Let's Get Scary- Carrion Crown, Anyone?


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psychicmachinery wrote:
Canaan Lorrimor wrote:
Pretty much XD, I'd say he spends all his spell slots on Divination and Light spells.

Light is a cantrip. XD

Good thing he had some abjuration prepped for the Balrog, although maybe an Interposing Hand would have been better.

And that's just the movie. In the novel, he simply parries the Balrog's sword with Glamdring which glows white and destroys the Balrog's sword. The spell to destroy the bridge shatters Gandalf's staff. His earlier attempt to use magic to hold back the hordes fails and overwhelms him, sending him flying back down the stairs. He only reluctantly uses his magic to start a campfire on Caradhras despite the fact that the Fellowship is on the verge of freezing to death. And of course, he's wearing Narya the Great the entire time.

In Middle-Earth, overt use of magic draws attention from Sauron and his minions (eg. Frodo wearing the ring) and puts the wielder at risk of corruption (eg. Saruman and the Palantir).

The CCG Middle-Earth: the Wizards did an excellent job of conveying this mechanically.

@2goth4U: Yes, I think there is enough interest to create another game.

And on that note, thanks to everyone who is submitting a character for consideration, I've seen some great ideas.

@Oorin: Yes, I will absolutely be using the Harrow deck in some capacity.

@Void Munchkin: I'd prefer no gestalt characters, but as I said above, I'll consider pretty much anything if you can provide a really compelling character concept.

DM Haldhin wrote:

@Void Munchkin: I'd prefer no gestalt characters, but as I said above, I'll consider pretty much anything if you can provide a really compelling character concept.

Gestalt Adept/Warrior give an Holy Magic Knight thing without the need to have a stick in the ass, it is around regular PC classes in power (maybe a bit lower).

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@DM Haldhin, have you checked out the background submitted in my earlier post?

@Void Munchkin: Okay, give it a shot.

@Radavel: Yes, I think you have a solid concept, and I like the personal tie to Lorrimor.

Honestly, all of the characters I've read through have been pretty good. I kind of feel like I should be more critical or something, but I'm serious when I say that everyone has done a great job coming up with creative ideas for the campaign.

I was wondering if you had any problems with my character or connection to the professor.

DM Haldhin wrote:

@Void Munchkin: Okay, give it a shot.

Here is a basic version (no gears or background yet)

Wilhem White:

Human Adept/Warrior 1
CN Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +6; Senses Perception +2

AC 14, touch 12, flat-footed 12 (+2 Dex, +2 Armor)
hp 16 (1D10 + 6) (+2 con, +3 toughness, +1 favored class)
Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +4
Defensive Abilities

Speed 30 ft.
Melee: GreatSword + 3 (2D6 + 4, 19-20/x2) (s)
Dagger + 3 (1d4 + 2 , 19-20/x2) (P or S)

Adept Spells Prepared (CL 1st; concentration +3)

1st — bless, cure light wounds

0 — create water, light, purify food and drink

Str 15, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 10
Base Atk +1; CMB +3; CMD +15
Feats: Improved Initiative, Toughness
Traits: Fencer, Rich Parents, Subject of study (undead)
Skills: Climb (str) +6, Heal (wis) +6, Survival (wis) +6, Swim (str) +6
Languages: Common, Aklo, Varisian

If you are thinking something is too much, just tell me.

Canaan Lorrimor wrote:
I was wondering if you had any problems with my character or connection to the professor.

No problems at all. The history is creative, as it the link to the Professor. Think it's good to go.

DM Haldhin wrote:
Canaan Lorrimor wrote:
I was wondering if you had any problems with my character or connection to the professor.
No problems at all. The history is creative, as it the link to the Professor. Think it's good to go.


I'll just read some old d&d books and wait for the game to start then.

will flesh out the stats within the day.

How does my character's background/crunch look, DM?

