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Finally started up my Age of Worms campaign after having finished my Against the Giants campaign, which made it to lvl 19 by the time we ended.
The PC's
Chance- Aasimar sorcerer
Sasha - Human Barbarian
Alexander -Human Inquisitor
Orchid -Elven Warlock
Eydis -Aasimar cleric of Abadar
Claire -Human ranger (DMPC)

After reading several suggestions about how to start the campaign, I had settled with everyone having grown up in Diamond Lake. The first couple hours was filled up with talking to the various townsfolk, learning the local politics and alliances and so forth. Once they were done, Alastor started them off.

Alastor had to go to Oppara to meet with an associate of his (Eligos, whom they won't meet at this point) and wanted the PC's to accompany him. Having nothing better to do, and wanting to see the big city they agreed.

Once they arrived Alastor put them up in an inn, told them he would be a few days, and he would fetch them when he was done. he then left them to thier own devices.

I had decided to use "Mad Gods Key" as the first adventure and it started promptly the next day. As they ate breakfast they spied some thugs breaking into the shop across the street. Eydis was rather annoyed by this lawlessness and confronted them. A fight quickly broke out, which ended with a barbarian standing over 2 corpses. A third thug came out, saw his friends in a heap, and promptly gave up and sang like a canary.

They caught up with Irontusk, who had been fingered by the thug as "The guy who hired me" and quickly tried to capture him. Irontusk almost got away, but just as he got to the dock where his boat was kept, Chance caught up with him and smacked him with a color spray. He was quickly tied up and interrogated, giving the party the location of the gang who had hired him. Irontusk was turned over to the guard and the party set off.

Once arriving at the abandoned house, they broke in and slowly fought their way thru the house. A rogue with a crossbow gave them all sorts of trouble as they tried to ascend to the second floor, and the twin halflings caused much annoyance. Finally arriving at the door of the gang leader, the party was in no mood to negotiate, so they broke down the door and had at it. This is where they learned that a level 3 spell caster can give 6 level 1's all kinds of problems. Though all the party was near death at the end, they managed to hit him with a color spray and ended the fight. After much looting and interrogating we decided to end for the night at that point.

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