core and APG feats/spells/abilities only. The DM doesn't have UM or UC (which is sad because I wanted to use a Gunslinger this time around, but to no avail :( )

You won't get much mileage out of Spell Penetration by taking it at level 3. Level 7 or 9 are probably good points to take it. Consider Extend Spell or Spell Focus instead.

Sovereign Court

Treantmonk makes some brilliant class guides as well, you may be able to find his stuff on Googledocs. He's a big supporter of summon spells and battlefield control over blasting, but he weighs the pros and cons of pretty much every aspect of character building.

My feat suggestions are Defensive Combat Training and Persistant Spell.

Ah yes, good ol' Treantmonk. Loved his ideas for his guides, and he is one of the first guides I look up whilst making characters. I know he has a Wizard guide, but not a Sorcerer one. I did relate to him as to what spells would be nice to use, and I know I saw something about metamagic, but again, it might have been a bit confusing for me as to which ones he suggests as rods only or ones I should sacrifice feats for.

Will reread his stuff, along with the three other guides here.

Also, for the sake of bump (since it seems lately I've had a knack of just killing posts that I submit SOMETHING to) and for help's sake. I also have in need of a good familiar now, since the three options I had for Improved Familiar are now all in the toilet since the DM doesn't want us to use those in the Bestiaries because it's not part of the Core or APG rules, even though the feat just expands to include those as far as I know (seriously, the guy is busting my balls with this build -_-) Any good familiars for a Chaotic Good character aside from the normal familiars? or am I just up crap creek without a paddle on this?

I would recomend an item over a Familiar. Fewer ways to lose it and if you enchant or have it enchanted with expendable magic it isn't destroyed when you use up all the charages and can just enchant it again.

Shadow Lodge

Here are some links to some guides, and two sample builds. Read and learn!

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