Oooooh. I just had an idea for at least neutral aligned Create Undeads.
Make it require a charisma check to ask the spirit of the deceased to rebind with its body to aid you in the fight against chaos and evil.
In return, perhaps they'd not be as mindless or something.
I should go homebrew some Neutral/Good Create Undead or similar spells...
Edit: woa. never mind. Some undead just cannot possibly created without being [evil] in nature. Like the Mohrg-Mother. Dang.

draft stats are here.

any suggestions on how to improve them?

should i drop the shield and get a greatsword?

or get a exotic weapon proficiency (katana)?

Undead Servitude doesn't say anything about commanding undead to kill themselves.
DM, could I do this? Command an undead creature to kill itself after it is not needed.
"Thank you for your service, release yourself from the bonds of undeath and be free" Or something equally or more cheesy, then the undead controlled disapates//crumbles/ect, what ever is appropriate for it.
I mean, at that point its usually going to be useless anyway and its certain to be killed regardless. Might as well do it in a way that is flavorful.
I also notice that theUndead Servitude ability seems to be geared towards long term control, as its time is measured in days. "Intelligent undead get a new save each day" So since I'm killing them at the end of every encounter, I don't think the number of times it can be used was balanced towards that, but to the long term control.
Perhaps I could get extra uses per day or something? Or command extra undead at a time? (I can only have one at a time of the same HD, which at this level is everyone or no one).

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

Before you go too far off in that direction, both my character and the Paladin will probably have serious issues with you bringing undead of any form into our party. May just not be a good idea at all to avoid inter-party conflict.

I don't "Bring" undead into the party. I assume direct control and exert my dominance over the evil creeping things of the world.
All your Bones are belong to us.
The Paladin's problem stems from the creation of undead which is a line Canaan could never cross. Canaan just commands and destroys existing undead.
You must face it, this character is just as or more effective at combating the undead as a typical holy light warrior.
Most damage faced from necromantics will be Negative and/or Cold, to one of which I am healed by, and the other I'll be resistant to soon enough and eventually immune.
Meanwhile I can outright command the enemy to turn on themselves...

I reject the notion that a Necromancer must be inherently evil.
First encounters may be awkward. But anyone who isn't Lawful Stupid and uses Detect Evil first would see that Canaan is not evil.
And I'm sure sooner or later the others will be plenty glad they have someone on the team who can assume control over undead... My character is/will soon be a total Tank against most Necromancers and alright against non-necros.
One way or another I'm determined to play this character. Its hardly like she eats babies and sacrifices virgins. For that last matter, Canaan would hunt down such a person if its the last thing she'd do. Later on, I'd think level Six, I think Canaan will develop a vendeta against necromancy, seeing it as a personal offense as its people like that who are the reason she has had a hard time growing up and will see it as a personal duty to extinguish other necros who are not struggling to do good like she is.

Dayum thats a lot of text. And none of it was meant to sound defensive or offensive. I'm just accentuating my character. Her powers are twisted in nature, but Canaan's power has never known innocent blood and it never willingly will. In Canaan's part anyway. The power itself probably hungers and probably brings about bad luck for her trying to push her to satisfy it. But just like Canaan pays no heed to the call of the Hags, she barely even notices her power's pull (pull so subtle it doesn't even have any mechanic behind it XD)

So yea. Once we all get to know eachother, things should be fine.
Another key aspect to how you would not attack Canaan on sight (She wouldn't fight back but to be defensive while never lethal), would be her name. Another thing I planned. Everyone has a connection to the Professor. Canaan would be somewhat guarded by the name the professor gave her and the fact that we all have a connection to him, as is why we are attending the funeral.

Edit: ooooh. your an Inquisitor. Like a Paladin, but even more vengeful and adamant about killing things that are "evil". By default anyway. I'll have to look into your character and see if she can't get around that as well
Eh. Your Chaotic Good and your character just seems Missunderstood as well. Rather, not Missunderstood but Unappreciated. I think they could get along just fine if they got to know each other.

