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Epic Music soundtrack.

Pathfinder Online

One thing that a good sandbox game needs is a really good soundtrack that pullls you into the world. Eve online does this really well with its music. Really hope the music is good , maybe the devs can hire the guy that did the Eve soundtrack. More then one song at least would be nice.Just some thoughts be me on the subject.

Goblin Squad Member

Eve soundtrack is strangely immersive and very well done. I was strangely enough listening to the World of Warcraft OST the other day too; forgot how well written and epic those songs are.

A good soundtrack can be expensive yet I'd prioritize music very highly on the shopping list; it can bring so much to the game.

Goblin Squad Member

I still hum the West Freeport theme from Classic Kunark era Everquest from time to time. The music from games tends to stick with me longer than anything else, if the soundtrack is good.

I'd definitely love to see someone like Inon Zur, Jeremy Soule, Jack Wall/Sam Hulick, or the folks at Two Steps From Hell do the music.

I'm not sure how the industry works...if composers tend to work with certain publishers/developers exclusively. It'd be cool to see one of these folks do it, but I'm consistently finding new composers who really impress me with their soundtracks.

Hope to see this as an important part of the to-do list as the game goes into development!

Goblin Squad Member

While I agree that EVE Online has a superb soundtrack, I don't think that kind of music would suit fantasy style RPG.
Personally I'm hoping for music that can get me immersed in the game and doesn't end up sounding bland like most of the music you hear in WoW.
Don't get me wrong, WoW has a lot of good music, but most of them you hear during epic battles, many outdoor areas have pretty dull music you hardly notice if you ask me.

Not sure who I'd ask to do the music, since I primarily know Japanese composers, but I guess you can't go wrong with someone like Jeremy Soule.
He's done a lot of great fantasy soundtracks. Hell, even his soundtrack of the old SNES game, Secret of Evermore, was great!

Goblin Squad Member


Goblinworks Executive Founder

I never really listened to the EVE soundtrack. It never struck me as really immersive... for a game of backstabbing dystopia in outer space. I was often way to busy concentrating on PvP small squadron chases through low sec or zoning out to an audio book running level 3 or 4 PvE missions. Most folks I played with had it turned off in favor of voice chat or their own personal music mixes. EVE was not a game that lent itself well to just sitting around in the "ambient" moment. Then again if they had put good music in the stations from the start they may have changed things... *Amarr chanting still making eye twitch*

That's issue I personally think. Will Pathfinder Online be able to be that kind of game where just sitting around a space chilling is good. Skyrim and to an extent Oblivion before it was like that (if you had the graphics capacity to kick everything up to max). I can't say I've seen many MMOs that fit that mode. Guild Wars 2 could prove me wrong, but somehow I don't think so.

I'd be tempted to say Darren Korb for his work on the Bastion soundtrack. Or something similar.

I agree. Honastly, I think I'm more excited to finally here the music of the Pathfinder world. I've read the comics, and the books, and played the adventures, but those are all silent. I wanna know what this universe sounds like ya' know?

Goblin Squad Member

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This is what I would hope makes the sound track PFO Theme Song Suggestion

Goblin Squad Member

I´d like to suggest
These gentlemen
audio samples here

Goblin Squad Member

ambient noises first for the world to come along and give our senses work to do. GW2 did some great effects on chirping of crickets and flock of bats and small gust of wind in the evening as the sun sets. chirruping of birds and so forth.

Weather too... oops going off topic!

Yeah, so ambient noises first, then music if they can really crack that nut after: I'm sure if they do music it would need to be done very well, I mean every gets John Williams for creating the Star Wars music as synonymous: So imo it's got to be very exceptional if found and developed.

I don't know if they could be super clever and the musical instruments in PFO are used to create the soundtrack... maybe too ambitious!

Goblin Squad Member

Ambient noises, yes.

Soundtrack? By all means add it, but just make sure that I can do my usual trick of silencing the music the first opportunity I get.

If I want to listen to music as I game I can ask my PC to play music I like, rather than be forced to listen to someone else's choice.

Goblin Squad Member

I have copyright on any of the several melodies on my web site and will be willing to make them available to GW/Paizo if they are interested.

BTW if you have trouble playing the tracks around my site the music is in midi format rather than MP3.

oh, and additionally the email address found on that page is totally bogus now. It's from the 28K modem days when that page was written.

I have often wondered how may emails I have missed just because I didn't correct that link.

Bluddwolf wrote:
This is what I would hope makes the sound track PFO Theme Song Suggestion

*shakes head while rubbing his eyes and trying to get that image/sound out of his head* It's a good thing I can cast mind blank at will.

On a serious not, to reiterate what I said on PFO Soundtrack: Who's Doing It?, I would like to hear Stravinsky's Symphony of Psalms, in places that have hauntings and undead and other macabre things.

Goblin Squad Member

I think that violinest Lindsey Stirling. she has don't some great work with video game music

Silver Crusade

Marcus Moroe wrote:
I agree. Honastly, I think I'm more excited to finally here the music of the Pathfinder world. I've read the comics, and the books, and played the adventures, but those are all silent. I wanna know what this universe sounds like ya' know?

Have you seen the "suggested soundtracks" sections written into some of the books? :)

Liberty's Edge Goblin Squad Member

I have to admit that a good 99% of the time when playing PC games, I shut off the music and create my own playlist for that game to run along with it. This is because a lot of the time the music seems pretty canned, and really repetitive (every battle uses the same music, every village visited has the same music, etc...). I hope PfO will change this up, with a good selection of music (possibly allowing the player to toggle themes? HINT @ GW).

This also extends, somewhat, to ambient sounds. Settlement sounds should be based upon the buildings found in that settlement, thus giving each one a unique sound "flavor" to match its unique building usage. Just an idea, but if every settlement sound the same, it has a minor effect of pulling the player out of the immersive feel.

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