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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Campaign journal and tidbits

Age of Worms Adventure Path

Hey gents,
Long time lurker first time poster here.
Just dropping off our campaign log/library for the AP.
It's been on again and off again since the release (started it, went back to home brew on 3e, 3.5, true20 and 4th edition, and picked it back up again in on pathfinder)

Things are hosted on Google, using our domain for a jump start at our domain.

After much deliberation have decided to change out some facets of the game to incorporate more of the groups taste - I don't have time for a home brew anymore, so I'm mostly butchering the default settings/AP to fit something more akin to what I would cook up.
We moved the setting to the old 3e Ghostwalk sourcebook, added in some some head nods to lovecraft, gaiman and mignola and making the setting a little more dungeon punk.

Let me know if anyone has suggestions on the site layout/organization!

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