Liberty's Edge

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It's not so much the fact that she's an inquisitor, it's that due to an experience in her childhood she's got a serious phobia of undead and will likely douse any undead she sees with a large helping of holy water. It really doesn't have anything to do with weather necromancy is evil or not - it's just not going to sit well with my character - which is why I'm bringing it up beforehand so we don't have to deal with conflict later.

edit: To further clarify - she could care less if you cast necromantic spells or spells with the evil descriptor. But if there's an animated skeleton or specter anywhere nearby, she's going to attack it.

I see. In that case I think there is no problem. Canaan does not walk around with zombies in toe. She uses them on a case by case basis when they show up ie; Only if there is an Undead encounter after which the controlled undead are disposed of with the rest of them.
As was with my other post asking if I could use command undead to destroy them as well, since I didn't see any text stating that I could not command the undead to kill itself, so that I could "release" them after they serve me.
Kinda like Aragorn releasing the army of ghosts after they helped him.
Although, I'm pretty sure I'd have trouble Commanding one of those ghosts XD
For now...

Umm, I wonder how the paladin and the inquisitor deal with something like me on our first meeting.

Hopefully they're not the attack first ask questions later type.

@Michael: I'm fine with it. I like that an important part of the story is that he lost his composure, which led to his current state in life. Going to be interesting to see if he can maintain his status as a paladin with everything he's going to face in the AP.

Regarding the issue about evil spells, command undead, etc.

Evil spells
I think we're going to ignore spell alignment in this campaign. I'd rather people look at intent of the caster and the spell effects rather than worry about whether or not a spell has the [Evil] descriptor.

Commanding Undead/Undead Servitude
As for the Undead Servitude Revelation, I probably need to replace that with another option. Even though I'm not a fan of [Evil] spells, some actions - such as controlling undead - are going to be "evil" in this campaign. There are a couple of story reasons behind this decision, so I hope that's okay with everyone.

I'm fine with the "shades of gray" character who fights fire with fire, but I'm thinking about using negative energy to fight instead of controlling undead to fight. To that end, what about replacing Undead Servitude with something like Negative Energy Turning - Canaan could either Turn Undead, as per the spell, or focus on a single undead and affect it as if by the Disruption weapon ability. Would something like that be a suitable replacement? (that's just my first idea, obviously not final, and definitely willing to discuss alternatives).

Ultimately, I'm trying to balance Canaan's concept with the reality of having LG characters in the party who would have serious problems with controlling undead, as well as NPCs in the AP that would consider such actions to be capital offenses with death sentences.

Comments/thoughts are welcome.

@ Slaughter: I'm anxious to find out myself. :)

I don't want to give the impression I'm not paying close attention to this thread, so I figured I'd say something here.

I'm waiting eagerly to see if I "make the cut" as it were.

@DM Haldhin: Good to know about the Harrow cards. While I don't know the AP, it seems that if the developers took the time to make something of special import for a series, I don't understand why you wouldn't want to use it. It adds a certain amount of mystery to the game since, unless you've played the AP before, it's something you'll never have encountered and the players don't know what to expect.

The problem I have with alignments and "Evil" spell descriptors isn't the alignments themselves but rather how closely they were tied with the original "Great Wheel" cosmology of earlier editions (where every possible alignment was tied to a metaphysical reality). Once they moved away from that certain aspects became more nebulous.

Anyways, I eargerly await seeing which lamb you pick for the meatgrinder...I mean, which character you select for your most excellent game ;)

My post about the character

... *sigh*.

Undead Servitude was rather my main feature.
I can accept a trade though.
Milking off of your idea.
A targeted Will save attack to land a DC= 10 +Cha +1/2 level Disruption which would visually look like a large spectral skull comes up from the ground to swallow them.
Using the same uses I'm allowed for Undead Servitude.

Or an Ice Spear's spell, Large bony spears that looks like a spike with a skull at the end, the rest of the spear protruding through its mouth..
Would function just like Ice Spears, just with a new descriptor. It'd have the benefit Ice Spears have in cold areas take place in Graveyards or places with many dead instead, and instead of melting away they slowly turn to bone-dust.

