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Eidolon Models: Birds

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

I was looking at the eidolon models in Ultimate Magic and noticed that they didn't have any type of bird. Thought I would try and design a few of my own. I wasn't sure what base form to choose so I decided to use the serpentine base form. These birds have tails and long necks (which gives them bite with a reach).

Phoenix: limbs 2, claws 1, flight 2, magic attacks 1, improved natural armor 1, tail slap 1, wing buffet 1, improved damage 3 (bite, claws, wing buffet), energy attacks 4 (fire wing and tail), ultimate magic 4 (fireball), major magic 3 (lesser restoration, scorching ray, or cure mod three times a day), immunity (fire) 2, fast healing 4 total points 29

Peacock: limbs 2, claws 1, flight 2, magic attacks 1, improved natural armor 1, tail slap 1, improved damage 2 (bite, claw), frightful appearance 3, major magic 5 (daze monster three times a day) total points 19

Archaeopteryx: limbs 4, claws 2, flight 2, improved natural armor 2, improved damage 2 (bite, claws), rake 2 total points 14

Would be interested in seeing other bird or bird type builds especially with other base forms than serpentine. I guess I could have used the quadruped base for for the archaeopteryx since it has claws in its wings.

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