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Beast Totem Barbarian / Shapeshifter-Ranger (Any good?)


Hello everyone,

I am thinking about playing a beast totem barbarian and/or a Shapeshifter-Ranger.

Anyone made any experience with any of those?

Is there any other way besides "AoMF" to make the barbarians claws magical?
A rage power or feat I am not aware of?

Can I take "Improved Natural Attack" to further increase the Beast Totems claws?

Thank you for your input.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Improved unarmed strike, Dragon Style, and Feral Combat Training makes this work.

I don't see what's so great about this combination?

Beast Totem sucks at 2, is decent at 6, and amazing at 10.

No experience w/ shifter ranger, but the benefits don't look worth it to me.

There's the magic fang and Greater MF spells that the AoMF is based on. Other than that...not really.
Ghost Rager lets you hurt incorporeal foes even if your weapons aren't magical, that's the closest rage powers come to helping.

Yes, you can take INA on the claws. You'd be better off power attacking with a falchion or greatsword instead of using the claws at all, though.

I´d rather go with Fiend Totem as my Totem Power considering you can only have one Totem.With Claws from Shapeshifter and Animal Fury Rage Power that Amounts to 4 Natural Attacks,three of witch are at your highest BAB,and that could be at Level4.

Or you could simply staet you are a totem warrior archtype barbarian and can take multiple totems.

No no no.
It's about Beast Totem in particular. The other totems do not fit the character concept.

My point is, should I even bother with those or should I simply take other powers.

I thought that Rage + Beast Totem I-III + INA + Rending Claws + Bear-Shapeshifter-Ranger is QUITE a punch (+8 STR, 2 claws with 2d6 (20/x3) each + 1d6 rend)

Eldritch Claws feat makes your natural attacks count as magical and silver.


What race are you planning to take? Beast Totem barbarian goes great with Half-orc with Toothy alternate racial trait (replaces ferocity for bite natural attack) giving you three natural attacks at 2nd level while raging and +1 round of rage per day per level as favored class bonus.

I disagree with StreamOfTheSky opinion that beast totem sucks at 2nd level. I think that it is very good at second level and so-so at 6th level (+1 natural armor bonus is generally good but barbarians tend to be weak when it comes to AC so it does not push moderate AC into good but weak into less weak, of course this mightily depends on exact choices made).

Yeah, I play a half-orc. But took sacred tattoo.
I never was a fan of a 1d4 secondary attack.

toothy is a primary attack, so highest attack bonus and full str mod to damage..

You can always take a half-orc feat Razortusk granting bite attack but it's worse than Toothy because it becomes secondary during the full attack while Toothy has no such arbitrary limitation.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

There is the Tusked race trait that will give you a bite.

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