In case anyone was wondering (or cares), here are the main five and the other submissions (in no particular order):

Michael Thronedweller: Human Paladin - Undead Scourge
Canaan Lorrimer: Changeling Oracle - Bones
The Slaughter Priest: Human Oracle - Battle
Karl the Bastard: ½ Elf Ranger - Guide
Shanoa: Human Inquisitor - Milani

Roland Savardson: Human Alchemist
Oorin: Gnome Wizard - Fire
Dantrian Almaeus: Human Alchemist - Beastmorph
Aric Aegisbane: ½ Elf Inquisitor - Pharasma
Prof. Faradir Rokannon: Human Wizard - Universalist
Wilhelm White: Human Adept/Warrior - Gestalt
Lorald Urnhack: Fighter (Not sure if this was an actual submission or not)

I think I got everyone.

Total hypothetical here, but if I were to split all the current submissions into two separate games, I'd go this route:

Michael Thronedweller: Human Paladin - Undead Scourge
Canaan Lorrimer: Changeling Oracle - Bones
Oorin: Gnome Wizard - Fire
Karl the Bastard: 1/2 Elf Ranger - Guide
Shanoa: Human Inquisitor - Milani
Dantarian Almaeus: Human Alchemist - Beastmorph

The Slaughter Priest: Human Oracle - Battle
Roland Savardson: Human Alchemist
Aric Aegistbane: 1/2 Elf Inquisitor - Pharasma
Prof. Faradir Rokannon: Human Wizard - Universalit
Wilhelm White: Human Adept/Warrior - Gestalt
Lorald Urnhack: ? Fighter ?

I recognize there was positive discussion of class overlap earlier, but this would give a good spread of abilities, archetypes and personalities over the two groups. I suspect good role-playing opportunities would arise from the mix as well.

I hardly have the final say - and may not even be chosen to play at all (though my fingers are crossed) - but figured I'd stir up some discussion on possible party composition.

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I wonder why no one offered a cleric into the mix....

Radavel wrote:

I wonder why no one offered a cleric into the mix....

In comparison, the Oracle only need one stat for his/her powers instead of two and get more skill point, also, spontaneous casting.

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if i reduce an ability score to 8 how many extra points, do i get?

Radavel wrote:
if i reduce an ability score to 8 how many extra points, do i get?

You get +2 points for taking an 8 in a score.

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thanks, i think i will do some tinkering with the stats.

I'd love to submit this character for this game. He got into another Carrion Crowns game but soon after we started the DM disappeared from the boards.

If he needs any adjustment from that game to this, I can do so no problem.

I'm very interested in playing a Warlock in this game, as I feel that class fits in perfectly with the horror and desperateness of the tone of the AP. As a Warlock though, Lomar, fully aware of the superstitious nature of his countrymen, will be passing himself off as a Wizard, even going to the extent of carrying around a fake spellbook and pretending to study it every morning.

I am not completely happy with Adamant's take on the class as it seems rather week and somewhat incomplete. From the comments on the boards it seems that most feel fairly similar about their version of the class. As an alternative, I submit THIS Warlock build. Basically, in the author's words, this is what the build does:

"One of the major objections that people had to the Warlock was the array of at-will abilities, specifically their utility invocations. It wasn't the eldritch blast that was the problem, it was all of the other powers. So, for this conversion I took a step back and thought about what we as players and DMs want in a Warlock.

I kept the eldritch blast, but you will find that invocations are vastly changed. Now, they are all simply effects that alter the eldritch blast itself, based on the former blast shape and eldritch essence invocations.

To keep some of the utility aspects of the Warlock, I then added to the class spontaneous arcane spell-casting at the same rate as the bard. Their list of spells known is very restricted, and keeps the flavor of the Warlock alive and well. As for their other abilities, well read the class."

If you find it acceptable that's what I'd prefer to go with. I'm completely open though to any changes you might feel it needs.

