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Creative combat compilation

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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I've scoured the web for a thread dedicated to this, but have been unable to find one so I thought I'd start my own. My hopes are that people will share their interesting combat experiences that extend beyond, "I hit the dude with my sword and he died.". Don't get me wrong, sometimes that can be epic and awesome too, but I'm looking more for really unique, extraordinary experiences that were fun and flavorful. Ya know, like stuff out of movies (reflecting the Medusa's gaze with a shield, dropping a chandelier on a group of goblins, etc)
As a DM, I reward my players' out-of-the-box thinking and unconventional approach to combat and I find that as time goes on as a player, I do more of it as well. Here's a recent example:

The burly fighter grappled the half-ogre shaman and held him long enough for the Druid to cast his "make a 10ft deep hole" spell. Then the Cleric created enough water to fill the hole and as the fighter plunged the giant into the pit, the magus attacked with his Shocking Grasp-channeled-sword attack to fry the beast and send him to his watery grave!

What kind of awesome things have you and your players done?

(links to other threads of this ilk welcome)

Hmm, I have a couple. There was a module in 3.5 that involved traveling to a plane where gods go to die. We had to stop the god of destruction from absorbing the powers of all the dead gods. At one point, our party had to make a choice. One of use would go with this unidentified monster, and die, or we'd have to fight him, and all die ourselves. We couldn't discuss amongst ourselves, we had to make the choice individually. One of our characters chose to die for the party. Previous to this, the God of Destruction had actually already succeeded, and proceeded to destroy all of the multiverse and every universe ever made. He then traveled back in time because h realized he was bored, and had us stop him. He gave us a dagger that was non-magical in every way. It was imply forged by a God and could allow a mortal to truly slay a God.

We made it to the final chamber and there the God of Death confronted the God of Destruction. We tried to help as much as possible, but were clearly outclassed. We were on our last ropes when a portal opened and our missing party member appeared. He was a rogue, and appeared right next to the God of Destruction. We tossed him the dagger, and he rolled a natural 20, natural 20 confirm sneak attack and actually managed to max his damage on the dice. The DM role-played it out as he stabbed the God int he back of the head, with the tip sticking out between his eyes. The God of Death finished him off, and we were each granted a Wish with no limits by the God of Death.

To this day, he swears he killed a God, even though another God struck the final blow.


Shortly after the previous adventure, we were cleansing a forgotten temple filled with undead, abominations and other nasties that happened to be dedicated to the now dead God we aided in killing. In one of the hallways was a 4 way corridor. Each hallway had a double door set, and on our side of the door was a large round depression. On one of the other three doors was a large bronze plate that fit in the depressions on the other 2 sets of doors. We determined, that moving the bronze plate from door to door was the key to the locks on the doors. My character was a half-orc Ranger/Barbarian, and she was responsible for moving the plates. On the other side of one of the door sets was a hallway filled with skeletons. I managed to roll really high on initiative and went first. I pulled the bronze plate off the door, spun it around and flung it down the hallway. I managed to make the plate destroy the skeletons within the first 30 ft, and then the two wizards followed me up with lightning bolts down the hallway. The DM was gobsmacked, and slightly disappointed. His skellies never even got a turn :P


The third one that comes to mind was in the last session I played with the character mentioned in the previous two entries.

We had to go to this fortress and stop the reforging of a powerful sword-artifact. When we got to the forge, we found the sword was being smithed by some sort of half=demon dwarf or something. The entire room was as hot as a forge, and the sword was being heated by two greater fire elementals and one elder fire elemental. My character had a couple spells on her, I don't remember which, but I remember one was Fell the Greatest Foe, which allowed her to deal more damage the larger her enemy was.

My character was a total beast in this room. She first took care of the demon-dwarf (he wasn't very tough, but we all thought he was going to be a bad ass), then took on the elder elemental by herself. She had something like 7 attacks and connected with all of them. The next round, she finished it off with her first attack, then used her remaining attacks on the elemental to her left. The Cleric went Divine Power + Righteous Might and challenged the other elemental while the two wizards decided not to come in and kept an eye on our back after they saw me take out 3 of the enemies in the surprise + first 2 rounds.

