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Disappointed there is no pre-gen Dwarf

Beginner Box

Scarab Sages

I apologize if this has already been mentioned. I just received the Beginner Box today and I love it, but I was disappointed that the pre-generated characters did not represent all the races available, even when it covered all the classes. Three humans and an Elf. Come on, you should have made one of those Humans a Dwarf character.

Dwarves have a different base movement rate and special encumbrance rules. The Beginner's Box minimizes complexity by using solely medium races with standard movement.

The iconics are also preexisting characters and the dwarf iconic is not as well suited to Beginning play as the character he would replace in a four person party. Fighters are harder to build than rangers, but easier to play and with pregens building isn't an issue.

Grand Lodge

The OP does have a valid point in that the BB does include Dwarves, but not as a pregen.

The racial choices are Dwarf, Human, and Elf.

While I understand the use of iconics, it would have made sense to include a dwarf option.

It would have been better than a dual-wielding Valeros who in BB doesn't dual wield. Even one of my players who had zero prior rpg experience asked why all the art shows two weapons but she can't use two weapons.

The iconics aren't really all that Iconic if you are new and don't know their history.

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