If the Warlock class is not possible or acceptable though I can easily switch to Sorcerer with the Abyssal or Undead bloodline, no problem. Either way Lomar's powers will have been granted through his deal as opposed to having been born with them.


Lomar is the eldest child of of a small but wealthy noble house who were the benevolent rulers of a small but prosperous county a couple hours to the South of the independent Palatinates. His father, Agustus Sildrake, had always been a kind and forward thinking man, and had been looking with a favourable eye toward the Palantinates and seriously considering moving in that direction, as it clearly seemed to benefit the people.

Unfortunately, the nobles of the Sildrakes nearest neighbour, the much larger but not so wealthy Dencurs, were very much not in favour of the Sildrakes changing their county to a democracy, as they feared such a move would cause an uprising amongst their own downtrodden peasant class. As such, the Dencur patriarch, Balfor, hatched a wicked plot to discredit the Sildrakes, accusing them of the foulest sorts of witchery and evil, and bribing and threatening many peasant folk into providing false testimony. Although most did not for a moment believe such charges, enough did that Balfor was able to justify an attack and, with his much larger army and the aid of several other nobles jealous of the Sildrakes and fearful of their progressive ways, was able to completely overrun Castle Sildrake. Agustus was killed in the battle and young Lomar, his mother and younger sister were taken captive.

Knowing he could not simply kill the remaining Sildrakes out of hand due to the large amount of public support they still engendered, instead recently widowed Balfor 'magnimaniously' agreed to take Lomar's young sister as bride once she became of age. From the disgustingly lecherous looks her gave the beautiful young girl, it was clear he had no intentions of waiting until such time to sample the forbidden fruit. His mother was stripped of all title and wealth but was permitted to stay and care for her daughter and work as a maid. Young Lomar was exiled on pain of death, forbidden to ever return or not just his but also his mother and sisters lives forfeit should he do so. Sent out virtually penniless and with little more than the clothes on his back. A broken, distraught and all alone in the world Lomar was forced to make a tearful farewell to his remaining family.

As he turned gave a last look at the soldering ruins of the castle he had called home his entire life and trying his best to hold back the images of the horrors he knew his mother and sister would be subject to, young Lomar swore a blood oath of revenge upon Balfor, pledging his young soul to anyone and anything who might grant him ability to do so.

Fast forward several years to an older Lomar. One who has made his way in the world, constantly seeking knowledge and power enough to one day have his revenge. His broken soul driven towards dark ways, Lomar has sought and found forbidden knowledge which has linked his soul to an ancient and terrible Lich, who has begun to grant him strange and dark powers. Yet he is now aware of just how horrible a price he has agreed to pay for his powers and seeks a way out of his dire predicament. It was during one such search that he first met the Professor.

Lomar had been discreetly putting out word about his need to find someone learned enough to help him with his problem (the selling of his soul in exchange for power). When the Professor heard of someone looking for this kind of aid he was immediately intrigued and began to seek out who it was sending the veiled requests. At the same time, word had reached Lomar of the Professor's interest and he in turn began to seek out the Professor. However word also had reached Lomar's infernal sponsor, and a undead minion was sent to kill the professor and thereby stop his potential interference.

As fortune had it, and as well because the Professor was not hiding, Lomar had the greater luck in his tracking down quarry first. Yet he had been beaten to the chase by the undead assassin. He arrived just in time and, together, the two of them were able to defeat the assassin, if just barely. His saving of the professor's life cemented the seeds of their friendship and, up until the Professor's untimely death, their relationship had only grown stronger over time as they continued to study together and seek a solution to Lomar's dilemma. Over time, the Professor in many ways took over as the father figure Lomar has so tragically lost (Chance Saviour and Subject of Study traits)

Personality (fairly short ; ):

