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A question on consumption


During kingdom build does the kingdom have to pay for the food with bp? So if it has 20 farms that produce 20 food and 19 hexes with 1 city (1district) making 20. Is it auto payed or do the leaders need to spend 20 bp for the food?
Was reading the build section again today and it's the whole consumption section that got me thinking. It says
A kingdoms prosperity is measured by bp in its treasury and it's consumption indicates how many bp it costs to keep the kingdom functioning. If a kingdom is unable to pay its consumption it's unrest increase by 2. A kingdom consumption is equal to its size plus number of city districts plus adjustments for edicts minus 2 per farmland

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Greetings, fellow traveller.

20 farms produce 40 bp per kingdom turn. Your consumption is 20 farm hexes + 1 city hex + 1 for the district = 22 consumption.
This nets you/your players 18 bp to spend on enhancing their kingdom (expand the city, claim more hexes, build roads, farms, whatnot).

The consumption incurred resembles every expenditure the kingdom has during the turn/month.
The players do not need to spend anymore bp for (their?) food - if you track things like that it has to come out of the players' personal coffers (if they take bp out of the treasury and convert it into gp they incur the described propability of increased unrest).


Note the BP from Farms can *only* be used to offset consumption; it is never income.

If your Kingdom is Size 40 with 4 city districts, it has a Consumption of 44 BP/Turn. This must be paid each turn.

Farms *reduce* consumption. Each farm reduces consumption by 2, to a minimum of 0.

So, if your kingdom has a Consumption of 44:
-If you have 20 Farms (offset of 40), your net Consumption is 4.
-If you have 23 Farms (offset of 46), your net Consumption is 0 (not -2)

'Extra' offset from farms is irrelevant.

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Aye, you're right, Ramarren
Sorry, for the oversight. Look there, a monkey!

Grand Lodge

RuyanVe wrote:

Aye, you're right, Ramarren

Sorry, for the oversight. Look there, a monkey!

Those friggin monkeys! lol!

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