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Higher Level Touch Spells

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

Are there any good higher level touch attack spells, specifically 4th, 5th, & 6th level. im thinking about playing a vanguard due to that its easier to be ranged with that than it is for the magus and my current party has 6 out of 8 characters that fight in melee. Yes i could go through all my books but i have a LOT of books. anything core paizo stuff is allowed and any 3pp is allowed on a case by case basis and i have a s&*% ton of pdfs from rite publishing, super genius, lpj, etc. id like to stick to professionally made products and see what i can find before i yes i can make my own homebrewed but i just lost a character that was using a homebrewed archetype and every once i. a while its nice to just stick with other peoples professional products. thanks in advance.


I like Contagious Flame from the APG.

that is a good spell but i need it to be touch, not ranged touch. thanks though

Silver Crusade

Well, you could add Intensify metamagic to lower level touch spells to make them more powerful. For instance, this makes Shocking Grasp into a level 2 spell with max damage of 10d6. Add the Magical Lineage trait on SG, and you're still casting it as a level 1 spell with that much damage.

Fnipernackle wrote:
that is a good spell but i need it to be touch, not ranged touch. thanks though

Pardon my asking, but why do you need Touch specific spells when you said this:

its easier to be ranged with that than it is for the magus

I'm not familiar with the Vanguard as it is not Paizo material. That said, just a couple I've found:

Fleshworm Infestation
Named Bullet (probably not useful in the way you're asking, but a good spell nonetheless)
Calcific Touch

I like Touch of Slime :)
Major Bestow Curse

Calcific touch is fun.

what books are calcific touch, touch of slime, and major bestow curse out of?

Liberty's Edge

Force Punch is a great touch spell.

Major Bestow Curse is not touch

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