-The fall of Lomar's good and benevolent family to such a vile and selfish man as Balfor Dencur has made Lomar into a very angry and bitter young man. He has improved some in this respect with the Professor's friendship and support, but there is no one other than the Professor that he considers a friend and his dealings with people other than the Professor are usually not very friendly or pleasant.
-He also uses his stance as an unjustly exiled noble to hold himself above and apart from others.
-To all out ward intents and purposes Lomar seems to be of a neutral or perhaps even evil bent, this is an image that he cultivates, as inwardly he feels it protects him from an evil world
-In reality though his deepest, darkest secret is that he actually has a good heart, like his father, but he now considers this to be a shameful secret, and so does all in his power to hide it.
-He hates this aspect of himself as he considers it an extreme weakness and unreasonably blames himself for not being able to do more to prevent his families' fall from grace, his father's murder and the entrapment of his mother and sister.
-The death of the Professor will greatly affect the broken young man.

Finally, some answers to interesting questions.

1. Who are you and where are you from?
I am Lomar Sildrake...I see you have not heard of me, that is good. Where I am from then is not important, for I am not anymore what I once was. Yet I shall be again someday! I am Ustalavan to my core. This is my homeland and I am proud of my country and her people. No other nation could have endured the suffering; the trials and tribulations which we have, and yet still survive, and more, prosper! I shall do all that I can to see the Immortal Principality one day take her rightful place as first among all nations.

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?
The professor is...was, a good man. When no other was able to, or even cared to, seek a solution to my...unique problem, he did. We became close as student and mentor, and even more, friends. His death was a great loss to our nation; and as well to my hope for a...cure. His memory though still inspires me to continue to live and strive for the betterment of myself and those I care about. I shall never forget him.

3. How would you describe your personality? [b]
You ask a lot of questions. I am as I am, and that should be good enough for you! Why I even answer to the likes of you is beyond me, perhaps you have caught me in a good mood. If you question my sincerity or ability then be off with you! I have no need to waste my time with those of lesser station or determination than myself.

4. [b]Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav?
What you call 'superstitious paradigms' are simply facts of life to we Ustalavians. One cannot have lived in a beleaguered nation such as ours, nor have experienced the things that we have, without accepting the grim realities the Gods have cursed us with; one would be a fool not to. Yet we remain strong! Nor are we fools. And I promise you, the 'things which go bump in the night' have far more to fear from me than do I from them.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a character.

I'm running a bit behind due to family commitments, so I won't a final decision by 6pm, but I will by 10 pm tonight.

At this point, we definitely have enough for 2 games, and I am seriously considering trying to run both if another DM cannot be found. I have not made a decision about it yet, but I am considering it.

Anyway, sorry for the delay and I appreciate everyone's patience.

I never thought I would have to spend hours on just one character, but that is exactly what happened. Everybody submitted a fun and exciting concept, and all of them would have been a great addition to the group. Unfortunately, I could only select one for this group...

The six characters for my Carrion Crown campaign are:
Michael Thronedweller: Human Paladin - Undead Scourge
Canaan Lorrimer: Changeling Oracle - Bones
The Slaughter Priest: Human Oracle - Battle
Karl the Bastard: ½ Elf Ranger - Guide
Shanoa: Human Inquisitor - Milani
Roland Savardson: Human Alchemist

I'd like to get the campaign going, so please review your characters and backgrounds and make your final selections. If possible, I would like to begin the campaign later this week. I'll provide a link to the campaign thread asap.

For those who were not selected for this round, I am still considering running a second Carrion Crown campaign, so if you would be interested in that option, please let me know in this thread. This second campaign would begin a couple of weeks after the first one, so we're looking at mid/late June. And thanks again for all the great submissions!

EDIT: Here is the campaign link, only discussion thread for now...

Ready here. Note the changes to Int and Wis and other relevant data, thanks :-)

Id definitely be interested in the second group if Haldhin or another GM wants to step up. Congratsvto those that made it in group one. Cool concepts on everyone's part.

I'll throw my hat in the ring for the second game...

If you think you have the time to run a second game then I'd be interested.

Tossing my hat in the ring for the possible second game.

Leon was built for a CC game that never quite got off the ground. He's a Dex-fighter who is very closely tied to the setting and the story. Please take a look and tell me what you think.

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