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iPhone / Android App: interest check / suggestions

Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

I'm looking for a summer project to keep my coding skills sharp, and have decided to try and tackle a free Pathfinder-based mobile application. Before I get started, I thought to do an interest check to see what people feel is missing in terms of free or quality apps. So I have a few basic ideas rolling around, but feel free to post anything else you may want to see.

Current ideas
- Character sheet (for basically your whole character)
- SpellBook (manage daily spell usage easily)
- Damage calculator (save a few common attack routines, have it roll all your d20s + damage at once.. few people at my table could really use this :P)

Tell me what you think, and maybe what features you would like to see. I hope to get started on this soon, thanks!

Sczarni RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 16, RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

Campaign Journal/Game calender

If you could pull off something like that, I would totally use it at almost all of my games.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder PDF reader which allows us to purchase directly from paizo.

Liberty's Edge

Something that augments the game instead of just replicating or automating existing content and methods. Maybe it makes use of network and communication tools to communicate initiative, tracks conditions and reminds users, communicates chatwise between GM and players, etc.

I would love to see something like this.

I like character sheets. But I'd like someway to copy and paste it onto my profiles. I play only pbp and can only post via phone. So anything that makes character creation easier would be amazing.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I might make a super-interactive initiative app... Would be for android.

If your group essentially had access to...
- A wifi connected "party", displayable on one device (or potentially a PC), so initiative is always visible
- Vibrate or sound notification of turn (people will often get sidetracked and not realize their turn is up)
- Saved one (or more) characters locally, and automatically rolled for you on a "new combat"

Does this sound like something your group would use (if they all had android devices, obviously)? Are there features you would add? Or any of the above listed seem useless?

This is something I would be willing to pay for if you could pull it off.

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