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Skull & Shackles Campaign Journal

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I recently began playing the Skull & Shackles adventure path with a group of friends. Like Carrion Crown, I recap the sessions on my blog.

So far, the first session begged the question, "We're On a Boat?!" and in the second, the (mostly) pressganged sailors had to contend with Bilge Rats & Brawlers, as well as the consequences of the stiff-necked chivalry of one of their own.

This week, your intrepid pirates Take Arms Against a Sea of Troubles as they get off the damn boat for a while not once, but twice!

It's all hands to battle stations when a mast appears on the horizon, with it comes the task of Capturing Man's Promise.

Catch up with the story so far of the wayward conscripts. They've come a long ways from the mutiny aboard Man's Promise -- and none of it was easy.

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