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Druids and Dragons


Shadow Lodge

My friend is starting up a module involving the hunting and killing of two dragons: one a bronze, and an other of unknown type. I've decided I want to play as a druid, but I admit, back stories aren't my strong suit, and I'm having trouble coming up with ideas why said druid would want to go on this hunt to kill good-aligned dragons. Even if he's evil, he is supposed to travel an extremely long distance to essentially do mercenary work for an influential party.

Does anyone have any ideas that I might be able to use as a starting point?

I once had a campaign where a group of druids had grown a magical forest which turned all dragons into stone and captured them in an overgrown valley of trees.

A group of mindflayers were trying to summon their God into the world, and so they started rituals which blighted the land and started to kill the trees, releasing dragons back into the world to raise their havoc.

Totally unrelated story, I know.

But I can see anyone thinking that Dragons are just too powerful to keep around, even the good ones. They have to eat a lot, and so they can't be good for nature or any ecosystem, realistically. Maybe a dragon burnt down his homeland wilderness and so he's pledged to cleanse the earth of the draconic kind.

Dragon destroyed your forest, and your dryad girlfriend with it, or... slew the other members of your druidic sect, and the forest with them.

Hmm... Copper dragons are both chaotic, and breathe acid. Perhaps a druid would be concerned that such a careless creature could cause widespread environmental damage, poisoning the land for years to come, despite having good intentions.

Your Druid doesn't necessarily have to be evil to want to kill a chaotic good dragon. Upsetting the balance of nature, promoting too much civilization or being so philosophically opposed to true neutral should be more than enough to earn a place on your hit list.

Even if you want to go with some sort of personal vendetta, you could say that it murdered all of your evil friends. Just think of all of the orphans and widows that your average paladin leaves in their wake.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Dragon overpopulation, it's destroying the balance of the natural world.

*You need lots and lots and lots of dragon scales for that dragonhide fullplate you always wanted.

*You are part of a crazy dragon cult that likes to ritually bathe in and/or drink dragon blood. Except you guys ran out and you're on a holy quest to go get more.

*The dragon killed your parents. And your sister. And your best friend. And your dog. It's time for... draconian justice. YAAAAAAAAAAARH.

Etc, etc. Lots of options!

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

In Golarion, not all metallic dragons are good.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
In Golarion, not all metallic dragons are good.

What book is that in? Are you saying not all as in not 100%, or not all as in evil metallics dragons are not that uncommon.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Dragons Revisited.

Shadow Lodge

Thanks for the ideas, everyone! If anyone is interested, here's a little more backstory into the module:

In a desolate bay region, far from proper civilization, a bronze dragon rests with her treasure. She's made a nest here, content even though she's trapped by magical barriers that form the borders to this region, just as they do to many others. Still, she's decided that 450 square miles is room enough for her. As a proper dragon, she chases off those who threaten her peace of mind, killing if necessary, but in the centuries of living there, has formed agreements with the more reasonable members of the local monstrous populace. She's even made deals with the occasional adventurer's guild to the benefit of both parties. Being in such a isolated area with nothing else of interest, she has been free of the greedy gaze of the more powerful people in the civilized city centers.

In this new age, the barriers are weakening. Humanoids have started finding that they can travel into and explore previously inaccessible areas, and previously unheard of monsters have started breaking through and rampaging through the countryside. One such weakened barrier has allowed a glacier to float into the bay of the bronze dragon's territory. Rumor has it that another dragon has emerged from the glacier, and that now the two are warring for control of the territory.

These rumors have reached the ears of a man who is frequently called the Host. He is named for his penchant to throw private parties, wherein each of the guests chooses an agent to join an expedition into the untamed wilds, scrying on them while making wagers on their lives, actions, and general happenstances as they struggle to complete their goals. The Host has decided that a dragon hunt that includes not one, but two fine, covetous dragons to kill and skin, along with hoards of treasure, could be profitable for all involved, in addition to some wonderful entertainment for his next party.

...and the druid is a freqent party guest? He must be a hit when he gets drunk and summon animals.

Shadow Lodge

The druid would be an agent chosen by a party guest.

Grand Lodge

Sounds like they have given you a good motivation. Two warring dragons HAVE to be destroying pristine woodland and prairies. Two battling behemoths tends to result in a LOT of scorched earth.

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