With only one elemental left, I told my DM I wanted to run up the Cleric's back, leap off her shoulder, and then cut the elemental in twain. He said, "You mean attack it right?" I was like, "No, I'm taking a piss on that fire, you just watch."

I made my rolls to balance and jump off the Cleric, rolled a natural 20, confirmed, and did some ridiculous amount of damage (love x3 multipliers), and killed the elemental.

I looked at my DM and said, "See? Put that b++&* out!"

This is pretty simple, as it was with early level players. There was a simple spear trap in the floor, and when a PC walked over it, a goblin would stab up through the floor from a room below. After getting the party's ranger in the foot for 6 damage, the team decided to pour a powder into the the hole that caused hallucinations is a Will save was failed. They could then leisurely walk into room below where the goblin was standing ranting. Later on, another goblin used a smoke bomb in the room below, and it trickled up through the holes to befog the party which was now back up above :)

That. Is. Awesome.

I love hearing about other player's epic moments and it sounds like your group has had their fair share. I especially loved you using the disc to slaughter the skeletons. That's the kind of ad-hoc, cinematic combat I'm talking about!

Reminds me of the time my group booked passage on a ship across the Nyr Dyve. A few days into the journey we're attacked by some pirates that had a caster on board who summoned a Large water elemental to destroy our ship. While the rest of my party dealt with the bandits and my Fighter/Occult Slayer leapt onto the pirate ship, charged the mast and started bashing away. Two rounds later the whole mast came crashing down on top the water elemental destroying it instantly! I then turned my Mage-bane flail on that caster and made short work of him. Good times.


Simple is sometimes even more awesome than intricate. Any unique, unorthodox means of beheading or beguiling your opponents adds so much to the game it really spices things up! Kudos to you and your group for thinking outside the box.

2nd Edition, before the existence of the Bluff skill, I watched a 6 person party get ambushed by a pair of Mind Flayers. Everyone appeared to fail their saving throws to avoid the stunning mental blasts coming from both ahead and behind, even the Fighter/Thief who had never failed a save against these creatures before (in his mind, this was thanks to magical good luck charm, which just happened to be an utterly unmagical trinket the party had looted early on in the campaign).

So the DM went around the table asking for the results of their save, and one by one the players groan "I failed." When the DM comes to the Fighter/Thief, the player, with clearly a good enough roll to have made the saving throw, says with a grin "I fall down." The rest of the party gasps in dismay, thinking they are all toast now.

The next turn, the Mind Flayers move in to begin feasting upon the grey matter of their victims, and as the Fighter/Thief was in the rear, he just happened to be closest to the Illithid who attacked from behind, and was conveniently now a sprawled out snack. When the Mind Flayer bent over to begin the insertion of hungry tentacles, the Fighter/Thief's player shrugged, and grabbed his d20, asking the DM "So do I get backstab damage for faking this guy out, or what?"

One super-multiplied critical hit later, and the Mind Flayer was paste. I do not recall what happened during the rest of the combat, but that moment was great.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

A few sessions ago we played bull rush pinball with a Derro, disarming it and then bouncing it back and forth between my character standing on a table and our fighter, who then slammed it against a wall, knocking it prone onto a grease trap. Our ranger/rogue took the opportunity for sneak attack bait and finished it off. No damage to the PCs.

That same session, we were faced with two enemy wizards, two alchemists, a horde of zombies and a greatsword fighter. The ranger/rogue tossed a fuse grenade at the two wizards, the largest threats, and I immediately yelled for our savage warrior/barbarian to use her acid breath. The breath melted the time-release casing on the grenade, causing it to immediately detonate rather than waiting for it to explode, and nuked the wizards into oblivion. I kept the greatsword guy on disarm lockdown for the rest of the fight and the others made short work of the rest.

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